On board MS EUROPA from Limassol to Dubai

Oriental winter magic

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Escape from the grey winter days back home and experience the world of the Arabian Nights up close. Marvel at the rock-hewn city of Petra in Jordan, and whilst in Oman you will be treated to more magical moments on the Arabian Peninsula: Sultan’s palaces, magnificent mosques and unique landscapes promise some unforgettable impressions. Set out by jeep to see deserts, oases and bizarre mountain landscapes or be enticed into the medinas by the scent of frankincense.

from Limassol to Dubai

Cruise dates:from 18.11.2015 to 03.12.2015 (15 days)
Your ship: MS EUROPA
Cruise number: EUR1525

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.

Highlights of this cruise

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Ruins of Paphos* and the rock-hewn city of Petra*
  • Daytime passage through the Suez Canal
  • Intensive exploration of the Sultanate of Oman
  • Symposium at Sea – the floating university
  • As beautiful as Cleopatra – lifestyle and beauty on board




Wed, 18.11.2015

Flight from Frankfurt** to Larnaca
Transfer to Limassol for embarkation on the EUROPA
Limassol/Cyprus, departure 23.00 hrs

Enjoy “Cyprus – the island of the gods” on our pre-cruise programme*.

Thu, 19.11.2015

Relaxation at sea

Fri, 20.11.2015

Daytime passage through the Suez Canal

Daytime passage through the Suez Canal/Egypt
The legendary sea passage linking the Arabian world to the Mediterranean opened back in 1869. Enjoy an unforgettable seafaring experience from the front row at the railing of the EUROPA

Sat, 21.11.2015

Safaga, 08.00 – 19.00 hrs

Sun, 22.11.2015
- Mon, 23.11.2015

Aqaba, 8.00 – 19.00 hrs

Approach one of the greatest sights in the desert landscape of the Middle East: the legendary rock-hewn city of Petra* lies hidden behind a deep gorge. The enormous temple building and tombs were hewn straight out of the red sandstone by the Nabataeans more than 2,000 years ago. You can find desert romance on a jeep trip through the Wadi Rum*, which still today is home to the Bedouins.

Tue, 24.11.2015

Sharm el Sheikh, 6.00 - 1700 hrs

Sharm el Sheikh/Egypt
Follow the trail of the Bible on the Sinai Peninsula: At the foot of Mount Sinai lies Saint Catherine’s Monastery*, one of the oldest monasteries in the Christian world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Colourful strata running through the rock and dried up riverbeds form the impressive Coloured Canyon*, which is the destination on an exciting jeep trip. The bicycle tour through the Nabq National Park* will take you along dunes, past bizarre rock formations and through mangrove forests. With a bit of luck, you might spot Nubian ibex, falcons or storks. You can see an even wider diversity of species in Egypt’s famous underwater world: snorkelling in Ras Mohammed National Park*.

Wed, 25.11.2015
- Sat, 28.11.2015

Relaxation at sea

Sun, 29.11.2015

Salalah/Oman, 10.00 – 17.00 hrs

Welcome to the Sultanate of Oman, which promises fairy-tale holiday experiences with its oriental souks and spectacular rock and desert landscapes. The scent of frankincense is part of the Ottoman impressions in and around Salalah*. Learn how the precious resin is harvested from the bark of trees and visit the tomb* of Nabi Ayoub, known in the Christian world as Job, in the mountains. Pure relaxation is on offer on a trip to a hotel beach*.

Mon, 30.11.2015

Relaxation at sea

Tue, 01.12.2015

Muscat, 8.00 – 18.00 hrs

By the 18th and 19th centuries, the capital of Oman had already become a wealthy centre of commerce and the white houses of the tradesmen today adorn the historic district of Muttrah with its vibrant souk*. The enormous Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque* was a gift from the Sultan to his people and it is also open to non-Muslims. An off-road* trip thought the Sultanate will open up some new perspectives with barren mountain scenery and flourishing oases. Or why not swap the EUROPA for a catamaran* and sail along the picturesque Arabian coastline. With a bit of luck, you may even be accompanied by some dolphins.

Wed, 02.12.2015

Dubai/United Arab Emirates, arrival 14.30 hrs
Overnight stay on board

Dubai/United Arab Emirates
To round off your cruise, you will enjoy the views of glistening skyscrapers and a romantic dinner in a desert camp* amidst the sand dunes. After one last night on board, it will be time to begin your journey home. Alternatively, our post-cruise programme* “Dubai – boom town in the desert” promises further discoveries between the desert and the skyscrapers.

Thu, 03.12.2015

Transfer to scheduled flight to Germany

*     The shore excursions are not covered by the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.
**   Depending on the flight schedule, a change to the travel arrangements to the cruise departure point may be necessary.
*** Disembarkation/embarkation for day excursions.

= at anchor

Please note that our pre- and post-cruise programmes are conducted in German.
For individual programmes kindly consult your travel agent.

Following programmes we offer in German:






Symposium at Sea

Symposium at Sea is a contemporary series of lectures bringing together experts from the worlds of economics, business, politics and culture on selected cruises on board the EUROPA to discuss some interesting current topics with you. Attend fascinating lectures given by the experts, expand your mind with some background knowledge and enjoy lively discussions with well-known personalities.

Symposium at Sea