Pure inspiration:
Our entertainment on board

Perhaps you are looking to expand your intellectual horizons on one of our Symposia at Sea or are looking for new incentives or inspiration in your life. Or maybe you would like to discuss some interesting current topics with well-known personalities: as our guest, you can look forward to multifaceted experiences to enrich your mind.

MS EUROPA 2: talk2christiansen

Fascinating conversations

Sabine Christiansen, a German journalist, brings top-level guests on board for exciting discussions about the latest topics and current events. Her guests include Nobel Prize laureates, international politicians, high-ranking experts and other major public figures. Whether you attend a lecture, panel discussion or round-table discussion, a talk2christiansen event is sure to be a highlight of your cruise.

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Talks on contemporary issues and selected topics

Discuss all kinds of hot topics with us and our selected experts. Renowned, regularly changing hosts invite you to interesting conversations to reflect on contemporary issues, politics, society and other selected themes. Follow the discussions and stimulating talks, actively take part in them and get to know the renowned experts and well-known personalities behind the scenes.

Please note that this format will exclusively be held in German.

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Expeditions: Young explorers

Whether it’s eventful hikes or Zodiac rides, the examination of specimens under a microscope, a spot of navigation, a course on sailors’ knots or age-appropriate talks: the crew and a renowned expert offer an exciting programme for those aged 10 to 17 years old, awakening young people’s curiosity and encouraging inquiring minds – and giving the entire family an expeditionary experience they will never forget.

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