The extraordinary every day

Each Antarctic expedition offers magnificent experiences from morning to night. What might an exciting day look like for you? And what makes our expeditions so special?


6.00 hrs
Your morning starts by invigorat­ing your senses. You stand on deck and breathe in the indescribably clear air. Gazing out over the vast, spellbinding scenery, you get an impression of the first early Zodiac landing that lies ahead.

7.30 hrs
After leaving the ship, you venture into a natural backdrop of snow­capped mountains and steep glaciers - a special feeling of reverence and amazement accompanying every turn. The robust expedition rubber boats pass by an iceberg at a respectful distance, just as a group of penguins is getting ready to jump from the sheet of ice into the water.

9.00 hrs
Which one will be the first to take the leap? And what type of penguins are these captivating creatures? How lucky that you can satisfy your hunger for adventure and your thirst for knowledge at the same time - the experienced experts at your side will broaden your horizons and teach you how to distinguish between the various species from their little tell­tale features.

11.30 hrs
Back on board, you spot a majestic albatross that follows the ship for a while. The experts' lectures also fill you with inspiration. Various topics relating to nature and the animal kingdom, history and science enrich your discoveries, whether exploring Shackleton and his battle to survive in the ice, the glaciology and geology of the Antarctic, or the latest findings about how the sensitive ecosystem affects the planet's weather and magnetic field.

14.00 hrs
In the afternoon, the sounds of the ice crunching and cracking accompany the expedition ship as your adventure continues and mighty sheets of ice are pushed aside. The deck is your best vantage point for watching this world of sparkling blue and white.

15.00 hrs
The captain and crew react flexibly to the ice conditions and choose a route with less ice to reach a nearby island, where the Zodiacs take you ashore again. Kitted out with snowshoes, you hike with the experts to a viewpoint where you are struck by the uniqueness of the southern polar region.

19.00 hrs
Once you're back on board, you can't take your eyes away from the icebergs drifting proudly in the waters. You reflect on your experiences into the evening with a small group of like­minded travellers and are filled with endless anticipation for what tomorrow will bring.