Welcome home – MS EUROPA, MS EUROPA 2 and HANSEATIC inspiration

For the first time ever, three of our ships arrived in the port of Hamburg on the same day. Although this may be just a small reason to celebrate, we are thrilled about the arrival of MS EUROPA, MS EUROPA 2 and the HANSEATIC inspiration. The captains and crew members are thrilled as well.

It is still dark as our EUROPA makes its way into the port of Hamburg around 5.30 hrs on 2 May. It slowly approaches the docks of Blohm+Voss, passing by the HANSEATIC nature - both sides give a wave. The Fish Market, the Landungsbrucken piers, the Cap San Diego, the Elbphilharmonie - it's a quiet return into a peaceful port, not yet awake from its slumber. The sun is starting to rise as the ship turns around in Grasbrook port, before dropping anchor at the Cruise Center HafenCity, where the EUROPA takes on provisions before later making its way to its berth at O'Swaldkai.

In light of current developments, we have called our ships home. After the HANSEATIC nature reached Hamburg on 20 April, our EUROPA is the first ship to arrive at the port of Hamburg today. Captain Olaf Hartmann reports that everyone on board is very happy. "For nearly two months now, no crew member from the ship has set foot on land, so everyone who gets to disembark in Hamburg is happy and the others look forward to their chance to use their land legs. For me, personally, the Elbe and the port of Hamburg are associated with a great many wonderful and emotional memories, and you couldn't wipe the smile and the joy off my face if you tried - Hamburg, my darling."

Around an hour after its sister ship, our EUROPA 2 enters the port, arriving from Marseille, floating past the Airbus facility, the Ovelgonne museum port, the container terminal at Burchardkai, and finally turning in front of the Kuhwerder port. Slowly, the ship moors at Cruise Center Altona, greeted by a few waving employees and crew members who were allowed to leave the ship a few weeks ago. "We're so happy that it's there - and that our colleagues and friends are back!"

"We will arrive in Hamburg at sunrise," writes Captain Jörn Gottschalk, "and we look forward to setting sail with our guests once again in the future, perhaps during a beautiful sunset. It's always a nice feeling to cruise along the Elbe with EUROPA 2, reaching Hamburg just as the day's first rays of sun reach out across the horizon. Being able to take to the seas with our guests again will fill us with a unique type of joy!" Until then, the EUROPA 2 will remain anchored at the terminal in Altona.

Around noon, we welcome the HANSEATIC inspiration to the city. Captain Ulf Wolter sounds the horn three times as his ship passes by the EUROPA 2. Three long tones once again before the HANSEATIC inspiration moors next to the HANSEATIC nature in front of the Blohm+Voss shipyard. Some repair work will also be carried out here on both ships of the new expedition class.

"Home is where your heart is!" Captain Ulf Wolter reports that everyone on board is excited and looking forward to arrival in their home port. And then the time comes: "The ship's horn sounds three times - the HANSEATIC inspiration has arrived. I am very hopeful that we will once again take to the seas with guests on board very soon, making our way to exotic destinations all around the globe. We are determined!"

This hope unites us all - the captains, the crew members and the teams at company headquarters in Hamburg: here's to hoping we can greet our guests on board soon!