Bonus miles on board - experience the value of loyalty, cruise after cruise

As a Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Club member, not only will you enjoy many exclusive advantages - you will also be richly rewarded. Look forward to valuable bonus miles that you collect on every one of your cruises on our ships. And, of course, you can also use them again there - for example, in exchange for beverage credit and many exclusive offers.

Premium membership

The Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Club honors particularly active members with the Gold and the Platinum status. When you have collected 15,000 bonus miles, you will receive the Gold status and the Platinum status when 50,000 bonus miles have been credited to your account. To determine your status as a premium member, all the miles you collect are added together, including those you have meanwhile redeemed for offers.

Collecting bonus miles

You can collect the following number of bonus miles for each night on board our ships:

MS EUROPA / MS EUROPA 2: 360 bonus miles per night
MS HANSEATIC nature / HANSEATIC inspiration: 300 bonus miles per night

The only exceptions are cruises for which Hapag-Lloyd Cruises does not act as the tour operator and cruises at reduced or special rates. Early booking, combination or on-board booking discounts do not affect the bonus miles. After the end of the cruise, the bonus miles will be credited to your bonus mile account. Bonus miles cannot be collected with Private Jet Travel. 

The acquired bonus miles will remain fully valid for five years. They will expire only if no further cruise is undertaken within this period.

Each time your bonus mile account status changes, you will receive a statement of account at the beginning of the following month.

Convert bonus miles

Bonus miles can be converted on board every cruise on our ships into credit for beverages (unlimited) or laundry services (max. € 100 per person and cruise). The EUROPA and EUROPA 2 additionally offer you the opportunity to use your bonus miles for services in the SPA area and use of the internet.

You can decide how many bonus miles you wish to use. The incremental options for the stated credits are as follows:

Bonus milesCredit
70050 €
1,400100 €
2,100150 €
2,800200 €
3,500250 €

... and so on in corresponding increments. Bonus mile credits are not limited.

Premium offers

Three times a year, we will send you an overview of attractive offers on selected journeys, which allow you to redeem your bonus miles against:

  • free travel
  • reductions
  • suite/cabin upgrades
  • free pre- and post-cruise programmes
  • Golf & Cruise voyages
  • travel in Business Class

To view our premium offers, please click here.

However, we would also be happy to put together personalised bonus mile offers for the cruise you desire. Just get in touch!

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