Lots of fun with plenty of new friends

Children on the EUROPA and the EUROPA 2 are always well looked after. And brilliantly entertained – whether ashore or at sea. We make sure of it with a varied programme that leaves no time for boredom.

Kid's Club on board the EUROPA 2

Young seafarers aged from four to ten meet up at the Kids’ Club, where new friendships are formed, where children can paint, play and do handicrafts to their heart’s content – and where many a young traveller makes plans for further discovery. The Kids’ Club is also the starting point for lots of great activities, such as the ship safari and a visit with the captain. And because travel widens our horizons and makes us curious to discover the unknown, young seafarers can also look forward to an educational programme that is both exciting and child-oriented. How about a cookery course, for example, a tour of the bridge, or some great experiments in the research laboratory on the EUROPA 2?

Playroom on board the EUROPA

There is a childcare service on board the EUROPA for children aged four to twelve. Older children are welcome to take part in this programme. The children meet in the playroom with adjoining creative room. This brightly coloured space is perfect for the entertaining activities put on by the childcare specialists on the advertised family cruises. Age-appropriate programmes including various workshops, art and craft sessions, tours of the bridge, ship rallies and pool parties are all on the agenda. A new adventure every day for our youngest passengers! When planning their days, the wishes of the kids are taken into account, giving them the chance to actively shape the programme. Depending on the destination, some cruises offer workshops run by external leaders, giving the kids the chance to create something totally unique under their guidance, such as a hip-hop dance, a piece of theatre or a film. Everyone is welcome to get involved and contribute to their heart’s content!

Activities and relaxation

Age-appropriate language courses prepare children perfectly for visiting foreign countries. Unforgettable impressions ashore are guaranteed by the specially designed children’s excursions* that are based entirely around the interests of our young guests.

When they have so much to experience, might there also be time for a little relaxation? For youngsters aged 8 and above, we offer a children’s SPA package* in the OCEAN SPA on board the EUROPA 2. A chocolate body wrap – now there’s a truly delightful way to relax.

  • Own Kids’ Club on board the EUROPA 2 for children as of 4 years of age
  • Playroom on board the EUROPA for kids from 4 to 12 years old (older children are welcome)
  • Age-specific programmes with activities such as game-filled afternoons, karaoke, making things and treasure hunt
  • Special children’s excursions* without parents
  • SPA offers for children* in the OCEAN SPA on board the EUROPA 2 for kids as of 8 years such as a chocolate massage
  • Dinner as a group with the child minders and delicious kids’ menus

* This service is not included in the cruise price.