On board

SCR catalysts

Special SCR catalysts clean the exhaust gases produced and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by almost 95 %. Our new expedition ships and the EUROPA 2 are fitted with these devices.

Water management

Freshwater is a precious resource wherever you go, but particularly at sea, which is why we use a special osmosis system to convert seawater into freshwater. Removing the salt from the seawater allows it to be used for these and many other purposes. Biological sewage treatment plants clean the waste water produced on board. Only clear water is pumped back into the ocean; any sewage sludge is appropriately disposed of on shore.


The underwater paint used on our ships is free from tributyltin compounds (TBT), which can disrupt the hormone balance in various marine organisms.

Energy management

We are also optimising energy consumption beyond the ships’ engines through smart management and LED lighting, for example.

Cold ironing

With the exception of the EUROPA, our ships are equipped for cold ironing and make use of this technology where possible.

Optimised hull

The optimised hull – installed in the EUROPA 2 and the HANSEATIC class while they were still in the shipyard – allows us to use up to 18 % less fuel and reduce emissions.

Optimised rudder

A PROMAS rudder with special propeller improves the efficiency of the drive in our new ships – helping us to consume less fuel and reduce emissions.