South Seas adventure

Whether you’re an island romantic or a pioneering adventurer, join us aboard the HANSEATIC inspiration and discover lost idylls, secluded island gems and classics of the South Seas. Dive into a colourful underwater world, wonder at the white beaches and turquoise lagoons, and experience our small expedition boat’s first attempt to sail to all Austral Islands in one trip.

Delicious anticipation

Join us aboard the HANSEATIC inspiration on your journey across the Pacific, and discover delightful delicacies on the Chilean fjords. First-class service and comfort on board round off the experience beautifully. The perfect introduction to your South Seas cruise (INS2232) for an extension price of only € 3,990 per person.*

Ushuaia - Tahiti, 24.02. - 16.03.2022, INS2231

Expedition Austral Islands

to/from Tahiti, 16.03. - 30.03.2022
  • Unique combination of the Society Islands and the unspoilt, seldom-visited Austral Islands
  • First-ever planned visit to all the Austral Islands
  • Perfect area for the ship to visit: explore breathtaking bays and hidden coastlines with the Zodiacs
  • South Sea dreams: white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and exotic vegetation
  • Exciting cultural insights with ritual celebrations and traditional crafts
14 days, from € 10.520 per person

(Cruise only, double occupancy)

to cruise INS2232

Expedition Marquesas

to/from Tahiti, 30.03. - 14.04.2022
  • Exceptional expedition routes to picturesque and unspoilt islands
  • Pure South Seas feeling on white, deserted beaches that can only be reached with the Zodiacs
  • Fatu Hiva: natural contrasts between dense rainforest and towering basalt cones
  • Significant history on Hiva Oa: from the marae of the Tiki culture to Paul Gauguin and Jacques Brel
  • Tuamotu archipelago: discover wildly romantic villages and crystal-clear underwater worlds
15 days, from € 11.220 per person

(Cruise only, double occupancy)

to cruise INS2233

The perfect ending

Following your South Seas cruise (INS2233), remain on board the HANSEATIC inspiration for a magical oceanic experience – with culinary adventures to discover, a spacious spa to enjoy, or the chance to continue your own studies at the Ocean Academy for an extension price of only € 2,990 per person.*

Tahiti - Palau, 14.04. - 30.04.2022, INS2234

* Extension price valid only as combination: cruise INS2231 with INS2232, or cruise INS2233 with INS2234. Valid for double and single occupancy.