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Suites and public areas are air-conditioned with 100 % fresh air. Your suite’s air conditioning system is fully functional only when the veranda door is closed. You can adjust the temperature to your personal preference using the control in the suite. If the fan is set too high for your liking, please contact your suite stewardess. The air conditioning cannot be completely switched off.

Announcements via the loudspeaker system can be heard in all suites. In the interests of all on board, we try to make as few announcements as possible in order to avoid disturbing guests unnecessarily. A commentary is provided from the bridge when we are travelling through areas of interest. On harbor days there will be an announcement at 09.00 o’clock. On days at sea, the position of the ship is announced at 10.00 and 16.00 hrs. You have the option to switch off the loudspeakers in your suite. You will, however, be able to hear emergency announcements at all times.

Baby monitors are available to borrow on board. This involves setting the telephone in your suite to monitor mode. As soon as any noise can be heard in your suite, a call will be made to one of the ship’s mobile phones, which we will provide you with. This means you will always know what’s going on in your suite. As we only have a limited number of baby monitors, please ask Reception or your suite stewardess for one as soon as possible. Please understand that it can take time to configure the devices.

There is a bathrobe for every guest behind the bathroom door in your suite. If it doesn’t fit, your suite stewardess will be happy to provide you with another that is the right size.

All suites are equipped with two beds which are prepared for you either side by side or as twin beds as desired (not in the Penthouse Grand Suites). By folding out the side parts, the sofa in categories 0-5 can be converted into a bed with a lying surface of 70 x 190 cm/2.2 x 6.2 ft (usable by a person up to a max. age of 15; in the suites 665 and 666: 70 x 170 cm/2.2 x 5.6 ft, up to a max. age of 12) which may be used by a third person (not possible in Penthouse Deluxe Suites, Penthouse Grand Suites and SPA Suites).

The boutique offers a range of exclusive ladies’ and men’s fashion. Besides health and beauty products for your personal needs, you will also find gift items and souvenirs. Please note that customsregulations of many countries prohibit the opening of the boutique when the ship is docked in port.

The jeweller, Wempe, presents high-quality watches, selected pieces of jewellery and flawless diamonds on board the EUROPA. The specialists here will be glad to answer your questions.

Due to its exceptional importance as the control centre for all the nautical and technical processes, the bridge is a highly sensitive area. For this reason and in accordance with international regulations, it is not open to the public. However, we would be pleased to give you the opportunity to take part in a guided tour of the bridge unless prevented by nautical interests or the local regulations of the coastal regions we are passing. Please register your interest at Reception.

A butler service is available to the guests of the Penthouse Deck. Among other services, the butler will take care of unpacking and packing your luggage, serve meals and beverages in your suite, ironyour clothes and much more.

On our family cruises, we offer kids’ programmes for children aged 4 to 12. The EUROPA does not have a separate childcare programme for teenagers. The playroom with adjoining creative room offers entertaining activities put on by the childcare specialists on the advertised family cruises. In order to guarantee adequate supervision, the number of children is limited to 20. For more information about our family cruises click here.

On board
The following dress code applies on MS EUROPA: During the day, guests dress sportily. In the evening, the gentlemen wear sporty-elegant clothing, i.e. a long-sleeved shirt or jacket, in the restaurants on deck 4. The ladies dress accordingly. Shorts, T-shirts, bathrobes and flip flops are generally not desired in any of our restaurants or evening venues. Wearing a jacket is not required in the Pearls and Lido restaurants. On Welcome and Farewell evenings, the dress code is evening elegant. This means: gentlemen wear a light summer suit or jacket on deck 4, ladies dress accordingly. A tie is generally not obligatory.

For your excursions or private shore excursions, clothing should be comfortable and practical, as well as appropriate for the destination. Sturdy shoes are recommended, flats are essential for ship and shore. For excursions with the Zodiacs in colder regions we recommend to wear waterproof clothing and footwear to protect against wetness.

The private use of drones is not permitted on board our cruise ships. This applies during the cruise and during lay times in port, as well as at landing points in remote regions. In polar regions, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises places great value on respecting international agreements to protect sensitive natural environments and the animal kingdom in particular. In other regions of the world, approval for the use of drones ashore must be made by the passengers individually and without any intervention by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. As well as a drone licence, which users must acquire in their country of origin, the relevant approval must be available for presentation at all times. Please take these instructions seriously, since passengers who are in breach of these regulations and licensing requirements will be liable to prosecution.

All electric devices in your suite run on 220 V alternating current. In the bathroom, there is an additional outlet with 110 V for electric razors and toothbrushes. Adapters for German and standard foreign plugs are available at the Reception.

EUROPA features a guest portal in the suites. Please note that you can only use your personal email account via a private mobile device or a private tablet. You can receive, send and forward emails. This service is available to you free of charge. Attachments can be opened and printed free of charge at Reception or on the PCs in the library. Your personal email address is shown on your booking confirmation. You can also ask for it from Reception of course. Your email address is made up as follows: customernumber@VIP.

You will find your six-digit customer number in the box at the top right of your booking confirmation.

In addition, you can receive emails using the general email addressfor the EUROPA. This email address is:

If you have one, please bring your personal device and/or tablet on board with you. The number of devices available for loan is very limited.

For further information, please click here.

Further information on embarkation and disembarkation times can be found directly here.

Start your day on the jogging lane of the EUROPA or opt for yoga, cardio or fitness training with LES MILLS. We offer many opportunities for exercising on board so that you can tackle your own sporting challenges. You can make use of a 15 m (49 ft) long seawater pool (Deck 8), half of which can be covered with a glass roof (magrodome), a fitness studio with a sea view and the Studio course room for group classes. Our EUROPA Refresh programme offers a combination of all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle to make the perfect programme for your well-being. Our experts on board, including personal trainers, SPA therapists and PGA golf professionals** are accompanied on selected cruises by well-known sports personalities. In addition to fitness and relaxation classes and full-body training with miha bodytec** equipment, we also offer additional sporting activities ashore** on selected cruises. You can find more information on where the courses will take place in the respective programme of the day. Please note that for hygiene reasons, you are not permitted to exercise without a top on in the fitness centre on Deck 9 or in the Studio on Deck 4. Sports shoes must also be worn in both areas for safety reasons.

We are happy to cater to food allergies where possible and subject to availability. Please inform us of your request when making your booking.

You can optimise your game with the help of modern technology on any EUROPA cruise: the golf simulator on Deck 9 allows you to put your skills to the test at more than 30 top golf courses around the world. Upon request, a PGA professional (subject to a charge) will train you using the video coach or accompany you for a round of golf on the stunning courses along your cruise route. Can’t get enough of golf? Why not join a Golf & Cruise voyage on the EUROPA?

Cruises on the EUROPA offer very limited suitability for guests with reduced mobility. Please note that a large number of our planned Zodiac landings and shore activities require a high level of physical fitness; depending on the conditions, we can only guarantee participation for guests with no mobility restrictions. The EUROPA offers two suites (suites 733 and 734) with fully accessible layout and equipment. We nevertheless highly recommend that you travel together with a responsible companion because, due to special procedures on board a ship, continuous assistance is not possible. Certain groups of people can only be accommodated if they are accompanied. Please bring your own standard-size wheelchair or any other medical equipment with you if you are dependent upon it. Unfortunately, electric wheelchairs and guide dogs cannot be brought on board. Please note that participating in shore activities and going out in the Zodiacs (subject to weather conditions) may not be possible for guests with physical limitations. We reserve the right to restrict participation in group activities to guests who can manage the entire activity without problems and without external assistance. Unfortunately, guests who are dependent on a wheelchair cannot travel in the Zodiacs. Whether or not guests can go ashore by tender boat (when the ship is at anchor) is also dependent on the weather and cannot always be guaranteed. To ensure that you experience a relaxing cruise where everything goes smoothly, before booking please provide us with details of your physical impairment and enquire as to whether we can meet your individual needs.

Are you spending your honeymoon or a milestone wedding anniversary on the EUROPA? In that case, we look forward to making your time together extra special and treating you to superb cuisine with our Honeymoon Special, compiled exclusively for you. You can book the Honeymoon Special at your travel agency or directly through us upon presentation of your marriage certificate. For further information, please ckick here.

The offer applies to honeymoon cruises of seven days and longer (up to a maximum of six months after the date of marriage) and to cruises celebrating the 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and 65th wedding anniversary (up one month before or after the anniversary date). Please provide a copy of your marriage certificate as verification.

The health and safety of guests and crew members is always the highest priority for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. Appropriate safety, prevention and hygiene measures are therefore a matter of course on board all Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ships. Qualified medical personnel are present on every cruise. The very well-equipped ship's hospital has a laboratory that can also be used to detect viral diseases. The high OPP Level 3 hygiene status automatically applies in the event of an infection. This includes even more intensive cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces.

You have direct Internet access via your private mobile device or your private tablet. Please note that the number of tablets available for loan on board is very limited. There are Wi-Fi hotspots all over the ship. Internet use is free of charge for one hour per guest per day. For guests in the SPA Suites, Penthouse Deluxe Suites and Penthouse Grand Suites, Internet access is free of charge.

Please click here for additional information on our internet and social media packages. 

The EUROPA offers a laundry, dry-cleaning and ironing service (subject to a charge). The ironing service is included in the cruise price for guests staying in the Penthouse Deluxe Suites, the Penthouse Grand Suites and the SPA Suites.

Novels, bestsellers, non-fiction, travel literature and exciting detective stories – our library (Deck 8) has practically everything available, and you may borrow materials free of charge at any time. There are also two PC workstations with a printer at your disposal.

For the sake of simplicity, we have chosen a cashless payment system on board the EUROPA. The on-board currency is the euro. We accept German debit cards (formerly EC card) and the following credit cards: Mastercard, American Express and Visa.

Simply sign bills for beverages and tobacco products sold in the lounges and bars as well as for laundry services, boutique, shore excursions, photo and film services and the OCEAN SPA as required during the cruise. These will then be charged to your on-board account.

You can find out your account balance at any time via the guest portal or at Reception. You can then settle the entire account at Reception at the end of your cruise. Alternatively, you can also pay using the means of payment listed above or in cash.

The EUROPA has a modern ship's hospital on Deck 3, which is under the supervision of an experienced ship's doctor. The doctor's consultation hours are specified in the programme of the day. Guests who require medical treatment should contact the ship's doctor directly after embarkation. Please be sure to take any medication you need in your hand luggage (in an amount that is sufficient for the entire cruise). Treatment of seasickness is subject to a charge, if you make use of our medical services. We offer thrombosis prevention medication if required (subject to a charge).

Treatment on the ship is equivalent to a visit to a doctor abroad (flag state Malta). German fee guidelines and German health insurance do not apply on board. We therefore recommend that you take out private travel health insurance. ). The costs for any treatment or medication will be charged to your on-board account, settlement by insurance card is not possible. Hapag-Lloyd cannot assume liability for the reimbursement of treatments in full from your respective personal health insurance.

Extensive medical treatment on board is only possible to a limited extent. For example, the equipment of the on-board hospital is not specially designed for the care of babies and small children. In addition, the assortment in the on-board pharmacy is equipped for general illnesses as well as for initial emergency treatment. In the event of a medical emergency, the patient is disembarked and taken to a nearby hospital ashore. The associated costs are borne by the patient. Guests receiving medical treatment should carry their medical records with them.

Soft drinks and beer in the mini bars of the suites are included in the cruise price. Other alcoholic drinks are also provided for free in the suites on the Penthouse Deck and in the SPA Suites. Special teas, health drinks and fresh fruit juices are also available for free in the SPA Suites. If you have any special requests, your suite stewardess or Reception will be happy to take your order. All charges for drinks will be added to your on-board account and settled at the end of the cruise.

In the EUROPA guest portal, which you can access via your smartphone or your private mobile device, you will find a free on-board edition of "Die Welt". If you would like to receive a printed copy of the short edition of "Welt" in your suite, please contact the reception on deck 4. Printed copies are also available there. Please note that "Welt" is published from Sunday to Friday, the Saturday edition is omitted. You can also find other selected newspapers and magazines (partly subject to a charge) in the EUROPA guest portal (4 downloads per suite and trip are free). On request, we can offer you a large selection of full editions of national and international newspapers in digital print for a fee. Newspapers are delivered to your suite during the morning or according to their publication time. For more information and available titles, please refer to the order form in your suite.

A few copies of selected full editions are available for you to read in the library, at the pool bar and at the piano bar. Guests in the Grand Penthouse Suite receive a daily full edition of their choice free of charge.

Weatherproof parkas are available on loan on selected cruises. Umbrellas and sunshades will be available if needed (limited number).

A photography and film team will accompany cruises on the EUROPA to document select parts of the cruise for you both on board and ashore. During the cruise, you will have the opportunity to see the photos and initial film clips in the photo shop on Deck 5 and order them if you wish. At your request, the on-board photographer will also burn your photos to DVD or print photos on photographic paper from a memory card or USB stick (subject to a charge). You can order the cruise film in DVD or Blu-ray format from the photo shop at the end of the cruise (subject to a charge).

The 15m (49 ft) Lido pool is a great place to swim and relax. Plenty of deckchairs, sunloungers, towels and blankets are provided. In cooler cruising areas, half of the pool can be covered with a magrodome. The glazing on the sides of the deck shelters you from the wind, allowing you to feel comfortable in your lounger at all times. 

Your postcards and letters will be posted by the Reception staff in every port where this is possible. The postage will be charged to your on-board account.

Europa Restaurant (Deck 4)
Every visit is a treat in the stylish atmosphere of our main restaurant. Our chefs de cuisine will delight you with gourmet dishes, which are often inspired by the region you are cruising in. There are many tables for two, allowing you a flexible choice of seating and some wonderful private moments. The Europa Restaurant is open in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Lido Cafe (Deck 8)
This restaurant with its relaxed atmosphere offers a casual setting for all meals both in the open air or inside. The open kitchen with its outdoor barbecue facility offers you an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. Our chefs also serve dishes a la carte on selected cruises, and prepare regional specialities on special themed evenings to allow you to experience the gastronomic culture of your destination with all your senses. We recommend that you make a reservation in the evenings.

Pearls (Deck 7)
Enjoy an evening visit to Pearls on Deck 7 with its impressive outside terrace high above the ocean. You can look forward to variations of fine caviar and meat delicacies, alongside fantastic views and perfect service from our crew both indoors and outdoors.

The Globe by Kevin Fehling (Deck 4)
The Globe is the domain of the young three-star chef from Hamburg, Kevin Fehling, and is open for late breakfast and in the evening. He has already delighted guests on board the EUROPA with his cuisine right at the start of his career. Now he’s back with his own gourmet restaurant and he will be on board in person for selected cruises. His unconventional, modern creations will take your senses on a voyage of culinary discovery, with nuances of influence from many different latitudes. Take a seat and allow yourself to be pampered.

Venezia (Deck 4)
If you love Italian cuisine, you should definitely pay a visit to our Italian restaurant Venezia. You can enjoy delicacies and classic dishes from Italy in an authentic atmosphere here at lunchtime and in the evening. The maitre will be pleased to make a reservation for you. You can find the restaurant opening times in the programme of the day or in the guest portal. You can find reservation information under Your seat in the restaurant.

Table reservation
Breakfast and lunch are taken in an open seating arrangement on board the EUROPA and you may choose where you sit. The same applies for the evening meal in the Europa Restaurant and Lido Cafe.

The maitre will be happy to accept table reservations for evening meals in the speciality restaurants (The Globe by Kevin Fehling, Venezia, Pearls) at the beginning of your cruise. Reservations cannot be made prior to departure.

The number of reservations you can make in these three restaurants is determined by the length of the cruise. On cruises with a duration of up to seven days, you can make reservations in one of the three restaurants. On cruises with a duration of eight to twelve days, you can make reservations in two of the three restaurants. For cruises of 13 days or more, you can make reservations in all three restaurants. Guests in SPA Suites and Penthouse Deluxe Suites are given priority for table reservations in The Globe by Kevin Fehling. We are happy to make table reservations on board at any time for all restaurants for guests in the Penthouse Grand Suites.

Please deposit jewellery, money and other valuables in your personal safe, located in your suite. Further valuables can be deposited in the safe at Reception. Important: We request that guests leave the safe open at the end of the cruise and when leaving the ship for the last time. Your suite stewardess will be pleased to assist should you have any questions. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises will compensate you for the loss of valuables that were properly locked inside your safe up to a total of EUR 3,000 per suite and cruise.

In accordance with international safety regulations, in order to prevent the risk of fire, items that generate heat or produce a naked flame must not be used on board. Such items include clothes irons, curling tongs, straightening irons, hotplates, candles, tea lights, incense and others. You may, of course, use the hairdryer in your suite. We have bottle warmers for preparing baby food on board. We would be pleased to make these available to you. Bottle warmers brought with you may not be used.

At the start of your cruise, you will be provided with a ship ID card, which you are requested to carry with you every time you go ashore. It acts as a substitute for your passport or personal ID card when you board or leave the ship and is checked by our security system. This system electronically registers whether you are on board or ashore.

All public areas and suites on board are non-smoking, with the exception of the following areas: port side of the terrace of the Lido Café, the Havana Bar and the outdoor area of the Sansibar (cigars, cigarillos and pipes are allowed here, too). Once service hours have ended in the outdoor area of the Lido Café, cigars, cigarillos and pipes may also be smoked on the terrace at the designated smoking tables. Smoking is allowed on the veranda of your suite and on all external decks except for the magrodome area. Please use the ashtray provided.

The EUROPA is equipped with a modern stabilizer system: retractable and extendable fins on both sides of the hull weaken the ship's rolling motion in rough seas.

Each suite has a visually divided living area, except for the SPA Suites and suites for use by disabled guests. In the Penthouse Suites, the living and the sleeping areas are separate from each other. All suites have a flat-screen television, telephone, mini bar, hairdryer, safe and a walk-in wardrobe (a wardrobe with sliding doors in the suites for use by disabled guests). The bathrooms are spacious and furnished with a wash basin, toilet, bath and separate shower enclosure. The SPA Suites and the Penthouse Deluxe Suites have a bath with whirlpool function. The Penthouse Grand Suites have their own sauna and a bath with whirlpool function. The SPA Suites and Penthouse Suites are equipped with a tablet. For all other suites, a limited number of devices is available for loan.

The suites above the Europa Lounge and Gatsby’s may be subject to slight disturbance as a result of the entertainment programme. The suites without a veranda may be subject to a slight noise disturbance as a result of docking and mooring. For more information, please consult the deck plan.

You also have the option of ordering small meals and snacks to your suite around the clock. The menu for our 24-hour service and the suite breakfast menu can be found in the suite folder. Your suite stewardess or Reception will be pleased to take your order.

There are 28 Veranda Suites on Deck 5 and Deck 6 with connecting doors between every pair of adjoining suites in case you prefer separate bedrooms. These suites are particularly appealing for families.

The EUROPA is equipped with a state-of-the-art satellite communications system. Provided the connection to the communications satellite is available locally, you can make direct phone calls to any destination worldwide. Please be aware that a charge is incurred immediately upon dialling a phone number. Please contact Reception for details of costs. You can find further information in the suite folder.

In the interest of all guests, we kindly ask you to refrain from making calls on mobile phones when in the restaurants.

If someone from home wishes to contact you on board, the satellite communications system also enables phone calls to be made directly to the ship.

The phone number for the EUROPA is +870 77 3230-565.
The fax number is +49 40 3070-31910.

Please note that the caller will be charged as soon as he or she dials the phone or fax number of the EUROPA. You can enquire with your telephone provider about the precise fees for a satellite phone call or fax on board. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has no control over these charges.

Mobile phone calls* The EUROPA is equipped with a mobile network operated by WMS, a company which provides mobile coverage on board cruise ships. This system enables you to also use your mobile phone or smartphone while at sea, in areas where your own mobile provider usually cannot ensure coverage. The WMS mobile network is activated when the ship is at sea and at least 12 nautical miles (approximately 22 km) from the coast. 

You will receive the channels available in the region where the EUROPA is currently located via satellite. Programmes will be available in German when the ship is within reception range of Europe. You will be able to watch Deutsche Welle television programmes wherever reception is possible.

Besides the usual features, the television set in your suite offers a broad package of services. With this service, you have access to a wide selection of over 200 films and music of many different styles. In addition, you can access your on-board account, send and receive e-mail and use the Internet (subject to a charge). Via satellite, you will receive the channels available in the region where the EUROPA is sailing at the particular time.

In all ports in which the EUROPA is at anchor, the ship’s tender boats or motorised inflatable rubber boats (Zodiacs) are used to take the guests ashore. In exceptional cases, official regulations require us to use external tender boats. In all other ports, the EUROPA docks at the pier.

Tips are not mandatory on board. Acknowledgement of particularly good service is at the discretion of each guest.

We offer a comprehensive travel concierge service before and during your cruise to help you make tailored travel arrangements ashore, compile your personalised programme and make all the necessary bookings. These services are not included in the cruise price and are subject to availability.

Our wellness area (OCEAN SPA) offers a comprehensive feel-good programme (subject to a charge) – from massages from all over the world to body wraps involving the healing power of the sea, Thalasso and cosmetic treatments using premium-quality products, and a hairdresser. It is only possible to make appointments at the OCEAN SPA once you are on board. You can also enjoy BEWEI, an innovative beauty concept that enhances all the contours of your body and face, helping you to achieve a totally new feeling of vitality. You can find more information about our SPA services in the SPA brochure. On every cruise, you also have the opportunity to benefit from Dr Anne Fleck’s holistic health concept. Further information aboutour wellness and fitness options and Dr Anne Fleck’s nutrition concept is available in the EUROPA Refresh brochure, which you will find in your suite.

Please take into account our Terms and Conditions of Travel and our hygiene standards

* Due to a possible unstable satellite connection depending on the weather and the ship's position mainly in northern and southern sailing directions, this service cannot be guaranteed at all times. Please note that the Internet speed on board is not comparable with fast data connections ashore.