Azores - bright colors and vibrant cities

Around 1,400 kilometres from the European mainland and more than 4,300 kilometres east of North America, the highest peaks of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rise out of the ocean. Volcanic forces have created imposing landscapes that are home to plants from all climate zones. The largest island of the Azores, Sao Miguel, is famous for its bright green vegetation, deep blue lakes and the lively capital Ponta Delgada.

To the south of the main island lies the island of Santa Maria. Admire the steep terraced vineyards in the bay of Sao Lourenco. And visit the chapel of Anjos, as Columbus once did. To the north-west of Sao Miguel, as if thrown into the sea by a giant, is the central group of the Azores. Terceira attracts visitors with the first European island town in the Atlantic, Fajal with a sea of blue hydrangeas and a picturesque marina. On the second smallest island in the Azores, Graciosa, it is windmills, vineyards and a mysterious lake in the depths of a volcanic cave that give the island its special charm.

On an expedition or cruise to the Azores, you can marvel at palaces, churches and fortresses that are still reminiscent of the times when the Azores were a stopover for ships laden with treasures from overseas. Look forward to carefree days on board with us - and enjoy with all your senses. The magnificent landscapes, the colourful folk festivals on the Azores, the many traditional dishes prepared according to centuries-old recipes are just some of the many things that make a holiday on the Azores an incomparable experience.

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