On board MS EUROPA from La Guaira to Santiago de Chile

To the Inca Kingdom of Heaven

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A passage through Central America on the most important waterway in the world will take you to Panama City on the Pacific coast. The city's modern skyline and colonial centre come together to form a splendid contrast. The legacy left behind by the Inca in Peru is truly stunning - the highlight being the ruins of Machu Picchu at 2400 m above sea level. Chile, meanwhile, has plenty to offer as a natural paradise for expeditions.

from La Guaira to Santiago de Chile

Cruise dates:from 04.11.2014 to 20.11.2014 (17 days)
Your ship: MS EUROPA
Cruise number: EUR1423

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.

Highlights of this cruise

Highlights of your cruise:

  • UNESCO World Heritage sites: The port and centre of Willemstad*, the historic centres of Panama City*, Lima* and Arequipa*, the ruins of Chan Chan*, Cuzco* and the Inca fortress city of Machu Picchu*
  • Jeunes Restaurateurs on board
  • New ports: Panama, Isla de la Plata/Ecuador, Matarani/Peru, Isla Damas/Chile

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore activities listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes.


Tue, 04.11.2014

Scheduled flight Germany – Caracas
Transfer to embarkation on the EUROPA
La Guaira (Caracas)/Venezuela, 21.00 hrs departure

La Guaira (Caracas)/Venezuela
Join us on board in South America for a varied experience betwen the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Wed, 05.11.2014

Willemstad, 8.00 – 13.00 hrs

Willemstad/Curaçao/Netherlands Antilles/Netherlands
The Dutch hoisted their flag over this magical island back in the 17th century and still today, you will feel like you are in Little Holland on a walk* through Willemstad. The district of Punda with its canals and pastel coloured houses, colourful market and the old Fort Amsterdam is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The best of Caribbean charm awaits at the Cas Abao beach*.

Thu, 06.11.2014

Relaxation at sea

Fri, 07.11.2014

Daytime transit through the Panama Canal
Panama, evening arrival

Daytime transit through the Panama Canal
Cross through Central America: The Panama Canal will lead the EUROPA from the Atlantic to the Pacific, giving you the chance to enjoy a very special seafaring experience.

At the southern entrance to the Panama Canal lies the country's modern capital city.  Yet Panama's past is just as enchanting - Panama's historic centre, Casco Viejo*, with its pretty colonial architecture is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Parque Natural Metropolitan* with its rich variety of exotic flora and fauna is a piece of nature within the city. Here you can see sloths, iguanas and spider monkeys.

Sat, 08.11.2014

Panama, 17.00 hrs departure

Sun, 09.11.2014

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 10.11.2014

Isla de la Plata, 8.00 – 17.00 hrs

Isla de la Plata/Ecuador
20 km off the coast lies "Little Galapagos" – a desert-like rocky island, which is a haven for wildlife, making it ideal for an expedition-type landing. Rangers will take you to explore the Machalilla National Park* and with luck you will see blue-footed boobies, albatross, parrots, howler monkeys, anteaters and seals.

Tue, 11.11.2014

Relaxation at sea

Wed, 12.11.2014

Salaverry, 7.00 – 14.00 hrs

The area around the port and nearby Trujillo was once home to the Chimú people. Their legacy includes the restored Huaca Dragon temple* and Chan Chan* – probably the largest mud city in the world. Conquered by the Incas in the 15th century, the UNESCO World Heritage site provides insights into a pre-Columbian city which was home to up to 100,000 people. The Pyramids of the Sun and Moon* on the banks of the Rio Moche are also a legacy of the Chimú era. Even though the moon was worshipped more than the sun, the "Huaca del Sol" is clearly the taller of the two.

Thu, 13.11.2014

Callao (Lima), 7.30 – 20.00 hrs

Callao (Lima)/Peru
Your route will lead you from the largest trading port in South America into the ancient kingdom of the Incas. Visit the sacred ruins of Pachacamac* with its palaces, temples and pyramid. The impressive Larco Herrera museum* will take you even deeper into the country's history.  An overland excursion* will take you by airplane to Cuzco*, the former capital of the Inca empire. From there, you can visit a place that is still shrouded in mystery to this day - the Inca settlement of Machu Picchu* has long been a legend and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The temples and palaces are an unforgettable sight at 2,400 m above sea level. The Conquistadors never discovered Machu Picchu, but they made Lima* the capital of the Spanish colonial empire in South America. The historic centre of this vast city, with its churches and monasteries, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Fri, 14.11.2014

Paracas (Pisco) 7.00 – 17.00 hrs

Paracas (Pisco)/Peru
Depart from Paracas on a flight over the mystical lines of Nazca*, which are over 2,000 years old. To the present day, there are different theories concerning the origin of the monumental animal images and geometric figures which can only be seen completely from the air. The animal paradise Islas Ballestas* is similarly impressive, and its abundance of species including fur seals, sea lions, Peruvian boobies and Inca swallows will bid you a dazzling farewell.

Sat, 15.11.2014

Matarani, 17.00 – 18.00 hrs

Sun, 16.11.2014

Arica, 6.00 – 18.00 hrs

The "city of the eternal spring" is right in the north of Chile. Arica* is one of the oldest settlements in the country and boasts some very famous architecture - the San Marcos cathedral, built in 1875, was designed by Gustave Eiffel. The Azapa Valley* is a farming area in the middle of the desert. It is also famous for its earth drawings known as geoglyphs. To discover the natural landscape of northern Chile, visit the Lauca National Park*. Your tour will take you past the Aymara Indians' herds of llama and alpaca up to the highest volcanic lake in the world,  Lago Chungara. In good weather, the majestic Parinacota is reflected in the lake - an idyllic sight to behold.

Mon, 17.11.2014

Relaxation at sea

Tue, 18.11.2014

Isla Damas, 9.00 – 14.00 hrs

Isla Damas/Chile
This tiny island with its pristine white beaches is a National Park with restricted access.  With luck, you might see Humboldt penguins, turkey vultures, cormorants and pelicans on your exciting Zodiac trip along the coastline.

Wed, 19.11.2014

Valparaiso, 6.00 hrs arrival
Transfer to Santiago for scheduled flight to Germany

Today you will leave the EUROPA to begin your journey home – or stay a while longer and get a taste for Santiago and Chilean wines on our post-cruise programme*.

Thu, 20.11.2014

Arrival in Germany

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore activities listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes.

= at anchor
= Zodiac landing

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Gourmet - Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe

Indulge yourself with some very special creations, when top young chefs prepare select delicacies for you on board.