An expedition to Greenland - where polar bears and vast wilderness await you.

Expedition Greenland - a country characterised by the eternal ice of glaciers and icebergs. And yet the locals call the largest island on earth Kalaalit Nunaat (Inuktitut: "land of the people"). Greenland offers visitors one thing above all: vast, unspoilt Arctic landscapes and fascinating nature.

"Greenland", as the Danes call it, is politically an autonomous part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but geologically Greenland belongs to North America. The largest island in the world is 2,650 kilometres long and measures around 1,200 kilometres at its widest point - from Cape Alexander in the west to Nordostrundingen in the east. With a distance of only 710 kilometres, Greenland is a direct neighbour of the North Pole.

Musk oxen, reindeer, polar wolves, Arctic hares, belugas, walruses, whales, seals, Arctic terns, sea eagles, puffins: they are all at home in the white expanse of the world's largest island. And with a bit of luck, you might even spot the "Nanuq" (Inuktitut for "polar bear"). The "king of the island" can be found in the North-East Greenland National Park. The drift ice, which moves with the East Greenland Current around Cape Farvel to South Greenland, takes polar bears to the far south in search of seals. Or, depending on the drift current, as far as Upernavik in north-west Greenland.

Experience Greenland in all its facets on an expedition with one of our expedition ships. As our guest, you can expect unforgettable encounters with the local Inuit. Did you know, for example, that the direct ancestors of the Inuit are the Thule Eskimos? During your Greenland voyage, you will get to know the traditions and culture of the Inuit as well as Greenland's wildlife.

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