The Amazon - one of the most mysterious waterways in the world

The narrow, winding waterways of the Amazon with their impenetrable greenery, breathtaking wildlife and mystical culture will delight your expedition heart to the utmost. The Amazon has always fired the imagination of many explorers and discoverers. A dream destination for adventurers! And you too will succumb mercilessly to the magic of the world's largest tropical rainforest on your expedition. Let the adventure begin: Countless discoveries await you on the banks of the Amazon, which you will explore up close with our guides on numerous Zodiac trips.

On the Amazon, you will encounter an almost overwhelming world of flora and fauna that makes this region a true myth. With a bit of luck, you might spot pink river dolphins, tapirs, caimans, macaws, toucans, kingfishers, hummingbirds and countless species of monkeys. The Amazon is a habitat of fascinating diversity! Sharpen your awareness of this magical world. The largest river on earth with its extremely opulent, almost intoxicating nature will become an unforgettable adventure for you - perhaps even the greatest adventure of your life.

So that you can experience the Amazon in all its splendour, our small, manoeuvrable Zodiacs will be in constant use on all expeditions, penetrating deep into this fantastic area of discovery. With their extensive knowledge of the Amazon, our experts will of course accompany you on your journeys into the jungle. You can look forward to countless Zodiac trips and landings that will bring you closer to the unique world of the Amazon's green treasure trove, which often remains hidden to many other travellers.

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