Climate calculator - compensation of CO2 emissions

We are committed to supporting the protection of the environment – and each of our guests can choose to make a contribution. Since 2011 and in cooperation with the climate protection organisation atmosfair, we are the first cruise operator to offer our guests the opportunity to offset their cruise-only CO2 emissions. The concept is simple – using our climate calculator, the passengers can ascertain the relevant climate protection contribution of their cruise in advance and voluntarily compensate the remaining inevitable emissions. A quarter of the compensation amount is paid by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. This contribution is used to promote projects aimed at protecting the environment.

It does not make a difference to the atmosphere where climate-damaging CO2 is emitted and where it is saved. Consequently, the emission of a certain amount of greenhouse gases which is inevitable on a sea voyage, for instance, can be avoided by climate protection projects at any given place in the world. In the end, what counts is the balance.

Our partner atmosfair is a charitable limited liability company (GmbH) under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer. The non-profit organisation uses the voluntary contributions for the protection of the climate to support non-profit climate projects and to offset the emissions caused.

Climate calculator – it’s as easy as this

  • The climate calculator enables you to ascertain the relevant climate protection contribution for your cruise in advance. The amount varies depending on the duration of the cruise and the booked category.
  • If you decide to offset the CO2 emissions of your cruise (exclusively cruise-only emissions) with us, you can do so when booking your cruise. We will assume a quarter of your compensation sum and pass the full amount of your donation directly on to atmosfair. Compensation for the travel arrangements to the cruise departure and from the cruise arrival point (flights) can exclusively be effected directly via atmosfair.
  • atmosfair will send you a certificate and a donation receipt which is tax deductible.

Climate protection project - solar lamps for India

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises uses the contributions to the protection of the environment to support a project in India which makes solar lamps available to people living in rural areas.

580 million people in rural India have no reliable supply of electricity. The efforts of the Indian government to expand the electrical grid in rural areas are leading to only slow and gradual improvements in the power supply. For this reason, over 80 percent of the rural residents in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, two of the poorest states in India, are using kerosene lamps. This causes huge problems, however - households must spend up to a third of their monthly income on kerosene to cover their minimum requirements in terms of lighting. Due to the poor quality of the light, the children can hardly manage to do their homework for school. These lamps commonly cause burns, and the soot they produce frequently leads to eye disease. The open flames regularly cause fires to break out.

Thanks to the funding provided by atmosfair, solar lamps can be sold in the context of the climate protection project at a price the poor rural population can afford. Significant technological progress has been made since the beginning of the project planning in 2008. At this stage, atmosfair’s project partner d.light offers a solar lamp which is very small, durable and – most importantly - inexpensive.

As atmosfair consistently keeps its administration costs low, at least 90 percent of your contribution directly supports the climate protection projects. A maximum of ten percent are spent on human resources, public relations and administration.

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