In 94 days from Australia to Germany

Look forward to the cities of Sydney and Brisbane, the island realms of the South Seas, idyllic Hawaii and the picturesque west coast of the USA. After the colourful Caribbean, get to know cosmopolitan New York before crossing the Atlantic and heading for Hamburg. Combine six incomparable cruises (EUX2202 – EUX2207) and experience dreamlike destinations the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Your exclusive advantages

  • Combination discount of EUR 11,000/USD 13,200/GBP 9,680 per person.
  • Excursion credit balance worth EUR 1,500 per person to use as you wish.
  • Free use of the full laundry service (laundry, dry cleaning and ironing) during the entire cruise.

Five idyllic regions and a relaxing atlantic crossing

From Sydney to Fiji, 27.01. – 12.02.2022, cruise no. EUX2202

Koala, Kangaroos and South Sea dreams

From Down Under to Fiji – this cruise through the South Pacific is a dream come true. Discover Sydney, koalas, kangaroos and idyllic bays, and be inspired by unforgettable experiences as you enjoy casual luxury.

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From Fiji to San Francisco, 12.02. – 02.03.2022, cruise no. EUX2203

Fiji, Hawaii and relaxation at sea

"Aloha!" Join the EUROPA 2 when it makes its premiere journey to a particularly coveted destination: the Hawaiian Islands. Start your cruise with exotic nature and pure relaxation on Fiji’s islands.

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From San Francisco to Colon, 02.03 – 21.04.2022, cruise no. EUX2204

The best of the American West Coast 

Join the EUROPA 2 for a premiere as it heads to America’s varied west coast for the first time. Look forward to one of the most popular wine-growing regions in the US, Hollywood flair in Los Angeles and Acapulco with its cliff divers.

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From Colon to Miami, 21.03. – 04.04.2022, cruise no. EUX2205

Island-hopping in the Caribbean

From Panama to America’s "sunshine state": enjoy the local zest for life, idyllic beaches and a very special charm on your cruise through the Caribbean islands.

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From Miami to New York, 04.04. – 18.04.2022, cruise no. EUX2206

The fascination of the Caribbean

The Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands are just two of the dream destinations on this varied route through the Caribbean with fascinating underwater worlds and unspoilt rainforests. Finish your cruise in New York – the city that never sleeps.

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From New York to Hamburg, 18.04. – 30.04.2022, cruise no. EUX2207

From the Big Apple to Hamburg

Begin your cruise in glamorous New York, and experience two exceptional islands in style on your way to Hamburg. Timeless Martha’s Vineyard is a popular celebrity haunt. After crossing the Atlantic, celebrate by calling at Helgoland, Germany’s only deep-sea island and a premiere destination for the EUROPA 2.

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