A world of mindfulness

Welcome to a world of precious moments, where the focus is exclusively on you and your needs. Our wide range of fitness and wellness services on board the EUROPA offer the perfect way for you to recharge.

Come on board, set out on a voyage of personal discovery and return home with a new zest for life.

EUROPA refresh

Fitness, health, relaxation: our EUROPA refresh programme offers a combination of all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle to make the perfect programme for your well-being. Would you like to try some innovative fitness trends or discover new strength? What kinds of foods are good for you? What do you need to feel well? Mental well-being coaching and meditation may also help you to find peace and serenity in a fast-moving world.

Our experts on board, including personal trainers, SPA therapists and PGA golf professionals, are accompanied on selected cruises by well-known sports personalities. They will inspire you at sea with some special courses and presentations on new perspectives or hobbies. 


Get moving at sea

Start your day on the EUROPA jogging lane. Do you prefer yoga or cardio? Make the most of a varied programme of classes, our fitness studio and the EMS full-body training with miha bodytec*. Our personal trainer* will be happy to offer advice and support with an individual training plan. As an additional highlight, on selected cruises there are special offers such as boxing or t’ai chi on board.

Fitness with LES MILLS

LES MILLS appeals to millions of people every week – with a sports programme you can now also experience on board the EUROPA.

LES MILLS BODYBALANCE is inspired by yoga and is suitable for everyone. A sequence of simple stretching exercises, movements and poses set to music relaxes the body, improves flexibility and strengthens the entire body.

LES MILLS BODYPUMP is a barbell workout that works the entire body with driving music. Crank up your energy expenditure with light to medium weights and lots of repetitions.

CXWORX is a 30-minute core-training programme that is suitable for everyone. It strengthens the back muscles, focuses on toning the stomach, legs and bum, and ensures improved posture.

Selected fitness options

  • 15 m (49 ft) long seawater pool, whirlpool and jogging trail
  • Exercise and relaxation classes*: aqua fitness; stretch and relax; back strengthening; legs, bum and tum exercises; flexibility training; pilates; and yoga
  • High-quality Technogym equipment with a TV for entertainment on each cardio machine
  • Personal training**: individual training sessions, fitness check, development of, and support during, a personal training plan, nutritional advice, weight loss
  • Effective full-body workout with miha bodytec equipment**: electrical muscle stimulation to build muscle, lose weight and reduce fat as well as to stimulate connective tissue, metabolism and circulation
  • Special miha bodytec** full-body workout for golfers: this gentle application has been proven to increase strength, stability and speed of movement.
  • Innovative LES MILLS fitness programme – a fit for everyone


Relaxed to the tips of your toes
Close your eyes and allow yourself to be pampered: the OCEAN SPA is devoted to your own personal satisfaction and harmony. With luxurious beauty treatments, deep-tissue massages and thalasso, energy from the sea. We would be happy to put together a wellness package tailored to your own specific requirements.

Cosmetics and beauty 

BABOR facials guarantee luxurious moments of indulgence and optimal results to suit your own personal needs.

THALGO facials protect, boost and refine the skin with powerful active marine ingredients.

BEWEI is an innovative beauty concept, which enhances all the contours of your body and face, helping you to achieve a new feeling of vitality.

BEAUTY ANGEL is a light treatment, which stimulates the production of collagen and activates metabolism. An improved complexion and skin that feels better are immediately noticeable.

Body and soul

Thalasso works with effective natural ingredients from the sea. Metabolism is stimulated, the immune system boosted and circulation enhanced – for renewed energy and clear, smooth skin. All thalasso treatments use THALGO products. Immerse yourself in a world of well-being and enjoy:

  • Relaxing thalasso baths, float packages and body scrubs
  • Other thalasso treatments such as toning body treatments, gentle purifying massages, refreshing intensive treatments and full-body massages
  • Thalasso introductory packages

Massage has been used for hundreds of years to heal the body and soul, release knots and relax the muscles. Benefit from the power of these treatments and enjoy:

  • Classic massages such as aromatherapy oil massages, or partial- or full-body massages
  • Massage treatments from all over the world, such as a lomi lomi massage, hot stone or shiatsu, or a Thai massage

Well-being specials

With Refresh Body***, the focus is on your holistic well-being. Start your day with vitality and activity and lay the foundations on board for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Presentations and individual coaching sessions, as well as a programme of classes and training with notable experts, will provide you with valuable information on physical activity, nutrition and relaxation. Give your health and body the time they deserve.

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With Refresh Beauty, we reveal the secret of true beauty: harmony between our inner and outer selves. Yoga and meditation, for example, will take you on a voyage of inner discovery and you can pay attention to your outer self with valuable tips from well-known cosmetics experts, stylists and perfume experts. Workshops and interesting presentations will help you to learn how to use your appearance to make your personality really shine through – naturally and effectively.

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* Services vary depending on the qualifications of the personal trainer on board.
** Training with miha bodytec and the services of the personal trainer are not included in the cruise price
*** Subject to a charge.