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Awarded the best cruise ship in the world by the Insight Guides 2024. It may be smaller than other cruise ships, but it is miles ahead of the crowd. With the unrivalled freedom for personal relaxation – and plenty of scope for fresh ideas, indulgence and inspiring perspectives. A cruise experience that is setting global benchmarks for luxury cruises and will fulfil your very personal notions of luxury. Look forward to the legendary familiarity of a German-speaking crew who, with a crew-to-guest ratio of almost one-to-one, will attend to your individual wishes. Perfect hospitality, down to the very last detail.

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Enjoy smart casual travel and a discerning lifestyle in a modern, relaxed atmosphere on the EUROPA 2 – with no formal attire, fixed mealtimes or traditional seating plans in the restaurants on board the best cruise ship in the world according to the Insight Guides 2024. Guests can look forward to individually tailored service and an outstanding amount of space and freedom – with an exceptionally luxurious, almost one-to-one ratio of crew to passengers. The EUROPA 2 combines the comfort of an exclusive resort with the flexibility of a yacht that can also visit small harbours and places off the beaten track. And thanks to the wide variety of cruises, you now have new options for discovering unforgettable destinations.

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The new expedition class

Our state of the art ships are in an expedition league of its own, offering you adventure and comfort at the highest level – in the polar regions (the Arctic and Antarctica) as well as destinations such as South America and the South Seas. Even the legendary sea routes such as the Northwest Passages are on our itinerary. There are also beautiful, secret spots to be explored first-hand on the coasts of Europe. Get up close to the wonders of creation, and see the world through new eyes.

Please note: The HANSEATIC nature and HANSEATIC spirit will be a German-speaking ship, with all cruises conducted in German only. The HANSEATIC inspiration will be an international ship, with all cruises conducted in both English and German.

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