Western Mediterranean – Mediterranean dreams under palms and pine trees

Picturesque coves, crystal-clear water, vibrant coastal cities and the scent of pine trees. A cruise through the western Mediterranean is a dream cruise to Europe's sunniest coasts and most beautiful cities.

Whichever destination you choose - as our guest, you can look forward to Mediterranean joie de vivre, diverse cultural riches, and landscapes suggestive of paradise. But idyllic locations and bustling cities also await you. Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco: between Malaga and Marrakech, Cannes and Algiers, Rome and Tunis, there is a wealth of fascinating places for you to explore.

Soak up the sun on deck as we set course for the rugged rocky coastline of the Costa Brava and the wonderful beaches of the Balearic Islands. Dive into the glamorous life of the Cote d'Azur and draw inspiration from French savoir-vivre. Turn down the pace and treat yourself to time out in the sovereign city state of Monaco. Take in the charm and flair of the Italian Riviera and revel in the sweet dolce vita of the Amalfi coast. Marvel at Corsica's boldly bizarre cliffs and Sardinia's emerald-green coastline. Or experience the atmosphere of the Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian shores with their oriental charm evocative of the Arabian Nights.

The romantic lanes in Barcelona's old town and Gaudí's legacy, the impressive Cadiz Cathedral, the vibrant port and city of Naples at the foot of Vesuvius, glittering St. Tropez or fairy-tale Marrakech and the ancient imperial city of Rabat: wherever you go, you will be enthralled by the fabulous abundance of cultural and natural treasures.

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