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The ships are equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioning. Please do not leave the balcony doors of your cabin/suite open in the tropics as this will cause the air conditioning to fail.

To create the full expedition experience, commentaries are provided for interesting passages during the cruise and special animal sightings are reported. The ship’s position is reported in the morning on days at sea. We will also announce via the loudspeakers when the local authorities have cleared the ship and we can go ashore. The volume can be controlled individually in each cabin/suite.

We would be delighted to welcome you to the bar in the Observation Lounge on Deck 8, at the neighbouring pool bar (depending on the weather) and in the HanseAtrium (only open in the evening) on Deck 4.

A bathrobe, slippers and bamboo flip-flops are provided in the cabin/suite for each guest.

All cabins and suites have a double bed that we can also separate to make two single beds (90 x 200 cm/2.95 x 6.56 ft) should you desire. Please inform us of your preference in good time prior to departure. The lying surface ranges from approximately 100 x 210 cm/3.28 x 8.88 ft (Grand Suite) to 100 x 200 cm/3.28 x 6.56 ft (Junior Suite) or 90 x 200 cm/2.95 x 6.56 ft (Outside Cabin, Panoramic Cabin, French Balcony Cabin and Balcony Cabin). All Grand Suites and Junior Suites also have a sofa bed (90 x 200 cm/2.95 x 6.56 ft).

Find a stylish souvenir for yourself or for others and browse through the varied product range in our on-board boutique (Deck 4, behind the HanseAtrium). Alongside fashion, jewellery, perfume and accessories, you will also find practical everyday items.

Due to its exceptional importance as the control centre for nautical and technical processes, the bridge is a highly sensitive area. For this reason and in accordance with international regulations, it is not open to the public. However, we would like to give you the opportunity to visit the bridge unless prevented by nautical interests or the local regulations of the coastal regions we are passing. All guests on board may visit the bridge in consultation with the duty officer. The chief mate will be happy to answer your questions about the itinerary, the ship’s course, the ship’s position, etc.

Our guests in the Junior Suites and Grand Suites have a personal butler at their service to carry out wishes, large or small. The butler will unpack and pack your luggage, serve meals and beverages in your suite, iron your clothes and take care of much more.

If you would prefer separate bedrooms, there are Balcony Cabins on Decks 6 and 7  with a connecting door to the neighbouring cabin/suite (cabin numbers 609/611, 608/610, additionally cabin numbers 646/648, 647/649, 734/736 and 735/737 on board HANSEATIC nature and HANSEATIC inspiration). 

A wide range of breakfast options and a selection of meals are available from the 24-hour cabin service (further information can be found in your cabin folder). If you would like to enjoy a cup of coffee, you’ll find a coffee machine in your cabin/suite.

a) On board
On an expedition cruise, everything revolves around experiencing the natural world and there is a casual and relaxed atmosphere of exploration. Enjoy it as you wish, but in the interests of all guests, please do not wear swimwear in the restaurants, bars and lounges. The general rule for dinner in the evening is smart casual, which means that jackets and long trousers are preferable in the HANSEATIC Restaurant and speciality restaurant. We recommend casual clothing for the Lido Restaurant in the evening. Jackets and ties are recommended for the welcome evening and farewell evening, but are not compulsory.

b) Ashore
When you go ashore, you should wear comfortable and practical clothes to suit the particular cruising area. Sturdy, flat shoes are essential – both for on board the ship and when you are ashore. In order to protect yourself from spray when on board the Zodiac, please take waterproof trousers or overtrousers without Velcro if possible with you (especially for expeditions in the polar regions, we recommend avoiding clothing with Velcro as to ensure that flora and fauna are not carried into regions where they are not indigenous). A protective waterproof bag is useful for your smartphone/camera equipment. For routes in warm waters, please remember to bring enclosed, sturdy beach shoes or waterproof trekking sandals that allow you to walk well and safely. These are also essential for the Zodiacs.

The private use of drones is not permitted on board our expedition ships. This applies during the cruise and during lay times in port, as well as at landing points in remote regions. In polar regions like the Arctic and Antarctic, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises places great value on respecting international agreements to protect sensitive natural environments and the animal kingdom in particular. The private use of drones is therefore also strictly prohibited ashore in these regions. In other regions of the world, approval for the use of drones ashore must be explicitly granted by the relevant authorities. These applications must be made by the passengers individually and without any intervention by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. As well as a drone licence, which users must acquire in their country of origin, the relevant approval must be available for presentation at all times. Please take these instructions seriously, since passengers who are in breach of these regulations and licensing requirements will be liable to prosecution.

We will set you up with a free personal email account for the duration of your cruise and you can also access this on your personal mobile device or the loaned tablet. Your personal email address can be found on your booking confirmation.

The general email address for the ship is:

This service depends on satellites and cannot always be guaranteed due to the weather and the ship’s position, in particular in extremely northerly and southerly cruising areas. In extreme regions, such as the Northeast/Northwest Passage, the Arctic and Antarctica, the Internet, e-mail and telephone service may not be available on a daily basis due to satellite positioning.

You will receive the final embarkation and disembarkation times with your travel documents.

Individual arrival and departure
When making your own travel arrangements to the cruise departure and from the cruise arrival point, please take into account the arrival and/or departure times of the ship and allow sufficient time for transfers to and from the port. We recommend that you arrive at the pier at least two hours before the ship is due to depart. Departure from the pier can be scheduled for 90 minutes after the arrival of the ship and indication of official approval at the earliest. Please be aware that regulations vary from port to port, and there may sometimes be unexpected delays. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises accepts no liability in this respect.

Information on arrival and departure Bremerhaven, Hamburg or Travemunde bus transfers
For cruises starting or ending in Bremerhaven, the bus transfers to/from Bremen airport and to/from Bremen main station are included. For cruises starting or ending in Hamburg or Travemunde, the bus transfers to/from Hamburg airport and to/from Hamburg main station are included. You will receive more detailed information approximately three months prior to departure.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises charter flights
You will receive detailed information, such as the airport of departure and arrival and the flight times, as soon as the operating airline has confirmed your flight with us.

We are taking responsibility today to ensure that future generations of explorers will also be able to marvel at the wonders of the world. Our sustainable approach includes the equipment for the new expedition class and efficient management of resources. Here you will get further information.

We also cooperate with the climate protection organisation atmosfair to offer our guests the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions generated by their cruise. Please click here for further information.

If required for the cruising area and shore excursion, rubber boots will be available for loan on board in sizes 33 to 50 (approx. 1 to 14.5 in UK sizes). On expeditions in extremely cold regions, we will provide a warm parka on loan for the duration of the cruise in sizes XS to XXXL. You can also borrow snorkelling equipment, stand-up paddle boards, fishing rods, snowshoes and kayaks (kayaks are subject to a charge) on board. In each cabin/suite you will find a set of Nordic Walking poles and binoculars from SWAROVSKI OPTIK. You will also find a practical rucksack in your cabin/suite - feel free to take it home with you after your cruise.

Every cruise is accompanied by experts who will be happy to answer your questions on the cruising area. They will share their in-depth knowledge of your destinations in fascinating talks, images and presentations, discussions and personal conversations. Our experts will also accompany you on Zodiac landings and included walks and hikes. Talks will be held live in the HanseAtrium. The live broadcast and recordings can be viewed in every cabin/suite.

See "Knowlege on board" for further information. 

The Sports Club on Deck 8 offers exercise equipment and a separate course room for group training – both with a fabulous ocean view. Our fitness coach will provide you with targeted instruction and keep you fit with a varied programme (personal training subject to an additional charge).

If you have not already informed us in your booking that you have a food intolerance/allergy or are vegetarian/ vegan, please let us know at short notice. The logistics and supply processes for a ship are highly challenging and may be limited – in particular in remote and extreme areas. It is therefore important that you provide us with this information as soon as possible. If you do not, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee that we can meet your requirements.

The Terms and Conditions of Travel of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, a TUI Cruises GmbH company, apply to all cruises mentioned. All information was correct at the time of printing the catalogue HANSEATIC inspiration - the new expedition class (November 2020 - September 2022). It replaces all previous publications and may be subject to changes. The booking confirmation from Hapag-Lloyd Cruises defines terms and prices. Please also note: Here you can view the EU regulations concerning the rights of passengers travelling by sea.

On the whole, cruises on the HANSEATIC nature, HANSEATIC inspiration and HANSEATIC spirit are not suitable for guests with limited mobility. Please note that a large number of our planned Zodiac landings and shore activities require a high level of physical fitness; depending on the conditions, we can only guarantee participation for guests with no mobility restrictions. The ships have one cabin with fully accessible layout and equipment (cabin 404). We nevertheless highly recommend that you travel together with a responsible companion because, due to special procedures on board a ship, continuous attendance is not possible. Certain groups of people can only be accommodated if they are accompanied. Please bring your own standard-size wheelchair or any other medical equipment with you if you are dependent upon it. Unfortunately, electric wheelchairs and guide dogs cannot be brought on board. Please note that participating in shore activities and going out in the Zodiacs (subject to weather conditions) may not be possible for guests with physical limitations. We reserve the right to restrict participation in group activities to guests who can manage the entire activity without problem and without external assistance. Unfortunately, guests who are dependent on a wheelchair cannot travel in the Zodiacs. Whether or not guests can go ashore by tender boat (when the ships are at anchor) is also dependent on the weather and cannot always be guaranteed. To ensure that you experience a relaxing cruise where everything goes smoothly, before booking please provide us with details of your physical impairment and enquire as to whether we can meet your individual needs.

In accordance with international safety regulations, in order to prevent the risk of fire, items that generate heat or produce a naked flame must not be used on board. Such items include clothes irons, curling tongs, straightening irons, candles, kettles, immersion heaters and others. The hairdryer in your cabin is of course exempt from this rule.

The health and safety of guests and crew members is always the highest priority for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. Appropriate safety, prevention and hygiene measures are therefore a matter of course on board all Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ships. Qualified medical personnel are present on every cruise. The very well-equipped ship's hospital has a laboratory that can also be used to detect viral diseases. The high OPP Level 3 hygiene status automatically applies in the event of an infection. This includes even more intensive cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces.

For further information, please click here

Your personal mobile device will give you direct Internet access in your cabin/suite and throughout the ship. If necessary, you are welcome to borrow a tablet from Reception at no charge (limited availability, advance reservation not possible). Internet usage is free of charge for one hour per guest per day.

This service depends on satellites and cannot always be guaranteed due to the weather and the ship’s position, in particular in extremely northerly and southerly cruising areas. In extreme regions, such as the Northeast/Northwest Passage, the Arctic and Antarctica, the Internet, e-mail and telephone service may not be available on a daily basis due to satellite positioning.

Despite the most careful planning, the itinerary may have to be changed for technical reasons or due to unforeseeable events outside our control. These include official authorisation and the local weather and ice conditions. Any changes made will be in the interests of your safety. The weather and ice conditions may also make it difficult or impossible to land in the Zodiacs. In such cases, the ship management will always strive to offer the best possible alternative.

You won’t find a classic cruise ship entertainment programme on board our expedition ships. These ships focus on nature. The new expedition classstand for a combination of expedition ship, a place of learning and a research station – and your high-calibre team of experts is always there to help.

The multifunctional lounge on Deck 4 features state-of the-art presentation technology and is ideal for expert presentations and in-depth precaps and recaps. In the evening, the bar is the perfect place for a relaxed chat with like-minded people.  

Ocean Academy
The Ocean Academy on Deck 8 is the ideal place to find out interesting details through independent study. The large Study Wall, reading chairs with swivel touchscreens and an interactive Study Poster provide fascinating information on a wide range of disciplines at all times. Binocular microscopes will also allow you to delve deep into the wonders of our planet.

Deck tour at the bow
The nature or inspiration Walk at the bow on Deck 6 puts you in the front row for wildlife sightings.

Glass balconies
Two extendible glass balconies provide a unique feeling of floating above the ocean on Deck 8.

Observation Deck and Lounge
The terraced Observation Deck (Deck 9) offers the best views as well as permanently mounted binoculars. Located one level lower, the Observation Lounge with its library (Deck 8) brings the excitement indoors with a 180-degree panoramic view.

There a laundry, dry cleaning and ironing service on board (subject to a charge).

Looking for some holiday reading? You are welcome to borrow a book on board at any time. Our library is located in the Observation Lounge (Deck 8) and is stocked with a selection of the latest fiction books, travel literature and information about the cruising area. Please return the book to the library once you have finished reading it or at the end of the cruise.

The various decks are connected by two lifts. Deck 9 and the marina are only accessible on foot.

The marina on Deck 3 is the starting point for a wide range of activities. Depending on the weather, you will head out from here in our Zodiacs or use the marina as a convenient base for various water sports activities such as tours with kayaks (subject to a surcharge) and standup paddle boards.

The on-board currency is the euro. An account will be set up for you so that you can make cashless payments during the cruise. You can find out your current account balance at any time using the infotainment system in your cabin/suite. You can then settle the entire account at Reception at the end of your cruise. We accept German EC/Maestro cards and the following credit cards: Mastercard, American Express and Visa. You can also pay in cash. Please note that, in general, foreign currencies cannot be changed on board.

All three ships have a modern, well-equipped ship's hospital (Deck 3) under the supervision of an experienced ship's doctor. Guests who are being treated for any medical condition should contact the ship's doctor directly after embarkation. It is important to bring any medications you require on board with you in your hand luggage (in a quantity that is sufficient for the entire duration of the cruise). In the case of an accident caused by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises or its staff members either on board or during a shore activity organised by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, treatment is provided free of charge. Treatment for seasickness is subject to a charge if you make use of our medical services. We offer thrombosis prevention medication on board if required (subject to a charge). A fee is charged for medical treatment based on the valid German medical fee schedule (GOA). The costs for any treatment or medication will be charged to your on-board account. At the end of the cruise, you will receive a separate invoice to submit to your health insurance provider.

Soft drinks are available free of charge from the mini bar in your cabin/suite and are restocked daily. In the Junior Suites and Grand Suites, you can also enjoy a selection of fine spirits free of charge. If you have any further drinks requests, please contact your cabin stewardess. The costs will be charged via your on-board account.

Depending on the satellite reception, you will receive a small printed newspaper each day with the most important news from around the world. Via the infotainment system you can load various international daily newspapers and magazines onto you mobile device (service subject to charge, also dependent on satellite reception).

It’s easy to take those unforgettable moments home with you: we have a professional photographer and a videographer on board to capture your cruise in pictures and videos. Simply visit the photography and film service (Deck 4), where you will also find various services and products for your own pictures and videos (subject to a charge).

The spacious pool area on Deck 8 includes a heated swimming pool, water loungers, a whirlpool and a bar. Plenty of deckchairs, sunloungers, towels and blankets are provided. A canopy means that the entire pool area can be used whatever the weather.

The Reception staff will post your postcards and letters from all ports where this facility is available. Your onboard account will be debited with the appropriate charges.

What can I look forward to tomorrow? Each evening, you can find the programme for the following day in your cabin/suite and in the infotainment system.

Treat yourself to a meal in one of the three spacious restaurants with various culinary themes. The opening times are tailored to the excursions and landings that take place and therefore vary from day to day. Please refer to the programme of the day for details. The current evening menus are available in the infotainment system.

HANSEATIC Restaurant

  • Main restaurant with 180 seats (Deck 4) 
  • Breakfast and lunch buffet, dinner a la carte (different menus every day)
  • Free choice of table

Lido Restaurant

  • Restaurant with 84 indoor and 110 outdoor seats (Deck 5)
  • Breakfast, lunch and evening buffet 
  • Open show kitchen and outdoor barbecue
  • Free choice of table

Speciality restaurant

  • Speciality restaurant with 44 seats (Deck 4)  
  • Dinner a la carte 
  • HANSEATIC nature: North American 
  • HANSEATIC inspiration: Japanese/Peruvian
  • HANSEATIC spirit: French 
  • The maitre or the reception will be happy to accept table reservations

Our early-bird breakfast and delicious little snacks are available at the bar in the Observation Lounge.

Where would you like to eat and where would you like to sit? It’s quite simple: from the morning to the evening, you are free to choose where you wish to enjoy relaxed and spontaneous dining. You only need to reserve a table for the speciality restaurant (only open in the evening). Please make a reservation on board, where the maitre or the reception will be happy to help. Guests in the Junior Suites and the Grand Suites have the option to reserve their table in the HANSEATIC Restaurant on board.

Notice for guests travelling alone: we invite you to join us for a single traveller meet-up before dinner on the first evening of the cruise. We will arrange a casual meeting and dinner group every evening for anyone who wishes to come along.

All cabins/suites have a private safe.

a) Organised shore activities
… are planned with care. Around three months prior to departure, you will receive country information including all shore activities and a booking form. Payment will be through your on-board account. Our experienced tour guide will be happy to help you plan your shore activities when on board the ship and to make individual arrangements.

b) Zodiac landings 
See "Zodiac" for further information. 

In indoor areas, smoking is only permitted in the Invisible-Lounge (Deck 4). Outdoors, there is a designated smoking area on the portside near the pool. Smoking is permitted on the private balcony/veranda of your cabin/suite. When on deck, please always use an ashtray and never throw burning cigarettes overboard as they could be blown back by the wind and cause a fire. Please do not smoke pipes, cigarillos or cigars in any places other than the InvisibleLounge.

The OCEAN SPA (Deck 8) is a light-filled spa complex including outdoor space with a view of the sea. You can look forward to:

  • Finnish sauna with an ocean view
  • Steam sauna 
  • Relaxation area, ice fountain and hydrotherapy shower
    (The sauna area is a clothing- and swimwear-free zone.) 

We offer the following paid services:

  • Professional partial- or full-body massage
  • Spa treatments
  • Classic cosmetic treatments
  • Hairdressing
  • Manicures and pedicures

We of course use premium organic products with natural ingredients inspired by nature from carefully chosen suppliers. Our spa brochure is available in the infotainment system on board. Bookings can only be made directly with the OCEAN SPA once you are on board.

Your ship is equipped with a state-of-the-art stabiliser system. This means that the rolling movements of the ship in a side swell or in rough seas can be weakened.

"Landline" telephone calls from your cabin/suite are made via a satellite connection if satellite reception is available. Please note that the caller always incurs charges as soon as a telephone/fax number is dialled via satellite. This also applies if you dial the ship number from land.

You can still make mobile telephone calls at sea even in areas where your mobile network provider can generally no longer provide network access (outside of the twelvemile zone or normally from just two miles in the EU). The charges depend on your mobile telephone contract and Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has no influence over this. If you want to find out the costs before your cruise, please ask your mobile network provider.

This service depends on satellites and cannot always be guaranteed due to the weather and the ship’s position, in particular in extremely northerly and southerly cruising areas. In extreme regions, such as the Northeast/Northwest Passage, the Arctic and Antarctica, the Internet, e-mail and telephone service may not be available on a daily basis due to satellite positioning.

You will receive the channels available in the region where the ship is currently located via satellite. The infotainment system offers a selection of documentaries and feature films with direct access for you to watch in your cabin/suite. In extreme regions, such as the Northeast/ Northwest Passage, the Arctic and Antarctica, television reception may not be available on a daily basis due to satellite positioning.

In ports where the ship is not docked at the pier, but is at anchor, you will go ashore on the ship’s own tender boats or the Zodiacs. In some ports, official regulations require us to use external tender boats.

All times stated in the catalogue and on our website are local times. Arrival and departure times may change depending on the weather or for unforeseeable reasons.

All tips on board are included in the price of the cruise. Acknowledgement of particularly good service is at the discretion of each guest.

To make sure that you wil fully enjoy your cruise experience, you should bring remedies for travel sickness, stomach and digestive problems, headaches and minor colds, as well as plasters. Your travel first-aid kit should also include insect repellent and any prescription medication that you need. Please carry essential medications in your hand luggage. If you need to use injection needles on board, please see your cabin stewardess at the beginning of the cruise. She will be happy to provide you with a secure sharps box for safe disposal of your injection needles.

Remember to bring your sunglasses, sun cream, camera equipment and any extra memory storage and charging cables you need (all cabins/suites have a USB connection). If you wear glasses, it is a good idea to bring a second pair (or spare contact lenses). Bathrobes and slippers, bamboo flip-flops, a pair of binoculars, two pairs of Nordic Walking poles, a hairdryer, clothes brush and shoehorn are provided in your cabin/suite. If there is anything else you need, please contact your cabin stewardess.

You will find outlets for 220 to 230 V (50 to 60 Hz) alternating current in your cabin/suite. The cabins/suites on the HANSEATIC inspiration are also fitted with outlets for devices that use 110 to 120 V (60 Hz). In general, we would recommend that you bring a travel adapter for different outlets with you.

All Zodiac rides/landings and related excursions are included in the cruise price. Shore excursions are dependent on the local conditions. The captain has the final say in all decisions on the running of the cruise. The safety of the ship, the crew and the guests always takes top priority. Please follow the instructions of the crew. Your chief officer will familiarise you with the procedures relating to the Zodiacs. This information will be provided in conjunction with the safety drill or at a separate time (please see the programme of the day). Participation is mandatory for all guests.

Please take into account our Terms and Conditions of Travel and hygiene standards