Premiere on the Great Lakes

Cities, wilderness and adventures in nature: the HANSEATIC inspiration visits the five Great Lakes of North America for the first time. Set course for a truly special way of rediscovering America. Amidst deep-green forests, the Great Lakes are a unique landscape of unlimited possibilities simply awaiting discovery. With a total area of around 244,000 km² (94,209 mi.²), they are a symbol of that wonderful feeling of unlimited freedom. This is exactly what you will feel time and again on the many open deck areas of the HANSEATIC inspiration, taking you into the blue-and-green heart of North America.


  • New dream landscapes every day: with skerries, islands, waterfalls, cliffs and lighthouses
  • Locks as nautical masterpieces – only possible for a small ship like the HANSEATIC inspiration
  • Active in nature: hiking, bicycle tours, kayaking and much more*
  • Journey through time: fascinating insights about indigenous people, the First Nations and the legacy of immigrants
  • Architecture that tells stories: contrasts ranging from Victorian villas to skyscrapers

Experienced experts - always on hand

Look forward to captivating presentations and knowledgeable accompaniment on your excursions* - as varied as the shores of each route. For example, Stephan Börries, an expert on architecture and art, combines the past with the present on cruises INS2310 and INS2311. Discover Milwaukee with him and learn about the cultural heritage of the first settlers and the special facade of the Art Museum. His excursion in Sault Ste. Marie is all about shipping and locks, while in Duluth the focus is on the railway tradition with a trip on the historic means of transport. Your teams of experts ensure many special experiences and insights on all cruises.

Great Lakes – spring 2023

The cruises in the Great Lakes in early summer blend astounding worlds: sprouting, lush nature meets the splendour of picturesque places where time seems to stand still. Small bays, archipelagos and island worlds are an El Dorado for a range of outdoor activities* such as kayaking and hiking. Follow the traces of American history and the legacy of European immigrants.



from Toronto to Milwaukee
19.05. - 30.05.2023

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from Milwaukee to Windsor (Detroit)
30.05. - 12.06.2023

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from Windsor (Detroit) to Milwaukee
12.06. - 22.06.2023 

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Great Lakes – autumn 2023 

Be there when, with a bit of luck, the Indian summer unfolds its spectacular side during the autumn cruises. Aglow in shades of orange and yellow, the vibrant foliage will kindle your soul.

27.09. – 09.10.2023, Toronto - Milwaukee08.10. – 27.10.2023, Milwaukee - Halifax

In a small group comprising a maximum of 230 guests, you’ll have plenty of space for intensive insights into life on the shores – picturesque fishing villages alternate with Victorian-style villas and modern cities. A journey through time from the indigenous people, the First Nations, to the legacy of the European settlers and today’s culture.

Each lock between the Great Lakes opens up new chapters of the North American wilderness. Passable only for a few ships, the nautically demanding passages are mastered with flying colours by the HANSEATIC inspiration thanks to its retractable bridge wings. The open deck areas are the ideal place for you to watch the ship negotiating the height differences in the locks.

More than 10,000 years ago, kilometre-high ice masses formed the tectonic basins that became the Great Lakes. Marvel at how nature paints a world of skerries and islands, limestone coasts and waterfalls on routes that take you particularly close to the coasts. A picturesque landscape watercolour of blue lakes nestled amidst deep-green forests.

*The shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to change.