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MS EUROPA 2 - from Miami to Miami

With the EUROPA 2 around South America.

MS EUROPA 2 - from Miami to Miami
Cruise EUX150105
03.01.2015 - 18.03.2015 (76 days)
    Cruise dates
    03.01.2015 - 18.03.2015

    South America is an indescribably fascinating continent. In order to experience it in all its riches, take a luxurious voyage of discovery on board the EUROPA 2. Combine all five South American routes (EUX1501 to EUX 1505) to enjoy some unforgettable experiences. You will also benefit from an attractive combination bonus of € 5,000, as well as other exclusive privileges, such as a limousine service on the outward and return journeys. If you book the entire combination, you will be entitled to a personal excursion credit balance of € 1,800 to spend on spectacular discoveries on the beautiful coastlines of South America. You can use it for guided activities – for example, on an excursion to the legendary Machu Picchu or a catamaran trip on All Saints Lake in Chile. Or would you prefer to discover South America on your own? You can also use your credit balance for a private travel arrangement organised by the travel concierge service.

    Please note that your choosen cruise is conducted in German only. All printed matters are available in German. Nevertheless our crew is fluent in English.

    The highlights of this cruise

    An overview of your exclusive advantages:

    • Combination bonus of € 5,000 (instead of € 4,100 when individually combining cruises).
    • Excursion credit balance worth € 1,800 to use as you wish.
    • Limousine service: travel in comfort between your home and the airport on the outward and return journeys.*
    • Free use of full laundry service (laundry, dry-cleaning, ironing) during the entire cruise.
    • Luggage transportation service from/to your home and to/from selected German airports by TEfra Travel Logistics GmbH.*
    • An additional piece of luggage per person according to the booked class of carriage.*

    *  When booking travel arrangements for outward and return journeys, including flights, with Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten GmbH. For the limousine service, the maximum distance between your home and the airport is 150 kilometres.


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    Your ship - MS EUROPA 2

    Welcome on board freedom that takes you places

    Freedom That Takes You Places – this philosophy is part of every moment on the EUROPA 2. As unconstrained and individual as your lifestyle, as luxurious and stylish as you expect. Since its maiden voyage in 2013, the ship has earned the Berlitz Cruise Guide’s highest distinction – 5-stars-plus – year after year.

    More about MS EUROPA 2

    Your suites on MS EUROPA 2

    Veranda Suite
    • Living area: 28 m² (301 ft²); veranda: 7 m² (75 ft²)
    • Walk-in wardrobe
    • Exclusive living area with a chaise longue
    • Bathtub and separate shower
    • Free mini bar
    Ocean Suite
    • Living area: 28 m² (301 ft²); veranda: 7 m² (75 ft²)
    • Natural light in the bathroom
    • Bathroom with two sinks
    • Whirlpool tube and separate shower
    • Separate toilet
    • Free mini bar
    Family Apartment
    • Living area: 2 × 20 m² (2 x 215 ft²);
      Veranda: 14 m² (150 ft²), divisible to 2 × 7 m² (2 x 75 ft²)
    • Suitable for 2 adults and 2 children
    • Connecting door between the rooms and verandas
    • Separate toilets
    • Free mini bars
    Penthouse Suite, for disabled guests
    • Living area: 42 m² (452 ft²); veranda: 10 m² (108 ft²)
    • Bathroom with two washbasins
    • Separate WC
    • Butler service
    • Free mini bar
    Penthouse Suite
    • Living area: 42 m² (452 ft²); veranda: 10 m² (108 ft²)
    • Walk-in wardrobe
    • Bathroom with two sinks
    • Whirlpool tub and separate shower
    • Separate toilet
    • Butler service
    • Free mini bar
    Grand Ocean Suite
    • Living area: 42 m² (452 ft²); veranda: 10 m² (108 ft²)
    • Bathroom with two sinks
    • Separate toilet
    • Natural light in the bathroom
    • Shower with steam sauna
    • Whirlpool tub
    • Free mini bar
    Grand Penthouse Suite
    • Living area: 78 m² (840 ft²); veranda: 10 m² (108 ft²)
    • Separate living and sleeping areas
    • Separate dining table
    • Guest toilet
    • Bathroom with two sinks
    • Shower with steam sauna.
    • Whirlpool and daybed in the bathroom
    • Butler service
    • Free mini-bar
    • Further exclusive service privileges
    Owner Suite
    • Living area: 99 m² (1,066 ft²); veranda: 15 m² (161 ft²)
    • Separate living and sleeping area
    • Separate dining table
    • Guest toilet
    • Bathroom with two sinks
    • Shower with steam sauna
    • Whirlpool and daybed in the bathroom
    • Butler service
    • Free mini bar
    • Further exclusive service privileges
    Cruise dates
    03.01.2015 - 18.03.2015

    At anchor - If the ship anchors in open water the ferrying ashore will be done with tenders or Zodiacs.

    Saturday, 03.01.2015

    Scheduled flight from Germany to Miami and transfer to embarkation
    Miami/Florida/USA, departure 21.00 hrs

    Sunday, 04.01.2015

    Key West/Florida/USA, 9.00 – 18.00 hrs

    On the horizon, say goodbye to the skyline of Miami, as colourful days lie ahead. A delightful location is lively Key West with bars that have obtained cult status, such as Sloppy Joe, and picturesque wooden houses. Travel on the traditional Conch Tour Train* through the legendary city, or go parasailing* and hover up to 200 metres above the turquoise-blue ocean.

    Monday, 05.01.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Tuesday, 06.01.2015

    Playa del Carmen/Mexico , 7.00 – 10.00 hrs
    Cozumel/Mexico, 11.30 – 20.30 hrs

    In Playa del Carmen, you have the opportunity to disembark the EUROPA 2 for one of two spectacular day excursions (re-embark in Cozumel). In Chichen Itza* visit the breathtaking Maya sites, at the centre of which the Kukulkan pyramid towers over many mysterious structures. Just as enigmatic are the weather-worn temples of Tulum* which, along with insights into past cultures, also offers a wonderful view of the expansive ocean. Alternatively, unforgettable experiences are on offer in Cozumel – have dolphins* pull you through the water or float over coral reefs in a transparent kayak*.

    Wednesday, 07.01.2015

    Belize/Belize , 12.30 – 21.00 hrs

    The next day, follow the call of the Maya to Belize and to the ancient ruined city of Altun Ha*, which is surrounded by dense jungle. Or decide on an airboat adventure* and, with a little luck, see manatees grazing in the Almond Hill Lagoon.

    Thursday, 08.01.2015

    Puerto Cortes/Honduras, 7.00 – 21.00 hrs

    Set off again from Puerto Cortes on the fascinating trail of the Maya to visit the ruins of Copan*. The phenomenal step pyramid, whose roughly 2,500 hieroglyphics tell of former rules, testifies to the cultural riches of bygone times.

    Friday, 09.01.2015

    Coxen Hole Port/Roatan/Islas de la Bahia/Honduras , 7.00 – 14.00 Uhr

    Idyllic hours that you can adapt entirely to your wishes await you in Coxen Hole Port on Roatan. Spend the time visiting the botanical garden, daydreaming on the fine sandy beach or snorkelling around the coral reef.

    Saturday, 10.01.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Sunday, 11.01.2015

    Puerto Limon/Costa Rica, 7.00 – 18.00 hrs

    Your gateway to the natural wonders of Costa Rica is Puerto Limon. Orchids and water hyacinths thrive along the Tortuguero canals* and, with a little luck, you will be able to catch sight of capuchin monkeys and cormorants. The scenic journey in the rainforest* takes you to the diverse vegetation and for a skywalk in the treetops of the jungle giants.

    Monday, 12.01.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Tuesday, 13.01.2015

    Cartagena/Colombia, 8.00 – 19.00 hrs

    After a relaxing day at sea you reach Willemstad, a Dutch crown jewel under the palm trees. Enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere that blows through the romantic side streets on a city tour*, take an island tour* to Boca Tabla National Park, or go snorkelling* and immerse yourself in the underwater world.

    Wednesday, 14.01.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Thursday, 15.01.2015

    Willemstad/Curacao/Dutch?Antilles/the Netherlands, 7.00 – 18.00 hrs

    After a relaxing day at sea you reach Willemstad, a Dutch crown jewel under the palm trees. Enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere that blows through the romantic side streets on a city tour*, take an island tour* to Boca Tabla National Park, or immerse yourself snorkelling* in the underwater world.

    Friday, 16.01.2015

    Islas Los Roques/Venezuela , 7.00 – 18.00 hrs

    Saturday, 17.01.2015

    La Guaira (Caracas)/Venezuela, 5.00 - 21.00 hrs

    Sunday, 18.01.2015

    Oranjestad/Aruba/Dutch Antilles/the Netherlands, 12.00 – 18.00 hrs

    You reach your first destination the following day with the white sandy beaches of Oranjestad. A hike takes you to the Arikok National Park* with cacti fields, bizarrely shaped divi-divi trees and impressive rock formations. Or explore the magnificent underwater world on a snorkelling adventure*.

    Monday, 19.01.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Tuesday, 20.01.2015

    Passage through the Panama Canal
    Panama/Panama , arrival in the evening

    An unforgettable experience that you can enjoy on board the EUROPA 2 is the day passage through the legendary Panama Canal.

    Wednesday, 21.01.2015

    Panama , departure 18.00 hrs

    Central America’s lively centre, Panama, provides a wealth of contrasts: in the midst of the historic Casco Viejo*, the view is of skyscrapers. The natural diversity of the Parque Natural Metropolitano* grows into the capital city and, at the Miraflores locks*, the container ships are an impressive sight.

    Thursday, 22.01.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Friday, 23.01.2015

    Manta/Ecuador, 7.00 – 19.00 hrs

    The following day you follow the coastline south to Manta – your starting point for excursions to the treasures of Ecuador. A gem is the Machalilla National Park*. Go on voyages of discovery in charming bays, dense mangroves and primitive cloud forests.

    Saturday, 24.01.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Sunday, 25.01.2015

    Salaverry/Peru, 8.00 – 14.00 hrs

    A flight to Quito* takes you to the highest capital city in the world: at 2,850 metres, the delightful UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site provides a fantastic view of snow-covered volcano slopes and entices you to stroll through the picturesque old town. After a day at sea, you are invited to immerse yourself in the pre-Colombian era in the charming colonial town of Salaverry under balconies adorned with flowers. In its heyday about 100,000 people lived in the labyrinthine alleys of the mud-brick city Chan Chan*. Go even further back in history with the elaborate paintings and friezes of the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon* in Moche Valley.

    Monday, 26.01.2015

    Callao (Lima)/Peru, 7.30 – 20.00 hrs

    In the port city of Callao, return to present-day Peru. On a tour of Lima* (01), discover both the modern face of the capital and the Spanish heritage around the Plaza de Armas. Alternatively, near the city, explore the Pachacamac ruins*, an ancient Inca shrine. Whoever wishes to explore the legendary “hub of the world” can leave the EUROPA 2 for two nights (re-embark in Matarani) and spend their time with the secrets of the tremendous ruined city Machu Picchu*.

    Tuesday, 27.01.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Wednesday, 28.01.2015

    Matarani/Peru, 7.00 – 20.00 hrs

    Or stay on board until Matarani, and visit the “White City” of Arequipa*. The name of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site is courtesy of the magnificent buildings such as the cathedral, built out of white volcanic rock. A diverse paradise is presented in the Mejia Lagoons* rich with wildlife, which you will catch sight of with a little luck.

    Thursday, 29.01.2015

    Arica/Chile, 6.00 – 18.00 hrs

    Your next destination will also surprise you with abundant nature: From Arica it is not far to reach Lauca National Park*. Enjoy the grandiose setting of the volcano reflected in Lake Chungara. As an alternative, explore mysterious geoglyphs in Azapa Valley*.

    Friday, 30.01.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Saturday, 31.01.2015

    Isla Damas/Chile (Zodiac cruising) , 10.00 – 15.00 hrs

    Pure fascination is also promised by the Isla Damas. We will approach the rugged habitat of cormorants, penguins and sea lions in the Zodiacs. Your cruise comes to an end the following day in Valparaiso.

    Sunday, 01.02.2015

    Valparaiso/Chile, 6.00 - 18.00 hrs

    Monday, 02.02.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Tuesday, 03.02.2015

    Puerto Montt/Chile, 8.30 – 18.00 hrs

    Leave the lights of Valparaiso behind and experience your first day at sea before reaching the natural wonders of Puerto Montt. With rich green meadows, shimmering mountain lakes and snow-capped peaks, “Chile’s Switzerland” unfurls at the entrance to the city. Enjoy the rushing of the Petrohue waterfalls*, as turquoise-coloured water plunges to the rocks. Magnificent panoramic views of tree-covered volcanic slopes are presented on a boat trip on the deep-blue Lago Todos los Santos* and on a kayaking tour* on Lake Llanquihue.

    Wednesday, 04.02.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Thursday, 05.02.2015

    Cruising along Pio XI Glacier, 18.00 – 19.00 hrs
    (Seno Eyre)/Chile

    Your next destination is no less spectacular. The ice masses of the mighty Pio XI Glacier migrate deeper into the fjord every day.

    Friday, 06.02.2015

    Cruising in the Strait of Magellan, approx. 10.00 hrs

    Your cruise continues along branched waterways and past little islands along the Strait of Magellan towards Punta Arenas.

    Saturday, 07.02.2015

    Punta Arenas/Chile, 6.00 – 0.00 hrs

    Patagonia’s oldest city looks proudly at its Victorian legacy, which you can explore by yourself on a stroll around the city. From here, you reach the stunning Torres del Paine National Park* where, with a little luck, you will see rheas and guanacos. Or visit the penguin colony in Otway Bay*, whilst for adventurers there await unforgettable impressions at the canopy*: hovering over the treetops reveals a sensational view of the Strait of Magellan.

    Sunday, 08.02.2015

    Cruising along by the Garibaldi Glacier/Chile, 15.00 – 18.00 hrs
    Ushuaia/Argentina, arrival 22.00 hrs

    Sharp rocks line the banks of the Beagle Channel, whose magnificent highlight is the Garibaldi Glacier: its ice masses glow a brilliant blue.

    Monday, 09.02.2015

    Ushuaia, departure 18.00 hrs

    In the evening, you are welcomed by Ushuaia, capital of the province Tierra del Fuego and self-appointed southernmost city of the world. You will learn more about its history in the former “prison” Museo Presidio. On a catamaran trip through the Beagle Channel*, take a detour to Sea Lion Island which, with a little luck, makes it possible to have interesting encounters with the native animal kingdom, which include Mageallan cormorants. The narrow-gauge railway, Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino*, runs through the centre of the Tierro del Fuego National Park past jagged rocks, tranquil lakes and fairytale forests to the “end of the world”.

    Tuesday, 10.02.2015

    Cruising alongside Cape Horn/Chile, 7.00 – 13.00 hrs

    The next day, stand by for one of the greatest seafarer experiences: where the waves of the Pacific and the Atlantic merge, EUROPA 2 negotiates the legendary Cape Horn.

    Wednesday, 11.02.2015 to
    Thursday, 12.02.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Friday, 13.02.2015

    Puerto Madryn/Argentina, 7.00 – 20.00 hrs

    Two relaxing days at sea lie ahead before arriving at Puerto Madryn, which was founded in the mid 19th century by Welsh settlers. Valdes Peninsula* is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. The nature reserve fascinates with its bird kingdom, and at Punta Norte there is a good chance of spotting elephant seals. While visiting an Estancia*, find out about the native way of life in the interior of the country. Enjoy true gaucho romanticism with a barbecue looking out over the grazing herds of cattle. On a walk along the coast*, once again feel the special character of this remote part of the world before two concluding days at sea and making a move homewards from Buenos Aires.

    Saturday, 14.02.2015 to
    Sunday, 15.02.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Monday, 16.02.2015

    Buenos Aires/Argentina, arrival 6.00 hrs

    Tango music accompanies you throughout Buenos Aires at the start of your cruise when you immerse yourself in the goings-on of the lively metropolis or explore the wonderful Alto Palermo. Alternatively, glide through the Tigre Delta* on a boat trip or enjoy Argentinean rural life in a traditional Estancia*.

    Tuesday, 17.02.2015

    Buenos Aires, departure 20.00 hrs

    Wednesday, 18.02.2015

    Montevideo/Uruguay, 7.00 – 13.00 hrs
    Punta del Este/Uruguay , arrival 20.00 hrs

    The following day, Uruguay’s capital city Montevideo is your host. A city tour* takes you across the Avenida 18 de Julio and presents famous freedom fighters to you in the monumental Plaza Independencia at the Artigas Mausoleum. From here, you are offered a tour through the old town*. Learn about the viticulture of the country on a visit to a vineyard* – which, of course, includes a tasting.

    Thursday, 19.02.2015

    Punta del Este , departure 14.00 hrs

    In the evening, the EUROPA 2 moors at chic Punta del Este, one of the most exclusive coastal resorts of South America. Art lovers will have a worthwhile visit to the Ralli Museum*, which exhibits sculptures by Salvador Dali amongst other artists. Nature lovers can take a boat trip to Sea Lion Island*, where one of the largest colonies of these creatures lives on the continent.

    Friday, 20.02.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Saturday, 21.02.2015

    Itajai/Brazil, 8.00 – 17.00 hrs

    You encounter the legacy of German immigrants setting off from Itajai to Blumenau*, which surprises with half-timbered houses and beer gardens. The cable railway in Camboriu* is also unique and joins Parque Unipraias in the middle of the rainforest with Laranjeiras beach.

    Sunday, 22.02.2015

    Ilhabela/Ilha de Sao Sebastiao/Brazil , 12.00 – 19.00 hrs

    Following this, be enticed by Ilhabela, the largest island in Brazil, on a trip by schooner to the beach* or on a Jeep tour* through the species-rich rainforest at the heart of the island.

    Monday, 23.02.2015

    Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, arrival 9.30 hrs

    Pure joie de vivre awaits you the following day: stay with the EUROPA 2 in Rio de Janeiro beneath the Sugar Loaf Mountain for three days. A cable car takes you on a city tour* through the historic centre to the peak of the legendary landmark. Just as breathtaking is the view over the bay to Corcovado*. This is where the world-famous statue of Christ stands, greeting all visitors with open arms. Go even higher on a helicopter flight over the city* – fantastic vistas, also provided by the lush Tijuca rainforest*. And of course, your cruise would not be complete without a trip to a typical churrascaria*.

    Tuesday, 24.02.2015

    Rio de Janeiro

    Wednesday, 25.02.2015

    Rio de Janeiro, departure 19.00 hrs

    Thursday, 26.02.2015

    Armacao dos Buzios/Brazil , 8.00 – 18.00 hrs

    A relaxing programme of contrasts relating to Rio de Janeiro awaits you in Armacao dos Buzios and its surroundings*. The small fishing village with exclusive boutiques and bars invites you to shop and stay awhile. Or explore the many species of the underwater world on a special snorkelling experience*.

    Friday, 27.02.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Saturday, 28.02.2015

    Ilheus/Brazil, 8.00 – 18.00 hrs

    The riches of Ilheus were once founded in the trade of cocoa. Following the trail of the cocoa barons* gives you insights in the history of the colonial old town. Natural treasures can be encountered on a safari through the rainforest*: hike along jungle tracks and over suspended bridges through the dense jungle. Alternatively, take a canoe trip on the Rio de Contas* in the interior of the country.

    Sunday, 01.03.2015

    Salvador/Brazil, 7.00 - 18.00 hrs

    Monday, 02.03.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Tuesday, 03.03.2015

    Recife/Brazil, 7.00 – 18.00 hrs

    Setting off from Salvador, after a relaxing day at sea you reach Recife, where colourful glazed tile facades, classical palaces (palacios) and Dutch gabled roofs hark back to its eventful time as a colonial town. An excursion to Olinda* takes you to the small baroque artists’ town, which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Or travel on an all-terrain vehicle to the Vulture waterfall*.

    Wednesday, 04.03.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Thursday, 05.03.2015

    Fortaleza/Brazil, 7.00 – 18.00 hrs

    The following day, Fortaleza awaits you, and rambling sandy beaches invite you to sunbathe. Wander along the promenade or relax on Cumbuco beach*. On a walk near Morro Branco* explore the bizarre lunar landscape of colourful, vibrant sand dunes and canyons.

    Friday, 06.03.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Saturday, 07.03.2015

    Ilha do Maranhao/Sao Luis/Brazil, 7.00 – 13.00 hrs

    In Sao Luis, the capital of Ilha do Maranhao, the heritage-protected architecture in the Centro Historico is characterised by the former Portuguese colonists. Walk over the cobbles, marvel at the elaborate azulejos and try a cafezinho in the shade of wrought-iron balconies.

    Sunday, 08.03.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Monday, 09.03.2015

    Iles du Salut/French Guiana , 8.00 – 17.00 hrs

    With their history as a French penal colony, you will be fascinated on the day after next by the Iles du Salut. The walls, overgrown with tropical plants, still give a good idea of the austere life of the prisoners.

    Tuesday, 10.03.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Wednesday, 11.03.2015

    Scarborough/Tobago/Trinidad and Tobago, 8.00 – 18.00 hrs

    Tobago will enchant you with its Caribbean picture-postcard scenery. Set off from Scarborough by Jeep and get off the beaten track*, or float over the coral reef on a glass-bottom boat*. True relaxation is promised by the palm trees of Pigeon Point Beach*, while you explore the native flora and fauna on a rainforest walk*.

    Thursday, 12.03.2015

    Bridgetown/Barbados, 8.00 – 17.00 hrs

    A world in the most beautiful shades of blue is revealed in Bridgetown, where the old town has recently been listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. The island excursion* to Farley Hill brings you a little closer to its English colonial history and the natural beauties of Barbados. Or set off on a catamaran trip and snorkelling tour* in the lagoons and, with a little luck, meet some turtles. At the diving station, you can also take a trip in a modern panorama submarine*.

    Friday, 13.03.2015

    Gustavia/Saint-Barthelemy/Leeward Islands/France , 15.00 – 20.00 hrs

    A real gem is Saint-Barthelemy with its endearing capital, Gustavia. An island overview* reveals the secrets of the chic celebrity resort, or enjoy the incomparable atmosphere on a sailing trip*.

    Saturday, 14.03.2015

    Road Town/Tortola/British Virgin Islands/Great Britain 7.00 – 14.00 hrs
    Cruise through the Sir Francis Drake Channel/Great Britain, approx. 14.00 – 15.00 hrs
    Jost Van Dyke Island/British Virgin Islands/Great Britain , 16.00 – 0.00 hrs

    You are welcomed with West Indian charm the next day at Road Town. On neighbouring Virgin Gorda*, nature has created a paradise on earth with “The Baths”: in fairy-tale rocky grottos, the sea glistens in the sun.

    Sunday, 15.03.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Monday, 16.03.2015

    Grand Turk/Turks and Caicos Islands/Great Britain, 7.00 – 17.00 hrs

    A scenic flight* gives you a terrific overview of the scattered British Virgin Islands, which include Jost Van Dyke – your destination for a delightful beach stroll.

    Tuesday, 17.03.2015

    Relaxation at sea

    Wednesday, 18.03.2015

    Miami/Florida/USA, arrival 6.00 hrs
    Transfer to scheduled flight to Germany

    Show departure travel package
    Optional bookable
    Thursday, 19.03.2015

    Arrival in Germany

    * These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore excursions listed here are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

    = at anchor

    Cruise dates
    03.01.2015 - 18.03.2015


    The EUROPA 2

    All the promises of a yacht and the serenity of a small resort: on board the EUROPA 2, you can enjoy the highest level of casual luxury with a maximum of 500 guests. The ship has been awarded the coveted distinction of 5-stars-plus by the Berlitz Cruise Guide 2020.

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    Plenty of room to feel good in our suites. On board there are no cabins but only suites with their own veranda. With a size of 35 to 114 m² and unlimited open space.

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    Delicious diversity in seven restaurants. From upscale modern cuisine to a rich variety of Asian delights. Some opulent, some light, some fresh from the grill, some rustically inspired. The stylish ambiance in the seven restaurants underscores the most pleasurable gourmet expectations.

    Show Restaurants


    Atmospheric evenings in six stylish bars. The bars on board the EUROPA 2 will quickly become your favourite places. Whichever you choose, a discreet service, a wide selection of drinks and snacks, as well as a wonderful ambience will provide you with unforgettable moments during your stay on board.

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    The spacious OCEAN SPA awaits you with everything you could wish for to vitalise body and mind over an area of more than 800 m²/8,611 ft². And so that you never forget where you are, you'll always have a fantastic view of the open sea.

    Show Relaxation


    Raise the curtain! Enjoy unforgettable events and spectacular shows featuring famous artists and stars on board the EUROPA 2. Great comedy, music from classical to pop, and exciting presentations and talks - and always first class.

    Show Entertainment
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