Africa cruises are colourful, dazzling and fascinating

Visit the world's second biggest continent and it's just like looking through a kaleidoscope: colourful, dazzling - fascinating. Africa is full of superlatives. Around 885 million people live in 53 African countries - most of them in Nigeria, Egypt and Ethiopia. With over 3,000 different peoples and more than 2,000 languages, the ethnic and cultural diversity is as impressive and multifaceted as its natural treasures.

Africa's different climatic zones and landscapes encourage a wide variety of endemic flora: from the arid thorn bush savannah to the lush green rainforest. Above all, Africa's animal kingdom is fascinating. Monkeys, dwarf buffalo, pygmy hippopotamuses and dwarf antelope - all of these live in Africa's tropical regions. In the savannah areas, buffalo, zebras and antelope roam the countryside, while lions and cheetahs hide out in the shelter of the elephant grass.

You can observe the diverse species of this continent from close proximity during a jeep safari. Your cruise to South Africa, for example, will take you to the vast nature reserves where, with a bit of luck, you could well experience the famous "big five" face-to-face. Spectacular panoramic views abound during a drive along the legendary Garden Route. Africa's southernmost tip is home to, among others, the Zulu people, whose culture is sure to impress.

Endless horizons bid you welcome to Namibia. Like tiny diamonds in a sea of utter darkness, thousands of stars glitter in the Namibian night sky, while amidst shimmering, golden sand dunes a dinner awaits you in a desert setting. And as you relax at sea, you can reflect upon the many impressions of your African experience.

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