A cruise through the Eastern Mediterranean

Cultural riches between East and West

Sunbeams dancing on the sea, boats bobbing to and fro in secluded bays, pristine locations - as if made to set your spirits soaring. The eastern Mediterranean bids you welcome with unspoilt charm and sun-drenched serenity.

Italy's east coast with Venice, Ravenna and Bari. Croatia's crystal-clear water, the port of Piraeus, and the radiant blue and gleaming white of Cycladic architecture. Istanbul and Antalya on the shores of the Bosporus, Rhodes, and Limassol in Cyprus. Cruise the eastern Mediterranean and you will experience the charm and exotic thrill of Mediterranean countries from Italy to Croatia and from Greece and Turkey to Cyprus - with the most beautiful coastal landscapes between the Adriatic and the Aegean.

Wonderful island gems like Crete and Santorini await you and, in addition, the unspoilt nature of Croatia, the sights of ancient Greece and the fabulous beaches of Turkey. If you are looking for romance, you will love Italy's legendary Venice. The lagoon city's captivating beauty will overwhelm you. Explore the medieval backdrop of the Croatian seaport, Dubrovnik. Stroll along the promenades of the Turkish Riviera. Wander around Istanbul's colourful markets, feel Antalya's flair and enchantment, and explore the Acropolis from up-close.

Whichever route you choose - as our guest, you will have plenty of fabulous memories to take home with you.

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