Coming home – the HANSEATIC nature reaches Hamburg

In light of global travel restrictions, we decided to bring our fleet back to Hamburg. The HANSEATIC nature is the first to return.

The city is particularly quiet. Even the port of Hamburg, which never really sleeps, seems to only slowly be waking up on this Monday morning. At around 6:15 hrs, the HANSEATIC nature enters the port area from the Lower Elbe. The sun slowly starts to rise and bathes the river in golden light. The morning of 20 April is a cool day. Some ship spotters have gathered, wearing thick coats. It's worth braving the crisp and cold air and getting up early for the brilliant images.

The HANSEATIC nature has travelled around 7,700 nautical miles, 14,000 kilometres, since guests disembarked. Captain Thilo Natke first set a course from Colon for Barbados. As the HANSEATIC nature was passing the Caribbean island, it not only met with its sister ship the HANSEATIC inspiration and luxury ship the EUROPA, but also picked up some crew members in order to take them back to Hamburg. In times when there are hardly any flights, it's a challenge to bring the teams back home.