The new expedition class - A mixture of adventures and comfort

Venture further into regions than other ships, open doors to new experiences that would otherwise remain closed and get exceptionally close to the wonders of nature as the HANSEATIC nature, HANSEATIC inspiration and HANSEATIC spirit take you beyond the reaches of larger cruise ships. Whether you’re heading to the Hebrides or the Azores, to Antarctica or the South Seas, you’ll experience intensive adventures on spectacular routes near and far that always respect the delicate environment – and you’ll share your personal expedition with a small group of no more than 230 passionate explorers. Welcome on board!

Please note: On HANSEATIC inspiration the on board language is German only approx. until end of November. After that the HANSEATIC inspiration is an international ship, with all cruises conducted in both English and German. The HANSEATIC nature and HANSEATIC spirit are German-speaking ships, with all cruises conducted in German only. The HANSEATIC spirit is exclusively for guests aged 18 and over.



Surrounded by adventure

Travel the most remote and fascinating regions of the planet with our new expedition ships - from the Antartic to the South Africa, from Cabo Verde to the Azores, along the coast of Northern and Western Europa to the vast expanse
of the Artic. 

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