The diversity of Asia

Asia - where burgeoning cities meet ancient temples, where a dynamic spirit of renewal is at one with incredibly ancient architecture, and where tradition and modernity come together in inseparable harmony. Asia is an enthralling continent of fascinating contrasts and overwhelming diversity.

The countries that welcome you with smiles will beguile you as you cruise through their mystical landscapes - the breathtakingly beautiful Halong Bay is just one of countless impressive examples. A cruise through the poetic world of Asia will enchant you forever. Let your senses lead the way as you immerse yourself in the adventure that is Asia.

Asia is home to tranquil, smiling people with their own, very individual philosophy of life. The people of Asia will wow you with their gracious hospitality. On your cruise, you will also encounter countless Buddhist temples that bear witness to the continent's religious heritage. Impressive sights abound to overflowing in Asia's booming metropolises, such as Hong Kong, the ambitious megacity on the South China Sea.

Asia - the dimensions of this eastern supercontinent are staggering. It's hard to believe, but did you know that Asia covers a third of the world's land mass? During your cruise, you will not only be immersed in the geography of Asia, but will also gain deep insights into the history and culture of its countries. Instructive lectures on the expedition cruise will expand your horizons of knowledge, revealing new and intriguing information about this superpower.

Asia is an incomparable adventure for the mind - discover its fascinating strangeness and the exotic beauty of this region up-close. The term Asia means something like sunrise. During your cruise, not only will you experience the sun rising over the horizon - an impressive sight in this part of the world - but you will also feel how your heart soars.

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