Heading to new and exciting shores time and again. Since 1891 ...

When the legendary AUGUSTA VICTORIA set out on the world's first ever "pleasure cruise" on 22 January 1891, it was the beginning of a unique story in the history of cruises. Inspired by the passionate pioneering spirit of Albert Ballin, chairman of HAPAG, our current fleet continues the story that began more than 125 years ago. This might be a milestone such as our "cruises above the clouds" in the ALBERT BALLIN private jet. Or great moments such as the maiden voyage of the world's best cruise ship*, the EUROPA 2. Or the many small moments that endow each cruise with its own distinctive spirit. With every guest who comes on board, our story takes its course. Perhaps you, too, will soon be part of it.



Join us on a brief journey through time. And discover the milestones our cruise ships have reached - from 1891 to today. Enjoy!

* According to Insight Guides 2024.