Your golf vacation to the most beautiful places in the world

At sea, enjoy the wide range of facilities of an exceptional ship and, on land, discover the most beautiful destinations on earth, combining both with your favourite sport. On golf cruises with the EUROPA and EUROPA 2, this is all a matter of course. Dream cruises spanning the world's oceans will allow you to visit the most attractive golf courses across the globe, and you can look forward to tee times in Townsville, fairways in Funchal, putts in Puerto Vallarta and bunkers in Bali. Opting to enjoy your hobby in this way offers the perfect - and most beautiful - type of cruise.



Golf & Cruise - the unique union of two passions

Welcome to Golf & Cruise – when the best cruise ship in the world* meets the most interesting greens around the globe. A round of golf and a cruise have much in common. They offer many surprises, make lasting impressions and bring new acquaintances. On our exclusive Golf & Cruise voyages we have reserved the best greens for you. Golfers with a handicap of –36 or better can play on these first-class courses alongside our PGA professionals. While at sea, the golf simulator(s) and modern video analyses invite you to perfect your technique. Our Golf & Cruise voyages are rounded off by friendly get-togethers on board, where you can meet up and talk shop to your heart’s content with the pros and fellow golfers.

Our Golf & Cruise package

(only bookable prior to the cruise, at a surcharge)

  • Welcome cocktail
  • First-class support from experienced PGA golf professionals on board and on the golf course
  • Baggage service, shoe shining and golf club cleaning
  • Individual training at the golf simulator and video coaching
  • Warm-up on the driving range, including balls (if time permits)
  • Green fees and trolleys (e-carts subject to availability)
  • Transfer to and from the golf course with an English-speaking tour guide
  • One special award for each cruise (for example Nearest to the Pin etc.)
  • Halfway snack
  • Exclusiv dinner with the PGA golf professionals
  • Presentations and personal tips from the PGA golf professionals
  • EUROPA 2 golf gift set

Golf. Cruise. Happiness.

A Golf & Cruise voyage is without doubt the best way of combining your favourite sport with exploring the world.


5 reasons for Golf & Cruise voyages

Training on board 

Would you like to tee off on the world’s best courses every day? The cutting-edge golf simulators with integrated video analysis on the EUROPA and the EUROPA 2 make it possible – even as part of a personal training session with the on-board PGA golf professional (subject to a surcharge). This will allow you to improve your swing and spend days at sea enjoying the finest sport in the world even when not ashore.

The advantages of playing in a golf simulator and of using video analysis for training are obvious: your individual stroke technique can be improved using the video analysis equipment and the newly acquired knowledge can be applied immediately in a game in the simulator – it just couldn’t be more effective. Electronic measurement of the flight of the ball detects any deviations from the ideal moment of impact, while video analysis shows where the problem lies in the address position or in the swing. This way, you receive direct feedback on your golf swing and can mentally compare the image with your physical stance.

Logical Golf

Logical Golf helps to improve the training offered on board MS EUROPA 2. The training modules allow you to gain a better feel for golf techniques and complex movements, to understand the mechanics and thus to implement what you have learned much quicker. Linking this with our fitness area is particularly helpful. Together with our on-board fitness trainers, we can help many golfers to improve their golf core stability with targeted Logical Golf exercises and to enjoy the golf experience even more.

Something for everyone

Want to try your hand at golf or sharpen your skills? Looking for golf services to meet your personal needs? Our golf packages can do it all.

Golf a la carte

On request, we would be happy to put together some individual golf arrangements for you before your cruise or when on board, both for destinations during the cruise and for pre- and post-cruise programmes.

Golf a la carte includes reservations for golf services such as tee time, trolley, e-cart and rental clubs (subject to availability, handling fee € 20 per course). Naturally, our on-board professional will be happy to accompany you ashore (subject to a surcharge). We will also be delighted to reserve transfers and guides for you to do some sightseeing before or after the game.

Golf taster package

(only bookable on board)

Would you like to acquaint yourself with the game of golf? Our golf taster package and our PGA golf professional on board will provide you with an introduction to the theory and practice of the game.

2 x 50-minute-training sessions with the PGA golf professional on board:
€ 129 (for 1 – 2 persons)

Golf training package for beginners and experts

(only bookable on board)

Would you like to tee off on the world’s best courses every day? The golf simulators with integrated video analysis on the EUROPA 2 make it possible – even as part of a personal training session with the on-board PGA golf professional. Improve your drive in style.

5 x 30-minutes training sessions with the PGA golf professional on board:
€ 159 (for 1 person)

5 x 50-minutes training sessions with the PGA golf professional on board:
€ 299 (for 1 – 2 persons) 

Tee off with the professionals

Golf & Cruise doesn’t just mean playing unforgettable rounds on the world’s most beautiful courses – you also get the great feeling of being able to call on our combined golfing expertise at any time. That’s why at least one PGA professional accompanies every golf cruise – to be at your side on the green, share valuable knowledge in interesting talks or perfect your swing in an individual lesson. You’ll find these PGA professionals on board, depending on your cruise.

All other EUROPA and EUROPA 2 cruises you will be accompanied by our on-board golf professionals. 

PGA professionals on our Golf & Cruise voyages

André Sallmann

After his time as an amateur and professional golfer, he was a full-time national trainer to the German men’s team from 1998 to 2004. His players have gained titles such as European vice-champion and have won more than 25 international championships all over Europe. He has been an instructor at Golfclub Hamburg-Ahrensburg since April 2004 and is one of the men’s co-trainers for the national Golf Team Germany. He is always pleased to share his experience with you through Golf & Cruise.

Golf & Cruise voyages with André Sallmann

Guido Tillmanns

The Director of Golf & Cruise worked on the first Golf & Cruise voyage on board the EUROPA back in 1997. He has received numerous accolades for his exceptional professional contributions in the many and varied specialisms and areas of golfing and for his work running golf courses – including the PGAs of Europe Five-Star Professional award in 2013. You can look forward to learning from his golfing expertise and his interesting and humorous talks on board.

Golf & Cruise voyages with Guido Tillmanns

Olaf Schäfer

Olaf Schäfer has been a fully qualified golf professional of the PGA of Germany since 1999. After professional roles at golf courses in northern Germany, he discovered the world of cruises and started working with Golf & Cruise in 2008. He has the highest grade from the PGA of Germany (G1) and successfully completed his training to become a PGA Health Professional in 2018. His golf instruction combines a keen interest in the topics of golf and health with passion and individuality.

Golf & Cruise with Olaf Schäfer

Ralf Pütter

The PGA professional has been running his own golf school in Bochum, Germany, since 2004. He completed the training to become an A-rated trainer of the DGV (German golf association) in 2005, then also added the title of PGA Health Professional and in 2017 became one of the first to gain the academic degree of Master of Science Research and Instruction in Golf from the German Sport University Cologne. He combines his expertise with a calm and balanced approach to training and the game – and has been ensuring success with Golf & Cruise ashore and at sea for several years.

Golf & Cruise voyages with Ralf Pütter

Stefan Quirmbach

Stefan Quirmbach is one of the leading golf experts of German golf. He received the PGAs of Europe Five-Star Professional award in 1996 and worked as a regional coach in Berlin-Brandenburg for seven years until 2000. He has been president of the PGA of Germany for many years and has been sharing his expertise in health-conscious golfing for all levels on board for quite some time now. He has also been working with Golf Resort Hardenberg – where his own golf school is based – since 2004.

Golf & Cruise voyages with Stefan Quirmbach

Hanna Baum

The PGA golf instructor began her career in Berlin. Having gained a Master of Science Research and Instruction in Golf from the German Sport University Cologne in 2017, her comprehensive qualifications as an A-rated trainer of the DGV (German golf association), PGA Health Professional and PGA Master Professional combine with her practical professional experience to make her an all-round expert. Talk to the friendly Berliner about the finer details of the game.

Golf & cruise voyages with Hanna Baum 

Peter Martin

Peter Martin was Born in Yorkshire, north east England, but grew up in Northamptonshire. Golf was the sport which gripped him the most at an early age. Having met his now wife in Australia, he followed her to Germany, where he started his apprenticeship with the PGA of Germany. He has now been a member or the PGA Lehrteam for 20 years. His experiences as Exam Committee member of the PGA, Qualified Health Coach and County Coach for Lower Saxony, have all been a springboard for His great enthusiasm for the game and a desire for adventure in the Sport of golf.

Golf & cruise voyages with Peter Martin

Roland Becker

Roland Becker, born in 1971, is a well-known name in the German golf scene. From 2004 to 2007, he worked as a national coach for the DGV (German Golf Association) and trained with PGA European Tour player Max Kieffer for around ten years. He has been working at the Golf Club Hubbelrath in Düsseldorf for many years and is currently national co-trainer of the DGV. You can look forward to the friendly Düsseldorf native – an avid mountain biker in his free time – who has been able to lead his players to many national and international successes.

Golf & cruise voyages with Roland Becker

Christian Hofer

Christian Hofer, born in 1969, switched from hockey to golf at a young age. Training to become a certified golf instructor from the PGA from 1995 onwards the highest graduation level (G1) of the PGA and the acquisition of the A-trainer license of the DGV followed. Christian Hofer has been working successfully as a head professional at the GC Mülheim a.d. Ruhr and is among the Golf & Cruise guests MS Europa and MS Europa2 always welcome because of his competent and personable demeanor.

Golf & cruise voyages with Christian Hofer 

PGA professionals on board

John Semple

John Semple has golf in his blood. A Scotsman, he was born in the home of the sport (Loch Lomond). He has played his way to many titles and even represented his home nation. Before deciding to join us on board, he worked at the Golf & Country Club Velderhof in Cologne and spent two years playing as a pro on the European Player Development Tour. He began working on MS EUROPA in 2008. Since April 2013, he has been improving passengers’ swings on board MS EUROPA 2 with training in the golf simulator and helping them to explore the best golf courses throughout their cruises. He also lets them in on the golfing secrets of old master Ben Hogan.

Marco Hoppe

Marco Hoppe was born in Dusseldorf in 1990 and initially enjoyed success in other sports such as hockey, tennis and table tennis (no. 7 in North Rhine-Westphalia) before discovering golf at the age of 14. He trained as a fully qualified PGA golf professional from 2009 to 2012 at Golfclub Gut Brettberg Lohne in the district of Vechta (Lower Saxony). His sporting successes include the Lower Saxony/Bremen four-player professional championship (together with his colleague Florian Jahn, an EPD Tour player) as well as several top ten rankings in Pro Am tournaments. Marco Hoppe has been teaching on Hapag-Lloyd-Cruises ships since April 2013, sharing his dedication, enthusiasm and love of the game with guests.

Roland Milich

Roland Milich discovered his passion for golf at the age of 13. Born in Neuss (North Rhine-Westphalia), he played as an amateur at the Golfclub Rittergut Birkhof until 2004 when, after finishing secondary school and completing his civil service, he began training as a PGA golf instructor with Stefan Quirmbach. He completed his training in 2006. He has since been working at the Stefan Quirmbach Golfschule at Golf Resort Hardenberg near Gottingen. During his training, he also studied golf course management at the IST-Studieninstitut in Dusseldorf and is a qualified PGA Health Professional with expertise in golf and health. In addition to numerous on-shore golf holidays, he has been working on Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ships since 2009, delighting in introducing passengers to this multifaceted sport in the on-board golf simulator and on golf courses ashore.

* According to Berlitz Cruise Guide 2020.