On course for success for 125 years

At the end of the 19th century, a cruise for pleasure alone was unheard of - but not so for Albert Ballin. The inventor of cruise ship travel realised even then just what it takes to make a cruise special: great comfort, entertainment and relaxation far away from everyday cares. And so it was that the "Augusta Victoria" steamed into the Mediterranean on her very first holiday cruise in 1891. A tremendous success that was followed by many more. The first ships to bear the illustrious name EUROPA were an emigrant ship owned by HAPAG and a freighter owned by North German Lloyd. Since 1999, the sixth EUROPA has been cruising across the world's oceans carrying her guests to the most beautiful places - backed up by experience that stems from more than 125 years of "pleasure cruises".

Flying in the face of the general trends in cruise ships, we will in future also continue to focus on the more intimate, family-like character typified by the EUROPA. After all, in terms of spaciousness, comfort and service, the EUROPA is still to this day in a class of her own, and the name EUROPA continues to stand for cruises of the highest standard - exactly as Albert Ballin understood it.

In future, too, we shall remain committed to our traditional principles: with plenty of space for every passenger, a family atmosphere and individual service, the "EUROPA experience" will continue to outshine the competition.

Four good reasons to cruise with the world's most beautiful yacht


The EUROPA: smaller than other ships, and that’s what makes her so great

A maximum of 400 guests enjoy luxurious 5-stars-plus comfort* here. At the same time, the ship provides around 72 m² (775 ft²) of space per person overall – ideal for when you need some time alone. For memories that last.

* According to Berlitz Cruise Guide 2017.


A crew that is always there for you

The crew is what makes the EUROPA experience so special – discretion and excellence are their guiding values. Just sit back and relax – and let the 285 crew members take care of your well-being. For memories that last.


Tradition that remains true to itself

The EUROPA team prides itself on providing cruises of the highest standard. And we want it to stay that way: captain’s dinners, gala evenings and impeccable style all underpin the fine atmosphere on board. For memories that last.


A front-row seat with a view that is different every day

Every year, the EUROPA sets off on fascinating routes around the globe. Thanks to its size, it can visit ports that are simply unreachable by other cruise ships. For memories that last.