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EUROPA 2: The wine and spirits collection

Many superlatives come to mind when describing the wine and spirits collection on board Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ five-star-plus* luxury cruise ship, the EUROPA 2. Connoisseurs will find a huge selection of wines to enjoy, originating from 14 different countries; the EUROPA 2 has the largest gin collection at sea with 37 different types, including from England, Scotland, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands and Spain. Guests can experience wine tastings with the sommelier on board and also take part in the popular gin tastings. Cruise expert Jonathan Beaumont cruised on board EUROPA 2 to experience these for himself.

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The statistics are just stunning: EUROPA 2 guests can enjoy an almost endless selection of wine and spirits on board: 19,000 wine bottles with some 450 various cuvees. The luxury cruise ship also boasts the largest gin collection at sea, 37 different gins. The bar menu also lists 50 different cocktails, among those 10 are non-alcoholic. And for those who like champagne: the ship offers 12 champagne brands, and 24 various types of champagne.

Wine and gin tastings on board EUROPA 2
The sommelier on the EUROPA 2, Roland Brenner, organizes the
wine tastings on board in the Grande Reserve. For each tasting he puts together different collections of wines – after all, there are many to choose from: “There is simply no limit to the creativity and new ideas that can come into play in our tastings. Often we also add local and regional wines to our list, depending on our cruise destinations,” says sommelier Brenner. A wine tasting costs €80 per person. The rather unique opportunity offered on board is the gin tastings: guests are invited to learn all about gin – its origin, its ingredients, and its various categories. Today, gin is a typical British distillate. However, guests can learn that the origin of gin is in the Netherlands where juniper distillates were already noted from around 1600. Around five to six different gins are typically sampled at a gin tasting.

Up to €200 beverage credit for international guests
EUROPA 2 offers its beverages at reasonable prices – as alcoholic drinks on board are not included in the cruise fare. “The price range varies – quality wine is available on board starting at €17,” explains Roland Brenner. “However, the most expensive wine on board the EUROPA 2 is the 2008 Romanée St. Vivant Domaine Romanée Conti from Burgundy, France at € 1,030 per bottle.” Most cocktails, for example a Long Island Iced Tea or Mojito, are priced at €5,30; and a draft beer starts at €1.60.

As an introductory offer for all international guests, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has introduced an ‘on-board beverage credit’ for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks of up to €200 per person per cruise (depending on the length of the cruise).

A new episode now online: “The Wine and Spirits Selection on board EUROPA 2”
In this latest episode of, Jonathan Beaumont explains about the wine and spirits offered on board the EUROPA 2. The British cruise expert experiences a wine tasting, meets the EUROPA 2 sommelier to learn about the vast wine offer on board, and takes part in his first gin tasting. Together with EUROPA 2’s Hotel and Food & Beverage Manager, Jonathan sources a local product, Cachaça, in Brazil. Click here to see the latest film online:

*According to the 2015 Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships Guide

Hamburg, August 2015

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