Fabulous encounters as if from the Arabian Nights

Enigmatic perfumes, vibrant colours, mighty mosques, magnificent palaces, dazzling treasures and fascinating landscapes. Few regions in the world cast so powerful a spell as the Orient. This part of the world was once one of the four areas ruled by the Romans. Nowadays, the term Orient is used to indicate the Middle East and the Arab-Islamic world, including Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and North Africa.

The wonders of the pharaohs rise up sublimely above the desert sand. Wherever you go on the Arabian Peninsula, the past has left its impressive mark. Take, for example, the legendary rock-hewn city of Petra, or Saint Catherine's Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in the Christian world. In Oman you will find the remarkable Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque - snow white with a golden dome. Then there's Aqaba with its impressive scenery, the ancient city of Muscat on the famous Incense Route, Sharm el Sheikh's Biblical history, Salalah's barren deserts and the Avakas Gorge in western Cyprus.

As our guest, you can look forward to moments of pure magic. Visit the souks of Oman, for instance, where the smell of exotic perfumes will guide your steps. And also take in the glittering contrasts of the big cities, where skyscrapers are symbols of wealth and progress, and awe-inspiring mosques stand for faith and tradition. Those looking for oriental culture will encounter a profusion of contrasting experiences.

Discover the world of falconry in Abu Dhabi or treat yourself to high tea in style in the luxurious Emirates Palace. Ponder over the sheer variety of your experiences as you enjoy a fabulous trip through the fjords of Musandam in a traditional dhow.

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