Lasagna all' Aragosta e Tartufo

Open lasagne with steamed medallions of lobster combined with spinach, sauteed mushrooms
and truffle

by Michael Hoffmann

To serve approx. 4 people

Pasta dough

5-6pieces egg yolks
1 piece egg
sea salt

Step 1

Mix together the flour, egg, egg yolks and sea salt and knead to a smooth dough. As soon as the dough is smooth and soft, shape it into a ball, wrap it in cling film and leave it to rest in a cool place. Using a pasta machine, roll the dough into thin sheets and cut these into squares of approx. 7 cm. Cook the pasta sheets for approx. 2 minutes and glaze with a little olive oil.


2pieces lobster
butter, olive oil

Step 2

Boil the lobster for approx. 3 minutes, remove from the water and cut off the claws. Cook the claws for another 5 minutes and then break off the shell. Heat up the lobster in a little foaming butter mixed with olive oil and then cut it into portions.


500gfresh spinach
2pieces shallots
1 clove garlic
sea salt, pepper

Step 3

Pick and tear the spinach leaves roughly, wash and leave to dry. Peel the shallots and chop them very finely, finely chop the garlic clove. Heat up the butter and cook the shallots and garlic until transparent, add the spinach and let it wilt on a high heat, then season with sea salt and pepper.

Mushroom sauce

5pieces shallots (cut into strips)
10pieces mushrooms (sliced)
200mlwhite whine
400mlchicken stock
butter, sea salt, cayenne pepper
a little lemon juice

Step 4

Fry the shallots and onions in butter, deglaze with the white wine and leave it to reduce right down. Then pour in the chicken stock and reduce it by about a half. Add the cream, bring to the boil and blend to a very fine puree in a mixer. Pour the sauce through a sieve. Season to taste with sea salt, cayenne pepper and a little lemon juice. Before serving, use a stick blender to froth up the sauce.

Other ingredients

12pieces small mushrooms
40-60gfresh black truffle
a little lobster stock

Step 5

Saute the mushrooms in a little clarified butter until they are golden brown and put to one side. Layer all the ingredients in a deep plate in the following order:

1. Spinach and a little lobster stock
2. Pasta sheet, mushrooms and lobster
3. Spinach, lobster and pasta
4. Foamed mushroom sauce
5. Finely grate some truffle over the top of the lasagne