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Unspoilt natural beauty and urban flair

Whether you are face-to-face with the bison in Yellowstone National Park or in one of the great metropolises: North America sets every traveller's pulse racing. The world's third biggest continent comprehends Greenland, an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, Canada, the USA, Mexico and numerous Caribbean island states.

North America is like a gigantic collage: multicoloured and multifaceted. Vast, virgin terrain, mighty glaciers and wild animals roaming free. With so many unforgettable encounters, the North American continent draws visitors inexorably to its shores. Take, for example, such vast nature reserves as Yellowstone National Park. The park is one of the largest ecosystems in North America. Bison, moose, grizzly bears, black bears, bobcats and bald eagles - just six of the many species you might encounter there.

In addition to unspoilt natural beauty, the urban flair of the big cities awaits you. Take a bite out of the Big Apple, for instance - if you're travelling in the USA, the melting pot of New York City is simply not to be missed. Set out on the trail of American history with a visit to the capital of the USA and living museum, Washington DC. Unending natural landscapes and cosmopolitan cities epitomise modern Canada. Visitors to the 553 m high CN Tower in Toronto cannot fail to be amazed. With its pristine coastal stretches and mountain backdrop, plus a dynamic lifestyle and multicultural population, Vancouver is an equally popular destination.

In western North America, the Rocky Mountains bid you welcome. The pulsating big-city atmosphere accompanies you from Seattle to San Francisco and from Los Angeles all the way to vibrant Mexico City.


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