The new expedition class - A mixture of adventures and comfort

Searching for the unknown and finding your inner self in the process. Respectfully encountering nature and perceiving yourself as part of it. Appreciating foreign cultures and gaining profound insights. For more than 30 years, we have been offering expedition cruises that touch your soul.

Whether you’re heading to the Hebrides or the Azores, to Antarctica or the South Seas, intensive adventures on spectacular routes both near and far await you with the HANSEATIC nature, HANSEATIC inspiration and HANSEATIC spirit – and you’ll share your personal expedition with a small group of no more than 230 passionate explorers. Welcome on board!

Please note: The HANSEATIC inspiration is an international ship, with all cruises conducted in both English and German. 

Excellent reasons to choose a cruise with us

  • Small, state-of-the-art expedition ships that combine adventure and comfort perfectly
  • Spectacular routes to remote regions where other ships have to turn back
  • Cruises that respect nature, wildlife and cultures – following trails but leaving no trace
  • Adventures by Zodiac in natural environments and places without a port
  • Close to nature on board, thanks to an exceptional amount of open deck space
  • A small group of like-minded passengers (a maximum of 230 guests) for more space and a truly personal atmosphere
  • Captains and crews with years of expertise, who bring their skills to all cruises
  • See more and understand more thanks to teams of experts who share their knowledge in presentations, discussions and ashore
  • Committed crew with exceptional service and attention to detail for feel-good moments
  • Reach new frontiers in safety, thanks to features such as the highest ice class for passenger ships (PC 6)




Travel to the southernmost points of the earth during the Antarctic summer from November to March. Where gigantic icebergs, thousands of penguins and impressive whales can be observed, the ice classes of our small expedition ships enable a respectful and flexible exploration of great natural spectacles. 

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