On board MS EUROPA 2 from Miami to Miami

Christmas and New Year’s Eve under the palm trees

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean means a turquoise-coloured ocean, untouched coral reefs and a vibrant underwater world. After leaving Miami on board the EUROPA 2, happy serenity awaits you at Grand Turk, at the dream beaches of Saint-Barthelemy and even at Grand-Bourg, where life is entirely shaped by rum. Take a rest under the shade of coconut trees or enter fascinating surroundings with waterfalls and a rich animal kingdom on Dominica. Set off on a kayaking trip* from Antigua or a snorkelling excursion* at the coast of St  Barth`s – the colourful Caribbean with its unique flora and fauna is waiting for you to explore.

from Miami to Miami

Cruise dates:from 20.12.2014 to 04.01.2015 (16 days)
Your ship: MS EUROPA 2
Cruise number: EUX1500

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This is a bilingual cruise with English shore excursions. [Read more]

Highlights of this cruise

Highlights of this trip:

  • One of the loveliest bays of the British Virgin Islands: White Bay on Jost Van Dyke.
  • True island paradises off the beaten track: Marie-Galante, Bequia and Anguilla.
  • Helicopter flight* over Montserrat’s active volcano.
  • On board: premiere fever – the exclusive show experience.
  • On board: a glittering Christmas and New Year’s Eve gala.

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore excursions listed here are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.


Sat, 20.12.2014

Scheduled flight from Germany to Miami and transfer to embarkation
Miami/Florida/USA, departure 23.00 hrs

Swap winter for white sandy beaches and head off to the Caribbean, starting in Miami on the EUROPA 2.

Sun, 21.12.2014

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 22.12.2014

Grand Turk/Turks and Caicos Islands/Great Britain, 12.00 – 0.00 hrs

After a relaxing day at sea, Grand Turk welcomes you with easy-going cheeriness Secluded sandbanks, the turquoise-coloured sea and pristine coral reefs make the island a popular meeting point for divers and snorkellers. Swimming with stingrays* on Gibby Cay Island - a phantastic event for the whole family or experiencing a colourful underwater world by taking a trip on a semi-submarine*. Travelling off-road on an all-terrain vehicle from coast to coast* offers views from on shore that are well worth seeing.

Tue, 23.12.2014

Relaxation at sea

Wed, 24.12.2014

Jost Van Dyke/British Virgin Islands/Great Britain , 8.00 – 17.30 hrs

On Jost Van Dyke, get in the mood for Christmas Eve. Take a stroll in the morning along the fine sandy beach and enjoy a drink at Foxy’s, a legendary bar among globetrotters. In the evening, take part in festive celebrations on board. A heavenly Christmas Day is also provided at  Saint-Barthelemy.

Thu, 25.12.2014

Gustavia/Saint-Barthelemy/Leeward Islands/France , 8.00 – 18.00 hrs

The picturesque capital city of Gustavia provides you with a panoramic view of the idyllic isle on a tour*, or enjoy the gentle sea breeze on an exclusive sailing trip*.

Fri, 26.12.2014

Grand-Bourg/Marie-Galante/Lesser Antilles/Guadeloupe , 8.00 – 18.00 hrs

On Boxing Day, you are welcomed by Grand-Bourg. Since its discovery by Columbus and the French settlement, life here is dominated by rum, which is shown by its traditional distilleries and old windmills.

Sat, 27.12.2014

Port Elizabeth/Bequia/St Vincent/St Vincent and the Grenadines , 8.00 – 18.00 hrs

Far away from everyday life is Port Elizabeth. Design your own day, either in the shade of the coconut trees or hiking the surrounding hill – the view over Admiralty Bay makes the climb worthwhile.

Sun, 28.12.2014

Portsmouth/Dominica, 8.00 – 19.00 hrs

Enter the Garden of Eden with picturesque waterfalls and a fascinating animal kingdom the following day in Portsmouth, Dominica. On a rowing boat, float through the mangroves of the Indian River*, or take a walk* through the primary rainforest - with a little luck you discover some native birds. Alternatively treat yourself to a refreshing dip in the Emerald Pool* and enjoy a spectacular view of the waterfall, which gushes into the hidden natural pool.

Mon, 29.12.2014

St John’s/Antigua/Antigua and Barbuda, 7.00 – 13.00 hrs

Antigua welcomes you with palm-fringed sandy beaches and charming bays. Take a scenic trip* from St John’s, or set off on a kayaking trip around the mangroves*. Explore the island beyond familiar routes in off-road vehicles* - an exciting adventure for the entire familiy. An unforgettable experience is the helicopter flight over Montserrat*: steam clouds and lava fields give you an idea of the powerful force of the earth’s interior.

Tue, 30.12.2014

Sandy Ground Village/Anguilla/Lesser Antilles/Great Britain , 8.00 – 17.00 hrs

Pure relaxation awaits you the following morning in Sandy Ground Village, which you explore yourself – whether snorkelling or on a stroll along the beach.

Wed, 31.12.2014

San Juan/Puerto Rico/USA, 7.00 – 18.00 hrs

The last day of the year belongs to San Juan in Puerto Rico. There is still a colonial character blowing through the winding old town*, and the mighty walls of the Fort San Cristobal are reminiscent of the Spanish rulers. The natural world is also imposing. Huge ferns and wild orchids, the rushing of the waterfalls and the song of numerous bird species transform the El Yunque rainforest* into a fairy-tale world that you can enjoy before celebrating the turn of the year on board in the evening.


CHILDRENS EXCURSION: We are exploring San Juan* - probably the most beautiful town in the Carribean! Enjoy fantastic views from the fort El Morro onto winding streets and colourful colonial houses.

Thu, 01.01.2015
- Fri, 02.01.2015

Relaxation at sea

Sat, 03.01.2015

Transfer to the scheduled flight to Germany

At the start of the new year you return to Miami – carrying unforgettable new memories.

Sun, 04.01.2015

Arrival in Germany

*? These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore excursions listed here are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

= at anchor

Please note that our pre- and post-cruise programmes are conducted in German.
For individual programmes kindly consult your travel agent.

Following programmes we offer in German:



Family cruise


islands that look like paradise await you with unforgettable festive

days in the Caribbean. Enjoy the sun on fine sandy beaches, dream under

the shade of palm trees and cool down in the turquoise-coloured ocean.

At Christmas, the chic Saint-Barthelemy comes out in a festive mood, and

on Puerto Rico, the Latin American spirit gets you in the mood for the

turn of the year. A different kind of winter dream.

Details on the children’s, teen and family excursions can be found in the itinerary under the respective port.