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The ships is air-conditioned. You can regulate the temperature in your cabin individually. In extremely warm climatic zones, there might be higher temperatures in the cabins.

All guests will find a bathrobe provided for them in their cabin.

The mini boutique in front of the restaurant on Deck 4 offers a small selection of gifts and accessories. Some cosmetics and products for daily use can be purchased at the beauty parlour.

In view of its crucial importance as a control centre for all nautical and technical operations, the bridge is an extremely sensitive zone. This is why international safety regulations prohibit its being open to the general public. However, we will be glad to give our guests an opportunity to visit the bridge whenever nautical interests or the local regulations of the current coastal countries allow for it. Guests on board may view the bridge by prior arrangement with the officer on duty. Our bridge officers will be happy to give you some information regarding the course, position of the ship and other nautical questions.

On embarkation you will be welcomed with a small bottle of champagne and a fruit bowl; the latter will be replenished every day (in the cabins on Decks 6 and 7). The mini bar in every cabin will also be restocked every day free of charge. Continental breakfast and a selection of dishes can be ordered from the cabin service staff (from 7.00 to 22.00 hrs). In the suites a selection of top-quality cosmetic products is available.

a) On board
During the day, the atmosphere on board is sporty. For the evening, we would recommend a sporty/elegant wardrobe. Just for the two Captain's Dinners (on the first and last evening of the cruise), we would recommend that the gentlemen wear a suit or combination, the ladies a dress suit or elegant trouser suit. We kindly ask you not to enter the lounges and restaurants in swimming and beach wear.

b) On land
For excursions and your private shore visits, clothing should be comfortable and practical, as well as adapted to the route that is to be travelled. Solid shoes are recommended; flat shoes are indispensable both on board and on shore (bathing shoes or reef sandals for coral reefs may also be required). For protection against spray on Zodiac rides and landings, we would recommend that you bring waterproof trousers with you, especially for expeditions in the polar waters. You are advised to carry your photographic equipment in a waterproof carrier bag.

The ship does not have any tender boats, so when the BREMEN is at anchor, excursions will always be made with the Zodiacs. In this case you are strongly advised to bring waterproof trousers with you.

You will find a plentiful supply of deckchairs on board, as well as sun loungers, towels and blankets.

We will be happy to meet any requests in relation to diets and special menu requirements to the best of our ability. Please let us know immediately about your demand at the time of booking your cruise.

On the whole, cruises on the BREMEN are not suitable for guests with limited mobility. Please note that a large number of our planned Zodiac landings and shore activities require a high level of physical fitness; depending on the conditions, we can only guarantee participation for guests with no mobility restrictions. The BREMEN has two cabins with fully accessible layout and equipment (cabin 409 and 411). We nevertheless highly recommend that you travel together with a responsible companion because, due to special procedures on board a ship, continuous attendance is not possible. Certain groups of people can only be accommodated if they are accompanied. Please bring your own standard-size wheelchair or any other medical equipment with you if you are dependent upon it. Unfortunately, electric wheelchairs and guide dogs cannot be brought on board. Please note that participating in shore activities and going out in the Zodiacs (subject to weather conditions) may not be possible for guests with physical limitations. We reserve the right to restrict participation in group activities to guests who can manage the entire activity without problem and without external assistance. Unfortunately, guests who are dependent on a wheelchair cannot travel in the Zodiacs. To ensure that you experience a relaxing cruise where everything goes smoothly, before booking please provide us with details of your physical impairment and enquire as to whether we can meet your individual needs.

You can send and receive e-mails (up to 1 MB) free of charge. On the BREMEN you have four public PCs for the dispatch of e-mails at your disposal, situated at the Internet and E-mail Centre on Deck 4. Incoming e-mails will be delivered to your cabin by the reception staff.

In your cabin, you will find outlets for 110 V and 220 V (60 Hz) alternating current. The outlet in the bathroom is only suitable for shaving equipment. In general we would recommend that you bring with you a travel adaptor for different outlets. For safety reasons, the use of kettles and irons in the cabins is not permitted.

If the cruising area and any time spent ashore call for it, you can borrow a pair of rubber boots on board (sizes 33 - 52). On expeditions to extreme regions such as the Arctic and Antarctica, a warm parka (sizes XS - XXXL) is at your disposal for the duration of the cruise. Beyond this, both expedition ships offer you snorkelling gear and Nordic Walking poles which you can take out on loan in the relevant regions. Microscopes are also available on board both ships, but may only be used on expedition cruises and when the sea is calm.

There is a DVD player in every cabin. You can rent DVDs free of charge at our video library for your individual enjoyment.

There is a fitness room, a sauna and a heated outdoor seawater swimming pool.

The Terms and Conditions of Travel of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises apply for all cruises advertised. All information was correct at the time of printing of the MS BREMEN catalogue – February 2019 - September 2020. It replaces all previous publications and may be subject to alterations. The booking confirmation from Hapag-Lloyd Cruises defines terms and prices. Please also note:
You can view the EU regulations concerning the rights of passengers travelling by sea on our website at information

The beauty parlour, which is a combination of a hairdressing salon and a massage area, is located on Deck 7. It also offers cosmetics, manicures and pedicures and partial or whole body massage treatments.

The use of the Internet is possible on both ships (subject to charge).

Four public PCs on Deck 4 allow you to surf the Internet. In all cabins and public areas, you have Wi-Fi access which you can use with your own or a rented laptop (limited number).

The costs using the Wi-Fi service respectively the Internet will be charged to your on-board account. Due to satellite positioning, it is possible that the Internet will not be available on some days in extreme regions such as the Northwest Passage, the Arctic or Antarctica.

In spite of the most careful planning of the route, itinerary changes for technical reasons or on account of unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control are possible at all times. These include factors such as official authorisations, local weather conditions and the state of the ice. Any changes to the itinerary that may be necessary are made in the interests of safety. Weather and ice conditions may not only make it difficult or impossible to adhere to the planned itinerary, they may also rule out landings with the Zodiacs. In such cases the ship's management will endeavour at all times to offer you the best possible alternative.

There is a laundry and ironing service available. 

Every cruise on the BREMEN is accompanied by knowledgeable experts who will be glad to answer your questions about the cruise area. With enthralling lectures and presentations, during discussions and also in personal conversations, they will impart their in-depth background knowledge concerning your cruise destinations. You will also be accompanied by our experts during the Zodiac landings, as well as on hikes and walks in small groups. The lectures are held in the Club from where they are also broadcast live to every cabin.

The library offers current novels, travel literature and (music-) DVDs.

The different decks are connected by two lifts.

Massage appointments can be arranged.

All monetary transactions on board are handled by the reception. The on-board currency is the Euro. To ensure cashless transactions, an account will be set up for you which can be settled at reception at the end of your cruise. For this purpose we recommend the EC card (for technical reasons, only German EC cards can be accepted). In addition, the following means of payment are also accepted: MasterCard, American Express and Visa. Please note that foreign currency cannot be exchanged on board.

The BREMEN has a ship’s hospital equipped with modern facilities which is under the direction of an experienced ship’s doctor. Guests who are being treated for any medical condition are kindly requested to report to the ship’s doctor immediately after embarkation. You should under all circumstances bring adequate quantities of any medicines you require. Any treatments required as a consequence of an accident caused by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises or one of its employees while the guest is on board or during a shore excursion organized by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises are free of charge. Treatment by a doctor is subject to fees in accordance with the applicable German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ).

Refreshing non-alcoholic beverages in the mini bars of the cabins/suites, which are replenished on a daily basis, are included in the cruise price. In the suites  you can also enjoy a selection of exquisite spirits free of charge.

Depending on satellite reception, you will be given a newspaper every morning with the most important news from all over the world. In addition, we offer you (depending on satellite connections) daily news from the German broadcast station ARD approx. four hours after it has been broadcasted in Germany.

There is a professional photographer on board. It is possible to have digital images burned to a CD and/or printed on photo paper (subject to charge).

At all ports where postal services are available, your postcards and letters will be posted by the reception staff. Postage charges will be billed to your on-board account.

All important information about the daily schedule, as well as any general notifications and details of opening times, will be summarised in the programme of the day. The programme for the following day will be supplied to your cabin every evening

Evening meals in the restaurants on board the BREMEN and HANSEATIC are served to all guests in a single sitting. Our maitre will reserve a set table for you on board. We would be happy to take note of any special requests in this respect when you make your booking, although we cannot make any guarantees. Final seating plans will be provided on board. To make any special arrangements, please see the maitre on the day of embarkation. We will do our best to fulfil your wishes. No fixed places are reserved for breakfast and lunch. The restaurants on both ships are non-smoking.

Each cabin has a private safe for storage of your valuables.

a) Organised shore excursions
About three months prior to the start of the cruise, you will receive information about your cruise including details about the countries you will be visiting and all shore excursions, including a form for prebooking. All excursion fees will be charged to your on-board account. Our experienced cruise staff will gladly advise you when you are planning your shore activities and also make individual arrangements.

b) Zodiac landings...
...and related excursions are included in the price of the cruise. All shore activities are strictly dependent on the local conditions. The captain has the final say in every decision concerning the progress of the cruise. The safety of the ship and the passengers will always be the highest priority. Please comply with any instructions given by our crew every time you go ashore.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the cabins or suites, the restaurant, the Panorama Lounge or the BREMEN Club. There are designated smoking areas on the Lido Deck.

The BREMEN is equipped with modern stabiliser systems. Retractable floats on both sides of the hull reduce the rolling movement of the ship in rough seas.

The ship is equipped with a state-of-the-art satellite communications system. As long as a local satellite is available, you can place telephone calls to anywhere in the world directly from your cabin. Due to satellite positioning, it is possible that the internet, e-mail and telephone will not be available on some days in extreme regions such as the Northwest Passage, the Arctic or Antarctica. Faxes can also be submitted for sending. Please note that charges apply as soon as you dial a telephone number.

The universal dialling code is 00870, followed by the number of the ship.

The contact details for the BREMEN are as follows:
Phone 773233920
Fax 783207216

On the BREMEN, landings will be arranged by using the motorised inflatable rubber boats (Zodiacs) exclusively, or in exceptional cases with local tender boats. The ship does not have own tender boats.

All times cited in the catalogue and on our website are local times. Arrival and departure times may change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Gratuities are not mandatory on board. Acknowledgement of particularly good service is at the discretion of each guest.

Please take into account our Terms and Conditions of Travel.