Current information

As of 28 February 2022

+++We are following the recent events in Ukraine with great sympathy and concern. We are very proud that the international crew members on board the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet work peacefully together. Of course, we are supporting the crew members from the Ukraine during this time and our thoughts are with their families. As a consequence of current events, we have decided to adjust the routing of our ships and the private jet ALBERT BALLIN. This has already happened for the HANSEATIC inspiration. The originally planned trips to the Russian Far East have been cancelled. Instead, from April onwards the expedition ship will head to destinations in the polar regions of Norway, Iceland and Greenland. We are currently finalizing the adjustment of the four calls in St. Petersburg planned for this year by the luxury ships, the EUROPA and the EUROPA 2. The same applies to our world tour with the private jet ALBERT BALLIN, which was originally supposed to stop in Moscow. Of course, we will inform our booked guests and partners as soon as the new timetables are fixed.+++

As of 3 February 2022

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises - Important information about booster vaccinations

Since the autumn of last year, full vaccination protection against Covid-19 has been a requirement for guests (currently 12 years and older) and crew members alike for traveling on board the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet.

From mid-February, the following also applies: for all persons over the age of 18 (as of June 1, 2022 aged 12 years and older), a booster vaccination is a prerequisite for travel, provided that the basic immunization against Covid-19 was more than 3 months ago. This is done in order to further increase the safety for passengers and crew and based on the current vaccination recommendation of the German STIKO, which recommends a booster vaccination after 3 months. (Different regulations may apply to individual cruises, about which we will inform the guests concerned in good time).

Specifically, the implementation takes place from the following trips and applies until further notice:

EUROPA 2: As of cruise EUX2234, 14.02. - 28.02.2022
HANSEATIC spirit: As of cruise SPI2234, 19.02. - 06.03.2022
HANSEATIC nature: As of cruise NAT2204, 19.02. - 08.03.2022
HANSEATIC inspiration: As of cruise INS2231, 24.02. - 16.03.2022
EUROPA: As of cruise EUR2235, 24.02. - 09.03.2022
Privatjet ALBERT BALLIN: As of journey HKF2200, 26.3. - 14.4.2022

Complete vaccination protection AND booster vaccination must be shown upon embarkation in the vaccination certificate and in the digital vaccination certificate. We therefore recommend that our guests arrange a booster vaccination appointment in good time and have a new digital certificate issued. Please understand that failure to meet this requirement will lead to the termination of the cruise contract and embarkation will not be possible. Proof of recovery without additional proof of vaccination is not sufficient.

We therefore ask our guests to check their vaccination status in good time for the booked trip:

  1. Either: Their completed full vaccination / second vaccination was at least 14 full days and a maximum of 3 months ago at the time of embarkation. Then they do not need a booster vaccination to travel with us.
  2. Or: If this was more than 3 months ago, proof of a booster vaccination must be provided at the time of embarkation.
  3. The vaccines from BionTech / Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson* are still approved. 

Our cruises are carried out within the framework of a prevention and hygiene concept, which implements the respective local and international regulations for cruises applicable at the current time of travel and forms the basis for the approval of route planning. Depending on the area of travel, the specifications are different and can also change at short notice. They concern, among other things, test measures, age limits or deadlines with regard to vaccination requirements, distance regulations and the wearing of masks in certain areas. Guests receive the latest information with their travel documents.

* Please note: Guests who have been vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine now also need second vaccination in order to go on a cruise with us, namely with an mRNA vaccine (Moderna, BionTech/Pfizer), no older than maximum 3 months at the time of embarkation. If the second vaccination was more than 3 months ago, a further booster vaccination with an mRNA vaccine is necessary.

Questions and answers

Due to the current situation a travel warning has been issued by the German Federal Foreign Office for all travel outside of Germany until the middle of June. It is for this reason that travel restrictions are to be expected until further notice. This has implications for planned cruise ship routes and travel in general.

We will of course notify all guests booked on our cruises and our travel agency partners without delay in the case of changes to routes or cancellations.

In principle, we continue to monitor the development of the situation closely and are constantly weighing up whether we can carry out upcoming cruises as planned. However, the latest developments and additional factors also need to be taken into account on an ongoing basis. This means that there may be cruise cancellations - even at short notice. The operational management for cruise cancellations also takes a certain amount of time and preparation.

Our guests who have been affected by the current cruise cancellations can benefit from very attractive discounts of between 10 % and 25 % on their new cruise (until the end of September 2021) if they change their booking. As our itineraries are published well in advance, there are good chances of being able to find the original cruise route again in 2021.

Recommencing cruise operations – preventive and hygiene measures

We are in constant communication with the relevant health, port and safety authorities at all times. The main prerequisites for restarting our operations are the withdrawal of the travel warning by the German Federal Foreign Office, the easing of entry requirements in the cruising areas and reliable flight operations. The safety and well-being of our guests and crew continues to be our top priority.

Operational measures are being developed, taking into account the latest official requirements and recommendations from health organisations. The circumstances at the time when cruises resume will of course be ultimately key to these decisions. The safety and well-being of our guests and crew continues to be our top priority.

The Hapag-Lloyd Cruises luxury and expedition ships are very small with passenger capacities from 140 up to a maximum of 500 guests and are essentially characterised by an almost unrivalled amount of space per guest on board. This is a significant advantage when implementing the necessary distancing rules as a key preventive measure.

Yes, it goes without saying that all conceivable scenarios relating to the resumption of cruises also involve the relevant safety, preventive and hygiene measures, as the safety and well-being of our guests, partners and crew members is always our top priority. The strictest hygiene regulations and continuous controls have always been a matter of course on board all Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ships.

The checks at the present time are very wide-ranging and are looking, for example, at scenarios for the embarkation and disembarkation process, stays and life on board the ships and associated routing systems, special cleaning of suites and public areas in accordance with disinfection standards, medical care on board and concepts for going ashore. The Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet will also be equipped with a mobile laboratory (QIAstat-Dx), which will enable viral illnesses to be detected on an ad hoc basis (including COVID-19 and norovirus). All ships will also be provided with thermal imaging cameras. These will be used to measure the body temperature of everyone who boards the ship and so enable a fever to be detected immediately, for example.


Your personal cruise credit at Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

We have temporarily and exclusively introduced cruise credit for cruises cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis. Personal cruise credit can be used as payment for your next cruise booked with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. Cruise credit is made up of payments already made on cancelled cruises.

By accepting cruise credit, you help not only us, but also our partners - that includes your personal contact partner in travel agencies and all those who work with great enthusiasm with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises in many countries across the world. You benefit, too! As a thank you, you will receive on-board credit to the amount of 3 % of the cruise-only price of a future cruise.

The credit will be transferred to your customer account with us. We will gladly send you written confirmation of this upon request.

No. Your personal cruise credit will automatically be available to you.

Your personal cruise credit will be available to use for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises bookings made by 31 December 2021. The credit will be refunded after this time. The booked cruise can start after this period however (for example in January or March 2022).

 If you have more cruise credit than you need for a particular cruise, you can of course use it for further cruises. 

Yes. All cruise credit is assigned to your customer number and will be offset accordingly for bookings under this customer number.

Credit can gladly be transferred to another person. Please write to us if you would like us to do so. Of course, guests on the new booking can vary.

Yes. Your cruise credit can be offset against any outstanding payments.

According to the German federal government, yes. Cruise price insurance for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is in line with statutory requirements and is also boosted by the TUI Group.

Please contact us by email at, indicating your booking reference, client number and bank details. From the time mentioned in our letter to you, we start with the reimbursement of the canceled trips in chronological order. 

Yes. We are a strategically and operationally solid and healthy company. Before the crisis, we were highly successful and will be again after the crisis. We are part of the TUI Group. The confirmation of a KfW bridging loan of over 1.8 billion euros is a further important step for the entire group and for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises in order to successfully navigate the current unprecedented situation. We are crisis-proof, which is a huge benefit to us right now. As a loyal and long-standing customer, you can continue to count on us.