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In today’s seemingly fully developed world, there are still opportunities to make great discoveries and enjoy extraordinary cruises. Where large cruise ships have to turn about or can only sail past, you will experience a renaissance of wonder. Regions that often have no beacons, pilots, harbours, hotels or airports. These are the expedition destinations of the BREMEN and our new expedition ships HANSEATIC nature, HANSEATIC inspiration & HANSEATIC spirit, where your curiosity sets the course. Rather than journeys from A to B, these ships offer intensive discoveries from A to Z.

Know more, see more, experience more

A team of prestigious experts in various fields accompanies every cruise. Wise minds who, as well-travelled cosmopolitans, translate the essence of their professions to passengers as passionate speakers.

Exciting and informative: our experts are the perfect accompaniment for your expedition and can provide you with a sea of s and information on board and ashore. Benefit from their inexhaustible know-how during Zodiac rides and landings,
in fascinating presentations and personal conversations.

Broadening horizons: whenever possible, you will head ashore and out in the Zodiacs with our experts. This reveals exciting background information and trains you to spot extraordinary things that other travellers would miss. Priceless if this fixes your attention to a particular experience just at the right moment.

A new perspective on nature and culture: complex links and scientific research are made understandable with “living” examples. Our experts have visited each destination many times and conducted in-depth studies and research or written about them in books. As a result, they serve as travel companions, field guides and bridges between cultures.

Our expedition ships as a place of learning: as part of short excursions together and on plenty of Zodiac rides with your experts, you will gain exciting insights and learn new information. On board, interesting exhibits turn into exciting research subjects. Examining, discussing and looking under the microscope will quench your thirst for knowledge.

Knowledge and intuition

For these great seafarers, the waterways of the world’s oceans were unpredictable routes filled with unknown perils. Today, the uncertainties and hardships of earlier explorers have given way to the many years of experience of the people on board our expedition ships. However, the passion for new destinations has remained and will ensure unforgettable moments during your expeditions.

The 85th line of latitude – 480 km from the North Pole. Thick fields of pack ice cover the water. There seems no way of getting through this untouched landscape of ice with its bizarre floe shapes. But thanks to the long-time experience of the people on board – the captain, officers, expedition leaders and cruise directors – even spectacular routes like the Northeast Passage will be conquered. They know where to find the most beautiful aspects of the polar regions.

Captain Jörn Gottschalk

Captain Thilo Natke

Captain Axel Engeldrum

Accompanied by the sound of ice rumbling at the hull, the ships will carve through these massive obstacles, which most vessels simply cannot manage. Our expedition ships are certified with the highest ice class for passenger ships (E4 resp. PC 6), and they will safely transport you to breathtaking, unspoilt regions. The team on board know where to halt the ship to present you with striking panoramic views – such as the fjords of Greenland. Everyone on board shares a passion for exploration. Even the officers will stand on the bridge, their eyes wide, looking for the blow of a whale. Sightings will be announced immediately over the loudspeakers to ensure that you can enjoy this natural spectacle. For your trips ashore – for example, on Spitsbergen – a scout boat will be dispatched in advance to find the best landing place for your excursion. Your expedition leader knows where – with a little luck – you will be able to spot some polar bears. In other climate zones, such as the Solomon Islands, they will show you the most beautiful places to snorkel.

Extraordinary memories

The many unforgettable experiences on your expedition will make for perfect photo opportunities. And the people on board will provide even more vivid memories. Warmth and a passion for the extraordinary are in their blood. Where the most spectacular regions in the world leave nothing more to be desired, an array of exclusive moments on every expedition will give you a truly personal feeling of well-being. A champagne reception right next to a gigantic ice floe. An ice cream parlour built from palm leaves in the crystal-clear waters of the South Seas. Or fresh glacial ice for your drink. A crew of over 100/175 is there to carry out all the wishes, big and small, of no more than 175/230 guests. Attentive, enthusiastic and pleasantly discreet – your smile is reward enough for us.

The birth of the modern cruise

In 1891, Albert Ballin, director of the Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Aktien-Gesellschaft (HAPAG) sends the flagship Augusta Viktoria to the Mediterranean with 241 passengers. The "inventor of the cruise", Albert Ballin, created a very special way to travel. Today, the expeditions with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises continue this tradition. As here in the spectacular terrain of Franz Josef Land in the Northeast Passage or in the icy world of the Northwest Passage, you will also become part of this unique history this expedition season.

1922: the "Albert Ballin"

A true premiere on the ice: In 1996, the BREMEN becomes the first passenger ship to circumnavigate the islands and archipelagos of Spitsbergen. A very special moment for the passengers and crew.

Uncharted territory ahead! On an expedition in the Antarctic in 2003, the BREMEN discovers a previously unknown strait of water that leads to an inaccessible island. Since this spectacular discovery, these have been known as the Bremen Channel and Bremen Island.

Premieres at the North Pole and South Pole: In August 2012, the BREMEN passes the 82nd line of latitude in the Arctic Circle for the first time, 887 km from the North Pole!

All of the Azores islands in one cruise: In 2013, the BREMEN makes its first trip to all nine of the diverse paradises in the archipelago for breathtaking natural spectacles and whale watching.

Pioneering endeavours in the Northeast Passage: In 2014, the HANSEATIC becomes the first non-Russian cruise ship to negotiate the legendary sea route – 6,032 nautical miles between the Russian Far East and Europe. Furthermore, the ship set a new record for passenger ships: the HANSEATIC reached the northernmost point at 85°, 40.7' north and 135°, 39.6' east. This is just 480 km from the North Pole.

First! In 2016, the BREMEN became the first cruise ship to pass through the McClintock Channel in the Canadian Arctic. Before this, only two icebreakers had succeeded in passing through this ice-covered sea route.



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