Expedition cruises - where worlds of wonder await you

Venture further into regions than other ships, open doors to new experiences that would otherwise remain closed and get exceptionally close to the wonders of nature: in places where larger cruise ships would have to turn back, our expedition ships are right in their element. It is the interplay of small, modern ships, fascinating destinations and the extensive experience of our captains and crew that opens up new dimensions of discovery. Come aboard the HANSEATIC nature, HANSEATIC inspiration and HANSEATIC spirit to explore innovative, award-winning routes in uncharted territory at the ends of the earth and equally exciting destinations practically on your doorstep.


more than ice - antarctica


Travel to the southernmost points of the earth during the Antarctic summer from November to March. Where gigantic icebergs, thousands of penguins and impressive whales can be observed, the ice classes of our small expedition ships enable a respectful and flexible exploration of great natural spectacles. 

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