Our mission

This very special atmosphere is what makes the EUROPA so unique. An oft-described feeling that begins with a greeting from the famously attentive crew. The remarkable crew-to-guest ratio of almost one to one creates an atmosphere that is as personal as it is inspiring, encouraging guests to come together. The EUROPA is a fascinating place with surprises at every turn.

Three good reasons to cruise with the world's most beautiful yacht


Smaller than other cruise ships – and yet miles ahead of the rest

We live in a beautiful world, but sometimes that beauty can be hard to reach. Thanks to its special size, the EUROPA steers for hotspots inaccessible to large cruise ships. A sophisticated route concept links remote bays and exotic hide-away islands with exceptional ports.


That incomparable feeling of being welcome

The EUROPA is a ship for special moments. Your wishes will be perfectly matched by our German-speaking crew. A service that focuses on and values your personal tastes with a crew-to-guest ratio of almost one to one. A personal atmosphere that creates the space for your needs – and for inspiring encounters with other fascinating people.


Heading for new horizons

The ship offers numerous ways to learn new things and satisfy your personality and curiosity – you might even discover a new side to yourself. Be it health, knowledge or indulgence, look forward to diverse programmes and workshops, personal discussions with our experts and many inspiring moments on your cruise and beyond.

What makes the EUROPA so unique?

  • Award-winning: the best cruise ship in the world according to the Berlitz Cruise Guide 2018
  • Attending to your individual wishes: a crew-to-guest ratio of almost one to one
  • Front-row seat: unique route concept with central mooring points around the world
  • Gourmet quality: four restaurants, exclusive gourmet events and a legendary chef with three Michelin stars
  • Highest standards: German-speaking service crew and outside suites – almost all with a veranda
  • For all the senses: holistic wellness and health concept
  • Top-class entertainment: a different entertainment programme on every cruise, inspiring cultural activities and renowned experts on board