Stay in touch with your loved ones!

Travel experiences come alive when they are shared with others.

All guests on board the EUROPA 2 can enjoy one hour of free Internet per day:

Write to your friends and family back home and share your latest pictures. This service will be offered as standard and will be included in the price of all cruises. If you need more than an hour to tell all your stories, you are welcome to remain online for a surcharge.


  • One hour means the total duration of Internet use (60 minutes), regardless of how often you log in and log out. For example, you can divide this hour into three sessions of 20 minutes.
  • Time that is unused on one day cannot be carried over to the next day. Unused credit will expire at the end of a calendar day at 0.00 hrs (ship’s time).
  • Additional use of the Internet in excess of the free 60 minutes will be charged at € 0.19 per minute. No special notice will be given.
  • Use of the private MS EUROPA 2 e-mail account is free 24 hours a day.
  • Guests staying in Grand Penthouse and Owner Suites will continue to enjoy free Internet at all times.
  • Each guest can have a maximum of two devices online at the same time.

Technical information:

  • The transmission speed may fluctuate depending on the ship’s position.
  • Data-intensive services (such as Skype), streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube), file-sharing platforms and download libraries (e.g. iTunes) cannot be used for technical reasons.