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On our expedition ships, the days are filled with experiences and adventures, natural wonders and animal sightings. From morning to night, bow to stern, portside to starboard – everything is devoted to expeditions. Follow in the footsteps of legendary pioneers and set foot on thrilling explorer’s terrain yourself. Experience the extraordinary every day – with a small group of like-minded people who share your passion for the unknown. In our travel diaries, we take you along on our expeditions and provide intensive insights even before you travel. Have fun exploring!

The Antarctic

The experience is the destination, and each one opens up a new chapter of the Antarctic: glacial islands, deep fjords, gigantic wildlife colonies and ice-covered waterways in a legendary region. Experience wildlife and nature up-close in Europe’s winter – on the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, the South Orkney Islands, the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands. Embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Hike on New Island/Falkland Islands

Albatrosses, Falkland Islands

Large colony of king penguins on South Georgia

Large colony of king penguins on South Georgia

Zodiac landing, South Georgia

King penguins, Fortuna Bay/South Georgia

King penguins, St. Andrews Bay/South Georgia

Young elephant seal, Grytviken/South Georgia

Fur seal

Weddell seal

Chinstrap penguin

Gentoo penguin

Adelie penguins

Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay

Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula

The Arctic

When people talk of the Arctic, they are talking of an enormous ocean. The best travel conditions can be found in the Arctic summer from June to August. When the climate is mild and the animal kingdom is at its richest, our expedition ships will take you deep into the natural paradises of Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Spitsbergen. Deeply carved fjords, mighty glaciers as well as bizarre ice and rock formations await.



Walruscolony, Spitsbergen


"Lloydhotel" in Möllerhafen/Spitsbergen

Zodiac ride, Monacobreen/Spitsbergen

Bearded seal

Quench your thirst for knowledge with our experts


Large colony of thick-billed murres on the cliffs of Alkefjellet on Spitsbergen

The Zodiacs being launched

Edge of the pack ice

Polar lights, Greenland



Prins Christian Sound/Greenland

Zodiac ride, Greenland



Polar bear sighting at a safe distance on board

Zodiac ride, Disko Bay/Greenland

Disko Bay/Greenland

Prins Christian Sound/Greenland




South and Central America / Amazon

A natural treasure chest of exotic creatures, lush jungle and snow-covered volcanic cones – South and Central America thrill with their interplay of contrasts. Untouched native villages and relics of ancient civilisations create cultural high points on expeditions along the Amazon, through Chile’s fjord world and on both sides of the Panama Canal. A colourful land of adventure awaits!

Breves Narrows/Amazon

Water buffalo in the Amazon

The small Bremen on the Panama Canal

Zodiac ride 

Zodiac ride on the Amazon

Zodiac ride on the Amazon

Zodiac ride on the Amazon

Utria National Park/Colombia

Passage through the Panama Canal


Curacao/ Netherlands Antilles


San Blas Islands/Panama

San Blas Islands/Panama

Blue-footed booby on Isla de la Plata/Ecuador

Puerto Natales/Chile

Puerto Natales/Chile

Fur seals, Garibaldi Glacier/Chile

Zodiac ride, Garibaldi Glacier/Chile

Pio XI Glacier/Chile

Pio XI Glacier/Chile

Puerto Montt/Chile