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The whole ship is air-conditioned. The temperature in the cabins can be adjusted. In extremely hot regions, you may find the cabins to be warmer than desired. Please do not leave the balcony doors of your cabin open in the tropics as this will cause the air conditioning to fail.

In the interests of all on board, we try to make as few announcements as possible in order to avoid disturbing guests unnecessarily. To create the full expedition experience, commentaries are provided for interesting passages during the cruise and special animal sightings are reported. The ship’s position is reported in the morning on days at sea. We will also announce via the loudspeakers when the local authorities have cleared the ship and we can go ashore.

We would be delighted to welcome you to the bar in the BREMEN Club on Deck 5 or in the Panorama Lounge on Deck 7.

A bathrobe and slippers are provided in the cabin for each guest.

The beauty salon is a combination of a hairdressing salon and massage area and is located on Deck 7. We also offer cosmetic treatments, manicures and partial- and full-body massages here. Please refer to the programme of the day for opening times. You can arrange an appointment via Reception. A selection of cosmetics and everyday products is also on sale here.

The mini boutique in front of the restaurant on Deck 4 is stocked with a small selection of gifts and accessories. A selection of cosmetics and everyday products is also on sale in our beauty salon. 

Due to its exceptional importance as the control centre for all the nautical and technical processes, the bridge is a highly sensitive area. For this reason and in accordance with international regulations, it is not open to the public. However, we would like to give you the opportunity to visit the bridge unless prevented by nautical interests or the local regulations of the coastal regions we are passing. All guests on board may visit the bridge in consultation with the duty officer. The chief mate will be happy to answer your questions about the itinerary, the ship’s course, the ship’s position, etc.

A wide range of breakfast options and a selection of meals are available from the cabin service from 7.00 to 22.00 hrs.

The external decks can be slippery in wet weather and in the morning and evening. Please take extra care. You will find a plentiful supply of deckchairs on board, as well as sun loungers, towels and blankets.

a) On board
On an expedition cruise, everything revolves around experiencing the natural world and there is a casual and relaxed atmosphere of exploration. Enjoy it as you wish, but in the interests of all guests, please do not wear swimwear in the restaurant, bars and lounges. The general rule for dinner in the evening is smart casual, which means that jackets and long trousers are preferable. We recommend a suit or jacket and matching trousers for gentlemen and a corresponding outfit for ladies for the welcome evening and farewell evening.

b) Ashore
When you go ashore, you should wear comfortable and practical clothes to suit the particular cruising area. Sturdy, flat shoes are essential – both for on board the ship and when you are ashore. As the BREMEN does not have its own tender boats, guests will disembark in the Zodiacs when the ship is at anchor. We therefore recommend that you bring waterproof trousers or overtrousers with you (especially for expeditions in the polar regions). A protective waterproof bag is useful for your smartphone/camera equipment. For routes in warm waters, please remember to bring enclosed, sturdy beach shoes or waterproof trekking sandals that allow you to walk well and safely. These are also essential for the Zodiacs.

On the whole, cruises on the BREMEN are not suitable for guests with limited mobility. Please note that a large number of our planned Zodiac landings and shore activities require a high level of physical fitness; depending on the conditions, we can only guarantee participation for guests with no mobility restrictions. The BREMEN has two cabins with fully accessible layout and equipment (cabin 409 and 411). We nevertheless highly recommend that you travel together with a responsible companion because, due to special procedures on board a ship, continuous attendance is not possible. Certain groups of people can only be accommodated if they are accompanied. Please bring your own standard-size wheelchair or any other medical equipment with you if you are dependent upon it. Unfortunately, electric wheelchairs and guide dogs cannot be brought on board. Please note that participating in shore activities and going out in the Zodiacs (subject to weather conditions) may not be possible for guests with physical limitations. We reserve the right to restrict participation in group activities to guests who can manage the entire activity without problem and without external assistance. Unfortunately, guests who are dependent on a wheelchair cannot travel in the Zodiacs. To ensure that you experience a relaxing cruise where everything goes smoothly, before booking please provide us with details of your physical impairment and enquire as to whether we can meet your individual needs.

We will set you up with a free personal e-mail account (for e-mails of up to 1 MB) for the duration of your cruise and you can also access this on your personal mobile device or the public PCs in the Internet and e-mail centre. Your personal e-mail address can be found on your booking confirmation.

The general e-mail address for the BREMEN is: reception(at)

This service depends on satellites and cannot always be guaranteed due to the weather and the ship’s position, in particular in extremely northerly and southerly cruising areas. In extreme regions, such as the Northeast/Northwest Passage, the Arctic and Antarctica, the Internet, e-mail and telephone service may not be available on a daily basis due to satellite positioning.

You won’t find a classic cruise ship entertainment programme on board the BREMEN. The focus here is on nature. The BREMEN is an expedition ship and a place of learning – and your high-calibre team of experts is always there to help. You can also look forward to expedition activities in the evening. 

We are taking responsibility today to ensure that future generations of explorers will also be able to marvel at the wonders of the world. Our sustainable approach includes the equipment for the BREMEN and efficient management of resources. More information here.

We also cooperate with the climate protection organisation atmosfair to offer our guests the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions generated by their cruise. Further information here

If required for the cruising area and shore excursion, rubber boots will be available for loan on board in sizes 33 to 52 (approx. 1 to 15.5 in UK sizes). On expeditions in extreme regions such as the Arctic and Antarctic, we will provide a warm parka on loan for the duration of the cruise (sizes XS – XXXL). The BREMEN also has snorkelling equipment and Nordic Walking poles available for you to loan depending on the region. There are also microscopes available on board (can only be used in calm seas).

The BREMEN has a fitness room, a sauna and a heated outdoor seawater pool on Deck 7.

Please inform us when you make your booking of any special requirements relating to food intolerances/allergies or a vegetarian diet. The logistics and supply processes for a ship are highly challenging and may be limited – in particular in remote and extreme areas. It is therefore important that you provide us with this information as soon as possible. If you do not, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee that we can meet your requirements.

The Terms and Conditions of Travel of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises apply for all cruises advertised. All information was correct at the time of printing of the MS BREMEN catalogue – December 2019 - April 2021. It replaces all previous publications and may be subject to alterations. The booking confirmation from Hapag-Lloyd Cruises defines terms and prices. Please also note: You can view the EU regulations concerning the rights of passengers travelling by sea on here.

Gratuities are not expected on board. Acknowledgement of particularly good service is at the discretion of each guest.

In accordance with international safety regulations, in order to prevent the risk of fire, items that generate heat or produce a naked flame must not be used on board. Such items include clothes irons, curling tongs, straightening irons, candles, kettles, immersion heaters and others. The hairdryer in your cabin is of course exempt from this rule.

You can surf the Internet using the four public PCs on Deck 4. There is also Wi-Fi access in all cabins and public areas, which you can use with your own mobile device or a rented laptop (limited number available). Internet usage is subject to a fee and will be charged via your on-board account.

This service depends on satellites and cannot always be guaranteed due to the weather and the ship’s position, in particular in extremely northerly and southerly cruising areas. In extreme regions, such as the Northeast/Northwest Passage, the Arctic and  Antarctica, the Internet, e-mail and telephone service may not be available on a daily basis due to satellite positioning.

Despite the most careful planning, the itinerary may have to be changed for technical reasons or due to unforeseeable events outside our control. These include official authorisation and the local weather and ice conditions. Any changes made will be in the interests of your safety. The weather and ice conditions may also make it difficult or impossible to land in the Zodiacs. In such cases, the ship management will always strive to offer the best possible alternative.

The BREMEN offers a laundry and ironing service. Please contact your cabin stewardess. Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer a dry-cleaning service for your clothes.

Every cruise on the BREMEN is accompanied by experts who will be happy to answer your questions on the cruising area. They will share their in-depth knowledge of your destinations in fascinating talks, with images and presentations, discussions and personal conversations. Our experts will also accompany you on Zodiac landings, walks and hikes. Talks will be held in the Panorama Lounge (Deck 7). The live broadcast and recordings can be viewed in every cabin.

Looking for some more holiday reading? You are welcome to borrow a book on board at any time. Our library is located in front of the club on Deck 5 and is stocked with a selection of the latest fiction books, travel literature, information about the cruising area and DVDs.

The various decks are connected by two lifts. The only places that can only be accessed with the front lift are Deck 3 and the tendering deck.

Massage appointments can be arranged.

You can have breakfast in the restaurant, in the club or in your cabin. During the morning, we offer a bouillon service, while lunch is served in the restaurant and in the club (self-service buffet) or – if the weather is fine – on the Lido Deck. Tea and coffee are served in the club in the afternoon. After dinner in the restaurant, you can enjoy a late snack in the club. The meal times are tailored to the excursions and landings that take place and therefore vary from day to day. 

The on-board currency is the euro. An account will be set up for you so that you can make cashless payments during the cruise. You can find out the current balance of your account at any time using the guest portal in your cabin. You can then settle the entire account at Reception at the end of your cruise. We accept German EC/Maestro cards and the following credit cards: Mastercard, American Express and Visa. You can also pay in cash. Please note that, in general, foreign currencies cannot be changed on board.

The BREMEN has a modern, well-equipped ship’s hospital under the supervision of an experienced ship’s doctor. Guests who are being treated for any medical condition should contact the ship’s doctor directly after embarkation. It is important to bring any medications required on board with you in sufficient quantities in your hand luggage. In the case of an accident caused by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises or its staff members either on board or during a shore activity organised by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, treatment is provided free of charge. Treatment for seasickness is subject to a charge if you make use of our medical services. We offer thrombosis prevention medication on board if required (subject to a charge). A fee is charged for medical treatment by a doctor in accordance with the valid German medical fee schedule (GOA). The costs for any treatment or medication will be charged to your on-board account. At the end of the cruise, you will receive a separate invoice to submit to your health insurance provider.

Soft drinks are available free of charge from the mini bar in your cabin/suite and are restocked daily. In the suites, you can also enjoy a selection of fine spirits free of charge. If you have any further requests in terms of drinks, please contact your cabin stewardess. All costs will be charged to your on-board account and settled at the end of the cruise.

Depending on satellite reception, you will receive a small daily newspaper containing the most important news from around the world. We also offer (depending on satellite reception) the German-language ARD Tagesschau/Tagesthemen programmes around four hours after broadcast in Germany.

It’s easy to take those unforgettable moments home with you: a professional photographer is on board to capture your experiences. The photographs of the cruise will be on display in the picture gallery on Deck 5 and are available for you to order. We also offer various services/products for your own pictures (subject to a charge).

There is a heated swimming pool on Deck 7. Plenty of deckchairs, sunloungers, towels and blankets are provided.

You can send postcards and letters at Reception. The postage will be arranged at the next port. Your on-board account will be debited with the appropriate postage charges.

All important information about the daily schedule, as well as any general notifications and details of opening times, will be summarised in the programme of the day. The programme for the following day will be supplied to your cabin every evening.

Evening meals in the restaurant are served to all guests in a single seating. Our maitre will reserve a set table for you on board. We would be happy to take note of any special requests in this respect when you make your booking, although we cannot make any guarantees. Final seating plans will be provided on board. To make any special arrangements, please see the maitre on the day of embarkation. We will do our best to fulfil your wishes. No fixed places are reserved for breakfast and lunch.

All cabins/suites have a private safe.

a) Organised shore excursions
About three months prior to the start of the cruise, you will receive information about your cruise including details about the countries you will be visiting and all shore excursions, including a form for prebooking. All excursion fees will be charged to your on-board account. Our experienced cruise staff will gladly advise you when you are planning your shore activities and also make individual arrangements.

b) Zodiac landings
See "Zodiacs" for further information. 

Smoking is not permitted in any of the cabins or suites, the restaurant, the Panorama Lounge or the BREMEN Club. There are designated smoking areas on the Lido Deck. When on deck, please always use an ashtray and never throw burning cigarettes overboard as they could be blown back by the wind and cause a fire.

The BREMEN is equipped with a state-of-the-art stabiliser system: fins on both sides of the hull can be extended and retracted to weaken the rolling movements of the ship in rough seas.

"Landline" telephone calls from your cabin are made via a satellite connection if satellite reception is available. Please note that the caller always incurs charges as soon as a telephone/fax number is dialled via satellite. This also applies if you dial the ship number from land.

Universal area code                          00870
Phone number for the BREMEN   773233920

You can still make mobile telephone calls at sea even in areas where your mobile network provider can generally no longer provide network access (outside of the twelve-mile zone or normally from just two miles in the EU). The charges depend on your mobile telephone contract and Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has no influence over this. If you want to find out the costs before your cruise, please ask your mobile network provider.

This service depends on satellites and cannot always be guaranteed due to the weather and the ship’s position, in particular in extremely northerly and southerly cruising areas. In extreme regions, such as the Northeast/Northwest Passage, the Arctic and Antarctica, the Internet, e-mail and telephone service may not be available on a daily basis due to satellite positioning.

You will receive the channels available in the region where the BREMEN is currently located via satellite. In extreme regions, such as the Northeast/Northwest Passage, the Arctic and Antarctica, television reception may not be available on a daily basis due to satellite positioning. There is a DVD player in every cabin. You can borrow DVDs for free from the library if you would like to enjoy a film of your choice.

In all ports in which the BREMEN is not docked at the pier but is at anchor, you will go ashore with motorised rubber boats (Zodiacs) or, in exceptional cases, with local tender boats. The BREMEN has no tender boats of its own, only Zodiacs. In general, we recommend that you take lightweight waterproof trousers with you for the Zodiac rides.

All times cited in the catalogue and on our website are local times. Arrival and departure times may change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

To make sure that you wil fully enjoy your cruise experience, you should bring remedies for travel sickness, stomach and digestive problems, headaches and minor colds, as well as plasters. Your travel first-aid kit should also include insect repellent and any prescription medication that you need. Please carry essential medications in your hand luggage. If you need to use injection needles on board, please see your cabin stewardess at the beginning of the cruise. She will be happy to provide you with a secure sharps box for safe disposal of your injection needles.

Remember to bring your sunglasses, sun cream, camera equipment and any extra memory storage and charging cables you need. If you wear glasses, it is a good idea to bring a second pair (or spare contact lenses). Bathrobes, slippers and a hairdryer are provided in your cabin. If there is anything else you need, please contact your cabin stewardess.

In your cabin, you will find outlets for 220 V (60 Hz) alternating current (voltage converters for 110 V devices are available on board). The outlet in the bathroom is only suitable for shaving equipment. In general, we would recommend that you bring a travel adapter for different outlets with you.

All Zodiac rides/landings and related excursions are included in the cruise price. Shore excursions are dependent on the local conditions. The captain has the final say in all decisions on the running of the cruise. The safety of the ship, the crew and the guests always takes top priority. Please follow the instructions of the crew. Your chief officer will familiarise you with the procedures relating to the Zodiacs. This information will be provided in conjunction with the safety drill or at a separate time (please see the programme of the day). Participation is mandatory for all guests.

Please take into account our Terms and Conditions of Travel.