Press Release of 03/31/2014

Golf cruises with the EUROPA 2: improve technique on board and play on the most beautiful courses on shore

  • In 2014, three golf cruises on European routes
  • Support by two PGA professional golfers
  • The latest golf simulator technology on board
  • New in the programme: Golfing for Kids & Teens

Going on a cruise, improving golf technique and playing on the most beautiful courses in Europe: guests can do all this on the golf cruises with the EUROPA 2 in 2014. Two PGA professionals will accompany the golf cruises and support the guests on board with their training in the simulator, as well as on the shore excursions to the most beautiful courses on the cruise route. Golfing for Kids & Teens is now available on the EUROPA 2, making the sport accessible to all the family.

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With on-board equipment designed for children, even the younger passengers and future golfers between the ages of 6 and 10 can take their first swing at golf on a trial weekend with the golf pro. Cap’n Knopf will also be there - the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ family cruise mascot - who will encourage the children to take a swing at golf. For children who find golf fun, parents can also book personal hour-long sessions with the golf pro.

The EUROPA 2 is equipped with two golf simulators. One of these innovative simulators also features integrated video analysis, which accurately assesses every stroke in terms of speed, length, angle of flight and line of flight. This allows the PGA professional to give a guest detailed critiques for the next drive. In order to allow the guests to concentrate fully on their game during excursions to the most beautiful courses, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises offer a Golf & Cruise package with comprehensive services on the advertised golf cruises. This features the green fees for each course, accompaniment by a PGA professional ashore and on board, transfers, bag transport, golf club cleaning and use of the fitting station to make sure the golf clubs fit perfectly.

Golf cruise with the EUROPA 2 from Lisbon to Funchal, 16 – 25 November 2014 (9 days), from € 4,150 per person (GBP 3,240, USD 4,980). Golfing trips to the following courses: El Jadida Royal GC (Casablanca), Buenavista GC (Santa Cruz), Tecina Golf (San Sebastian de la Gomera). The golf package can be booked for € 890 per person (GBP700, USD1,070). Cruise: EUX1435

Golf cruise with MS EUROPA 2 from Lisbon to Hamburg, 26 May – 7 June 2014 (12 days), from € 6,180 per person, cruise only (USD 7,420, GBP4,830). Cruise: EUX1412

Golf cruise with MS EUROPA 2 from Hamburg to Barcelona, 23 June – 5 July 2014 (12 days), from € 6,190 per person, cruise only (USD 7,430, GBP4,830). Cruise: EUX1417

More golf cruises are being offered on the sister-ship, the EUROPA, in the 2014 season. The EUROPA’s routes will take guests to the most beautiful courses in the Mediterranean, along the western coast of Europe, in the Baltic Sea and on sunny Caribbean islands:

Golf cruise with EUROPA from Travemuende to Hamburg, 31 August – 13 September 2014 (13 days), from € 4,990 per person, cruise only (GBP 3,900, USD 5,990). Golfing trips to the following courses: Kokkedal Golf Club (Copenhagen), Kungsbacka GC (Goeteborg), Honfleur, New Golf Barriere Deauville (Honfleur), Kampenhout Golf & Business Club (Antwerp). The golf package can be booked for € 1,290 per person (GBP 1,010; USD 1,550). Cruise: EUR1419

For an visual impression of “Golf & Cruise” please see our film online:

Hamburg, March 2014

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