Only the best for young cruise guests

It goes without saying that Hapag-Lloyd Cruises' ships meet the highest safety and quality standards. We have given the well-being of our younger guests lots of thought and ensured first class safety standards on board ranging from glazed railings to safety sockets. For us quality also means only entrusting childcare responsibilities to experienced, trained staff members. Or offering a service like the free Baby Welcome Package which enables young parents on the EUROPA and EUROPA 2 to order extensive baby equipment for their suite, thereby saving considerable luggage space.

Boredom really can stay at home

Young cruise guests have their areas on board the EUROPA and the EUROPA 2:

  • EUROPA offers a playroom for kids aged between 4 and 12. Older children are welcome to take part in this programme.

  • EUROPA 2 offers three different areas: the Knopf Club* for 2- to 3-year-olds, the Kids’ Club for 4- to 10-year-olds and the Teens’ Club for 11- to 15-year-olds. These areas are the ideal headquarters for keeping our younger guests happy and are the perfect place for meeting up on board and quickly making new friends.

The EUROPA 2 and the EUROPA both offer a varied programme for young seafarers: Go on treasure hunts, learn how to make a genuine sailor's knot or watch the captain at work. All this is of course under the loving care of our qualified child supervisors.


EUROPA 2 (picture): Children and young people aged 11 upwards can meet new friends in the Teens' Club. Here they can chill, learn hip-hop or compete on "Guitar Hero".  

EUROPA: There is a playroom for kids between the ages of 4 and 12. Older children are welcome to take part in this programme.


EUROPA 2: Even the really small children have their own area as well: In the Knopf Club, children from the age of two enjoy professional childcare and discover new ideas through play. There are plenty of opportunities and places on board for fun and action – with and without parents.

Programme for little ones

The complete children's programme on board

  • Kids' Club and Teens' Club and the Knopf Club* on the EUROPA 2
  • Own playroom for kids on the EUROPA
  • Trained child care specialists on board
  • Varied and age appropriate programmes which are individually planned for each journey
  • Play, sport and creative activities are offered during the morning, afternoon and evening on days at sea
  • On days ashore the supervision times are coordinated with the excursion times
  • Special children's menus. In the evening the children can eat with the childcare team
  • Babysitter service** after the Kids' Clubs have closed

With Cap'n Knopf on the EUROPA 2

The cuddle lounge on the EUROPA 2

EUROPA 2 Kid's Club

The Teens’ Club on the EUROPA 2

Kids can even look over the captain’s shoulder as he carries out his duties on the EUROPA.

The playroom on board the EUROPA

* Childcare in the Knopf Club is subject to a surcharge and the number of participants is limited.    ** This service is not included in the cruise price and is offered only subject to availiability.