Antarctic cruises- Expedition through the Ice

Experience an unforgettable adventure at the end of the world - the Antarctic invites you to be astounded. Mighty glaciers, majestic icebergs and thrilling sightings of animals from close proximity await you in this extraordinary natural habitat. With its bizarre formations of white snow and glowing blue ice, the Antarctic is a region with an unfathomable yet alluring magic. Only very few people ever get the opportunity to explore the Antarctic as intensively as you. This unknown land of the south, this Terra Australis Incognita, promises breathtaking experiences.

With our expedition ships and our experienced crew, you will discover worlds in the Antarctic that remain hidden from many other ships. Your thirst for adventure will be further satisfied by numerous landings with our expedition-grade Zodiacs that will carry you safely as you explore the glittering sixth continent. Here in the Antarctic, a unique stillness reigns that draws everyone under its spell.

It is amazing just how fancifully nature has adapted to the inhospitable Antarctic environment. With a little luck, your cruise will grant you sightings of penguins, whales, seals, elephant seals, fur seals and a variety of sea birds. True adventurers will be pleased that things don't always run exactly to plan during our cruise through the Antarctic. Because it could well be that whales will suddenly surface nearby, for example, and our expedition ships will divert their course for a while. After all, we want you to be able to admire rare animals from close proximity.

Our captains, expedition leaders, lecturers, cruise directors and Zodiac drivers will find the most spectacular routes through the wonderland of the Antarctic and show you the most fascinating aspects of this polar region. Your thrilling experiences in the eternal ice of the Antarctic will bring you lasting impressions that will certainly stay with you forever. That also makes your cruise in the polar seas an unforgettable adventure.

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