From cool to sporty - everything teens like

No matter how much they love their family, teenagers want to go their own way, delighting in the freedom to do what they want and follow their own interests. All that is exactly what our young passengers will find in our Teens’ Club (EUROPA 2). In the relaxed atmosphere here, teens can compete with one another on a Wii or PlayStation, show off their skills at table football, or simply chill out with new friends. On board the EUROPA young seafarers aged between four and twelve meet in the playroom. Older children are welcome to take part in this programme.

Teens´ Club on board the EUROPA 2

Organising a fabulous party together with the Teens’ Club team, or learning the latest dance moves in a choreography workshop – it’s up to the teens themselves to decide what else happens on board the ship. The special teens’ excursions* ashore also provide a wide range of choices and activities to suit every taste. The programme includes exciting Zodiac excursions and many other action-packed adventures. At some holiday destinations, for example, teens can combine exploration with sport – such as on a mountain-bike or kayak tour.

Playroom on board the EUROPA

There is a childcare service on board the EUROPA for children aged four to twelve. Older children are welcome to take part in this programme. The children meet in the playroom with adjoining creative room. This brightly coloured space is perfect for the entertaining activities put on by the childcare specialists on the advertised family cruises. Age-appropriate programmes including various workshops, art and craft sessions, tours of the bridge, ship rallies and pool parties are all on the agenda. A new adventure every day for our youngest passengers! When planning their days, the wishes of the kids are taken into account, giving them the chance to actively shape the programme. Depending on the destination, some cruises offer workshops run by external leaders, giving the kids the chance to create something totally unique under their guidance, such as a hip-hop dance, a piece of theatre or a film. Everyone is welcome to get involved and contribute to their heart’s content!

EUROPA 2: Teens’ SPA offers

In the OCEAN SPA, by contrast, everything revolves around relaxation: fancy a styling course or a soothing massage? The teens’ SPA offers* cater specifically for the needs of our young guests.

Offers for teens

  • Own Teens’ Club on board the EUROPA 2 for children and teens aged 11 years and up
  • Playroom on board the EUROPA for children from 4 to 12 years old
  • Age-specific programmes with activities such as photo workshop, hip hop course and pool party
  • Special teens’ excursions* without parents
  • EUROPA 2: Teens’ SPA offers* in the OCEAN SPA
  • Dinner as a group with the Teens’ Club supervisor/s

EUROPA 2 Teen's Club

* This service is not included in the cruise price.