Northbound: Polar explorers for the Arctic wanted

When we say Arctic, we actually mean the Arctic Ocean. This ocean is six times larger than the Mediterranean and has coastlines on the continents of Europe, Asia and America. The best travel conditions can be found in the Arctic summer from June to September. This is when the climate is mild and the animal kingdom at its richest. With our small expedition ships and the Zodiacs, get right up close to discover vast landscapes, deep fjords, mighty glaciers and bizarre ice and rock formations.


Why discover Arctica with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises?

  • Small, state-of-the-art expedition ships with no more than 199 guests
  • Decades of expedition expertise with an award-winning route concept
  • Captains and crews with experience in polar voyages, who have often travelled in the Arctic
  • Safety in the polar regions – thanks to the highest ice class for passenger ships (PC 6)
  • Respectful travel: state-of-the-art environmental technology, 100 % free from heavy fuel oil
  • Nature up close: more open deck space than any other ship
  • Feel the thrill of expeditions on numerous Zodiac rides and landings
  • Gain fascinating background knowledge from a large team of experts

Off the beaten track – discover the Arctic with our small, manoeuvrable expedition ships

Cultural highlights – West Greenland is enchanting with its colourful Inuit settlements

Bizarre ice sculptures – the ice-covered Disko Bay is best explored by Zodiac

Faces of the Arctic – the Inuit live in Greenland and in the Canadian Arctic

Safe in the ice – our fleet has the highest ice class for passenger ships (PC 6)

Breathtaking panoramas – on hikes through the expansive tundra, you will be walking in the footsteps of legendary Arctic explorers

Pure isolation – the Northeast Greenland National Park is far away from civilisation

In use over and over again – the Zodiacs get you up-close and personal with the experience

More important than any navigation system – even nautically demanding routes are no problem for the experienced polar crew

King of the Arctic – the best way to watch polar bears is from the deck or from a Zodiac at a respectful distance

Always on board – experts shed lights on the wonders of nature

The distinguishing feature that gave the island its name – the mighty mountain range of Spitsbergen

In a small group of explorers – experience the Arctic with no more than 230 guests

Giants of the ocean – the Arctic waters are teeming with many different species of whale in summer

Active explorers – numerous Zodiac rides and hikes make it feel like a true expedition

Arctic heavyweights – walruses only live in northern latitudes and can weigh up to a tonne

Unspoilt wilderness – enjoy the peace and endless expanse of the Arctic scenery

Inhabitants of the Arctic tundra – with a little luck, you will spot musk oxen in the Canadian Arctic and in Greenland