Where gourmets are at home

Dinner is served. Please take a seat and experience what the world has to offer you in terms of culinary pleasures. The diversity is overwhelming. All forms of enjoyment have one particular aspect in common: they develop a very special charm in the place of their origin. There is no spice in the world that can take the place of the breathtaking view of the Hawaiian Na Pali coast while enjoying a delicately fried mahi mahi, or the fragrance of Sardinia as an added ingredient to a hearty polenta al forno. That is why true gourmets go places to experience a particular pleasure. Above all because they know how to gather unique sensual impressions even on the way there.



On every cruise on the EUROPA and EUROPA 2, you will be treated to all the standards of culinary art, with a menu on every cruise that is as unique as its destinations. On selected cruises, you can also look forward to top-class events designed around superb cuisine. Come on board and set a course for unique culinary horizons on board our two 5-stars-plus* cruise ships.

* According to Berlitz Cruise Guide 2019.

MS EUROPA: the world on a silver platter

Please take a seat: our chefs de cuisine look forward to spoiling you with superb cuisine anew every day. And the restaurant of legendary Michelin-starred chef Dieter Müller is waiting to entice you with its modern cuisine. Whichever of the four restaurants on the EUROPA you choose – unparalleled gourmet enjoyment in an especially stylish ambience is guaranteed. In addition, you can expect exceptional creations from the renowned guest chefs we regularly welcome on board. Be inspired by these masters of the art of haute cuisine.

GOURMET CUIsine on board the EUROPA

MS EUROPA 2: a totally relaxed approach to Michelin-starred cuisine

Choose between seven gourmet restaurants - from haute cuisine and Italian delicacies to Asian specialities - and sit back while our chefs de cuisine indulge you with an exceptional menu: always with flexible mealtimes, no fixed seating plans and always exactly to your taste.

GOURMET CUIsine on board the EUROPA 2


Once a year, the EUROPA's Best gourmet festival promises a special treat on board. When Michelin-starred chefs, winemakers, chocolatiers, fromagers and patissiers serve up their creations on the Lido Deck, you can wander from one gourmet station to the next to taste and feast on what's on offer. Afterwards, enjoy a glittering party on deck.