On board MS EUROPA 2 from Dubai to Piraeus (Athens)

In the world of the Arabian Nights

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The Arabian Peninsula is bustling, and its megacities are redefining the future. Experience stories from the Arabian Nights told with a 21st century twist.

from Dubai to Piraeus (Athens)

Cruise dates:from 14.04.2016 to 30.04.2016 (16 days)
Your ship: MS EUROPA 2
Cruise number: EUX1609

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This is a bilingual cruise with English shore excursions. [Read more]


Thu, 14.04.2016

Scheduled flight from Germany to Dubai and transfer to a first-class hotel, overnight stay with breakfast

Fri, 15.04.2016

City tour and transfer to embarkation point
Dubai/United Arab Emirates, departure 21.00 hrs

Prior to departure, you can discover all of Dubai with our pre-cruise programme*. Your cruise starts after an overnight stay in a first-class hotel and a city tour through the futuristic megacity.

Sat, 16.04.2016

Khasab/Musandam/Oman, 7.00 – 14.00 hrs

Deep fjords and bizarre mountains: the Musandam peninsula surprises visitors as the “Norway of Arabia”. Explore the rugged bays on a dhow tour featuring a swimming break* or ride in an off-road vehicle to the 2,000 m high Jebel Harim* with its fascinating panoramic views.

Sun, 17.04.2016

Muscat/Oman, 7.00 – 20.00 hrs

In the realm of Sultan Qaboos, the aromas of mocha and spices pervade the narrow alleys of the souk. Alternatively, enjoy the natural scenery of Oman from an off-road vehicle during a trip to Wadi Arbyn*, including a picnic with Arabian specialities.


In 1983, Sultan Qaboos of Oman commissioned the French perfumer Guy Robert to develop the world’s most valuable perfume. The perfume Amouage, which contains 120 different natural oils and essences, is known as the “Chanel of the Orient” and is only available in selected perfumeries around the world – including in Oman.

Mon, 18.04.2016

Relaxation at sea

Tue, 19.04.2016

Salalah/Oman, 14.30 – 12.00 hrs

You will be greeted by the aroma of frankincense at the traditional Al Husn Souk in this old trading city. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere or track down the relicts of Omani history in Samhuram and Taqah*.

Wed, 20.04.2016
- Sat, 23.04.2016

Relaxation at sea

Sun, 24.04.2016

Aqaba/Jordan, arrival 20.00 hrs

Set in stone for eternity: Petra, the legendary rock-hewn city* and UNESCO World Heritage Site, rises up in the middle of a canyon. The temple, tombs and palaces were carved from the red rock by the Nabataeans more than 2,000 years ago.

Mon, 25.04.2016

Aqaba, departure 18.00 hrs

Tue, 26.04.2016

Hurghada/Egypt , 6.00 – 09.30 hrs
Suez/Egypt , arrival 22.45 hrs

An overland excursion with an overnight stay ashore will take you to Luxor and Cairo*, into the fabled Valley of the Kings, to the monumental temples of Karnak and the world’s largest stone structures: the Pyramids of Giza (with re-embarkation in Port Said).

Wed, 27.04.2016

Suez/Egypt , depature 03.30 hrs
Daytime passage through the Suez Canal, 4.00 – 16.00 hrs
Port Said/Egypt, 17.30 – 22.00 hrs

Daytime passage through the Suez Canal
As an alternative to the overland excursions to Luxor* and Cairo*, enjoy the passage through the Suez Canal as the banks of this legendary structure drift by almost close enough to touch.

Thu, 28.04.2016

Relaxation at sea

Fri, 29.04.2016

Agios Nikolaos/Kreta/Griechenland, 08.00 Uhr – 18.00 Uhr

Agios Nikolaos
Crete is a place steeped in mythology. Primarily thanks to the story of the Minotaur, whose trail you can pick up in Knossos*. Alternatively, hike along the coast* and enjoy the view of the sea.

Sat, 30.04.2016

Piraeus (Athens)/Greece, arrival 7.00 hrs
Transfer to scheduled flight to Germany

Piraeus (Athens)
Extend your cruise and experience what is “quintessentially Greek” on our post-cruise programme*.

* The pre- and post-cruise programmes and shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

= at anchor

Please note that our pre- and post-cruise programmes are conducted in German.
For individual programmes kindly consult your travel agent.

Following programmes we offer in German:



Exclusive, renowned guests discuss contemporary issues

Sabine Christiansen, one of the most famous journalists in Germany, will invite renowned experts in the fields of finance, politics and society to discuss contemporary issues. At "talk2christiansen" presentations, discussion rounds and conversations, you will meet international politicians, Nobel Prize winners, entrepreneurs, experts, best-selling authors and figures from public life. In this exclusive format, you will come face-to-face with people who have something to say. For example, previous guests who have participated in "talk2christiansen" include Joseph Stiglitz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences; Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference; Frank Sieren, a leading specialist on Asia; Dirk "Mr DAX" Müller; and many others.

Michael Lüders

The veteran Middle East expert and Peter-Scholl Latour's successor as president of the German-Arab Association will discuss current affairs in the region your cruise will be visiting. He asks whether international politics is capable of achieving peace in Syria and the wider region, and whether that will be enough to stem the flow of refugees to Europe.



Picture: Axel Thomae

Hans Olaf Henkel

This Member of European Parliament has held many roles, including IBM manager, president of the BDI (German industry association) and federal board member of the AfD (German political party). He believes German Chancellor Angela Merkel's refugee policy is responsible for recent AfD successes and their inclusion in state parliaments. Henkel shows understanding for the voters - many were not aware that the AfD has been infiltrated by right-wing forces and are in for a rude awakening.


Impulse & Inspiration

Broaden your horizons: IMPULSE & INSPIRATION

Space for new thoughts and ideas emerges when the wind and waves define the rhythm. Our eponymous series of events IMPULSE & INSPIRATION held on selected cruises provides ideas on various themes – be it self-management, your work–life balance or societal and personal models for the future. On board you will be met by leading trend researchers and experts from the fields of politics, business, science and culture. Gain new insights into our environments from presentations, discussions and courses.

On this cruise we will address the subject of “Prosperity – the art of loving life”

Impulse & Inspiration