Sunshine and an easy-going spirit against sensational natural backdrops

Exotic rhythms, explosive colours, palm-fringed sandy beaches and a colourful mix of peoples. The Caribbean beckons with easy, sunny days and paradisiacal diversity. The Caribbean islands extend in a wide curve almost 4,000 km long between Florida in North America and the northern coast of Venezuela in South America. The most popular Caribbean islands include Antigua, the Bahamas, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and Trinidad.

The Caribbean is home to about 36 million people. In addition to the small indigenous population, people of African and European descent in particular, but also Creoles, Indians and Chinese people, call these islands home.

Equally diverse are the Caribbean flora and fauna: bougainvillea and mango trees, passion flowers, orchids, heliconia, hibiscus and palm trees abound. Giant ferns and trees flourish in vibrant yellow, purple and scarlet. You can admire the Caribbean's colourful flora and fauna during jeep safaris and relaxing catamaran tours. Opportunities to observe the impressive wildlife await you in the many national parks. Trinidad offers birdwatchers more species than Canada. The Bahamas are home to nearly 1,000 iguanas and some 60,000 pink flamingos, spoonbills and ducks. All over the Caribbean, you will find great egrets, terns, parrots and pelicans, while humming birds buzz in Caribbean forests and gardens.

The rhythms of Cuban son and salsa will accompany you when you visit the legendary city of Havana on the island of Cuba. Be seduced by the colonial charm of the old town and by the Cuban way of life before returning on board to dance into the sunset to traditional Caribbean folk music.